Copper Stella Drip Tips

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Copper Stella Drip Tips

Although seemingly a minor component, drip tips can substantially alter the look, feel, and even performance of your device. The right drip tip will add to the aesthetic beauty of your vaporizer, while offering comfort as well. These Copper Stella Drip Tips shine in all categories. They are beautiful, comfortable to use, and function wonderfully.

The Copper Stella Drip Tips are made with high-quality copper alloy. The distinct reddish copper color is absolutely stunning and will certainly add to the aesthetic appeal of your setup as a whole. The machined grooves at the base of the mouthpiece add a touch of elegance to an already stylish and sophisticated design.

The base of the Copper Stella Drip Tip is brilliantly furnished with two rubber seals rather than one. This virtually ensures a tight and secure connection between the drip tip and the atomizer or clearomizer you are using. The lack of air leakage greatly improves the suction, which in turn enhances overall performance.

If you are looking for a gorgeous and well-performing drip tip, the Copper Stella Drip Tips are an excellent choice!


Note: Make sure to rinse with warm water before using for the first time.


Copper Stella Drip Tips Features:

Made With Genuine Copper Alloy

Beautiful Reddish Copper Tone

Stylish Grooves for Additional Detail

Dual O-Ring Seals

Offers Great Performance


Copper Stella Drip Tips Specifications:

Size: 510

Material: Copper Alloy

Drip Tip Type: Stationary

Available Colors: Copper

Copper Stella Drip Tips Includes:

1 x Copper Stella Drip Tip