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eGo Carrying Case For Electronic Cigarettes
  • eGo Carrying Case For Electronic Cigarettes
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Reviews for eGo Carrying Case - Large
4.9 out of 5, based on 7 reviews
from NJ on
Great case, glad I ordered the larger size. I was mostly impressed by the fact that I also ordered a few spare parts and liquids, and instead of sending me all kinds of individual packaging for each item, they kindly placed all of my items in the carrying case and sent it to me. Some ones got their head on straight, incredible customer service!
from Nashville, TN on
A durable case with good stitching and zipper. I can get an evod 1000 w/evod clearo attached, and an ego 1000 battery w/ego-c atomizer-tank attached under the straps;and can slip one or two 510's around that. I put 10ml bottles of juice or extra clearos in one of the pockets, and a charger in the other. It all fits just right, and is well protected. Good traveller case. Nice price.
from Illinois on
Large case can hold 3 extra batteries and 4 clearos plus a small bottle of juice. Just about everything you could need to get through the day. Get it.
from Laguna Beach, California on
This is definitely worth it - no doubt.
from Long Island on
The case is great and I use it all the time, but I wish it was a little bit thicker so it could fit my liquids too. But either way a accessory to have.
from Victorville on
This case makes things a lot easier for me. I never lose my ecig and it never gets scratches on it. Definitely worth the six bucks.
from Los Angeles, CA on
This is a must have if you are a vape fan! I always take it with me when I leave the house in the morning. All my stuff looks brand new because of this case!

eGo Carrying Case - Large

Electronic cigarette and vaping hardware can be expensive. It is therefore a wise decision to protect your devices and precious e-juice bottles from potential damage. The eGo carrying case offers you a chic and fashionable way in which you can conveniently carry your vaping supplies, while helping to protect them from possible harm.

Available in a variety of colors, these wonderful carrying cases are furnished with heavy-duty zippers that allow you to effortlessly open and close your case. The top of the eGo carrying case is stylishly equipped with a metallic logo, which depicts the “eGo” name.

Inside of the eGo carrying case you will notice that both halves contain pockets that can hold various batteries, tanks, and e-juice bottles. Each pocket is furnished with elastic threading and net material that will help ensure your items are securely held in place while you are moving around.

The eGo carrying case is an indispensable item that will allow you to organize, protect, and carry your valuable electronic cigarette and vaping supplies.


eGo Carrying Case Features:

Allows you to Organize Your Vaping Supplies Neatly

Ample Space to Store an Array of Items

Can House Spare Parts, Batteries, Tanks, Accessories, and E-Juice Bottles

Equipped with Elastic Bands to Hold Your Items in Place

Heavy-Duty Zipper for Easy Access

Available in a Variety of Colors


eGo Carrying Case Specifications:

Available Colors: Black, Turquoise Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, White, Pink, Emerald Green


eGo Carrying Case Includes:

1 x Large eGo Carrying Case (Choice of Color)