Genuine Kanger™ Aerotank MEGA Glassomizer

By Kanger

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Reviews for Genuine Kanger™ Aerotank MEGA Glassomizer
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
from Miami on
Buy it. You will love the easy adjust air flow, and the Vape delivered by dual mega coils. Add in the glass tank that won't be effected by any juice and this is super cool.
I love mine.

Genuine Kanger™ Aerotank MEGA Glassomizer

The Kanger Aerotank Mega Glassomizer is quite impressive indeed. Based on the extreme popularity of the Aerotank v2 and the Aerotank Mini, Kanger has released a larger version in the line—the Kanger Aerotank Mega. This beast is powerful, solidly constructed, performs incredibly, and holds an immense amount of e-juice.

Aesthetically, the Aerotank Mega is very stylish and well-designed. The food-grade stainless steel construction perfectly compliments the tank’s curvatures, giving it an exquisite look. The stainless steel body is also very solid and highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The Aerotank Mega’s appearance is further enhanced by the signature round drip tip that tops off this beautiful tank. Kanger also includes a stainless steel tank, which together with the rest of the body looks absolutely extraordinary.

The massive 3.8ml e-liquid tank portion of the Kanger Aerotank Mega is made with Pyrex glass. Unlike plastic tanks that tend to erode over time from the acidity contained in e-juice, glass tanks are entirely unaffected by it, and are therefore not susceptible to deterioration from the acidity. In addition, since plastic is not eroding into the ejuice, the flavor is much truer and tastier. In the event that your glass should crack or break, you can purchase an inexpensive replacement tube rather than having to purchase an entirely new clearomizer.

The Aerotank Mega is furnished with Kanger’s infamous airflow control valve. This fantastic piece of hardware is fitted with a rotating ring at the base of the tank, which allows you to adjust the air intake. You can increase air intake for those who enjoy airier hits, or lessen it if you prefer tighter ones. This greatly adds to the overall enjoyment of the vape, as it can be customized to suit your specific needs. The ability to control the airflow is also helpful in eliminating flooding and gurgling, thereby adding to the consistently pleasant vaping experience.

In line with the rest of the tanks in the series, the Kangertech Aerotank Mega is designed so that it can be completely disassembled. This great feature enables you to clean and care for each individual part easily and without the need for cotton swabs. Moreover, the removable drip tip is also great because it allows you to swap out the included mouthpiece with any other you want. You can easily change the look and feel of your Kanger Aerotank Mega to make it uniquely yours.

The Aerotank Mega is made to accommodate Kanger’s world-renowned Bottom-Dual-Coil Atomizer Heads. These incredible atomizers are made with two separate coils within the housing, which results in double the vapor and flavor production. The Kanger BDC coils are also engineered to further eliminate flooding/gurgling, which is a common problem with other bottom-coil clearomizers.

Whether this is your very first tank or an addition to your collection, the Kanger Aerotank Glassomizer is a must-have tank that is sure to please!

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Kanger Aerotank Mega Features:

New V.2 Adjustable Airflow Control

Bottom Dual-Coil System

New Replaceable Bottom Dual-Coil (BDC) Atomizer Heads

Interchangeable Pyrex Glass Tank / Stainless-Steel Tank

Removable 510 Drip Tip

Made With Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Can Be Fully Disassembled

100% Glue-Free Design

Gorgeous Aesthetic Design

Immense Vapor Clouds

Fantastic Flavor Production

Massive E-Juice Capacity


Kanger Aerotank Mega Specifications:

Tank Capacity: 3.8 ml

Thread: 510 (can be used on an eGo with adapter)

Coil Type: Replaceable Bottom Dual-Coil (2.0 ohms)

Tank Material: Pyrex Glass / Stainless Steel

Casing Material: Stainless Steel




Kanger Aerotank Mega Includes:

1 x 510 Drip tip

1 x Stainless Tube

1 x Glass Tube

1 x Dual-Coil Atomizer Head (1.8 Ohms) - (Pre-Installed)

1 x Replacement Dual-Coil Atomizer Head (1.8 Ohms)