Aluminum Drip Tip w/ Airflow Control

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Aluminum Drip Tip w/ Airflow Control
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Aluminum Drip Tip with Airflow Control

The vast majority of tanks nowadays are furnished with an airflow control valve, which is generally positioned at the base. These tremendous components dramatically help in customizing the vapor produced, and therefore makes your vaping experience much more enjoyable. By widening the airflow control valve, you can make the hits airier, while closing the valve provides for tighter drags.

Although airflow control valves can also help to regulate the temperature of the vapor, it does not allow for much temperature customization. These incredible aluminum drip tips, on the other hand, are specifically designed to provide you with a way in which you can make the vapor noticeably warmer or cooler, based on your personal preference.

Made with high-quality aluminum alloy, these fantastic airflow drip tips are furnished with an easy-to-use airflow chamber that permits you to conveniently warm up or cool down your vapor with the simple twist of the rotation wheel. The air slot is positioned very close to the mouth, and therefore drastically alters the temperature of your vapor.

Available in three stunning metallic colors, these aluminum airflow drip tips are as aesthetically beautiful as they are well performing. Elegantly designed with a sleek brushed top cap, they feature a gorgeous diamond-cut texture surrounding the airflow control ring. This not only adds to the drip tip visually, but also provides for a grip to make adjustments easier.

Affordably priced, convenient, and beautiful, these aluminum airflow control drip tips are the perfect way to help customize your vaping experience.


Aluminum Airflow Control Drip Tips Features:

Made with High-Quality Aluminum Alloy

Allows You to Regulate Vapor Temperature

Very Easy-to-Use and Convenient

Stunning Aesthetic Design

Fits all 510 Drip Tip Tanks

Available in Three Stunning Colors


Aluminum Airflow Control Drip Tips Specifications:

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: 510

Height: 0.93 Inches (23.5mm)

Outer Diameter: 0.55 Inches (13.9mm)

Inner Diameter: 0.31 Inches (7.8mm)

Available Colors: Black, Grey, Silver


Aluminum Airflow Control Drip Tips Features:

1 x Aluminum Airflow Control Drip Tip (Color of Your Choice)