Genuine Kanger™ CE4 Long Wick Clearomizer

By Kanger

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Kanger ce4 clearomizer
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Reviews for Genuine Kanger™ CE4 Long Wick Clearomizer
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
from California on
This is a great clearomizer. Very simple and clean. I'm lovin it.
from Carlsbad California on
This works really good and the hits are great. I am a huge fan of this clearomizer!
Kanger CE4 Long-Wick Clearomizer

This is Kanger's version of the classic CE4 Clearomizer featuring the longer wick design, which is a great upgrade from past versions.  This clearomizer produces a very thick and clean vape, allowing the robust flavors of your e-liquid to come through.  It is easy to see why the CE4 Clearomizer has been one of the hottest products on the market for some time.  

 The drip tip screws on and off, rather than simply pushing it in and out, making it nearly impossible for the drip tips to fall off in your purse or pocket.  Additionally, you can fill these cartomizers without the need of a syringe.

The CE4 Clearomizer Tank holds approximately 1.6ml of E-Liquid.  Standard Resistance Rated at 2.5-2.9 Ohms at the coil.  Low Resistance Rated 1.8-2.0 Ohms at the coil.  


Kanger CE4 Long-Wick Clearomizer Features:

Fantastic Flavor Production

Satisfying Vapor Clouds

Available in Six Colors

Made with Robust Materials

100% Authentic Kangertech


Kanger CE4 Long-Wick Clearomizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Kangertech

Coil Type: Top Coil

Resistance: 2.5 – 2.8ohms

Thread: eGo

Liquid Capacity: 2.0ml

Atomizer Type: Non-Replaceable

Length: 70mm (2.75 inches)

Diameter: 14mm (.55 inches)

Weight: 18g (.63 ounces)


Kanger CE4 Long-Wick Clearomizer Includes:

1 x Kanger CE4 Long-Wick Clearomizer


How To Fill The Kanger CE4 Clearomizer:

  1. First, rotate the tank so that the mouthpiece is facing the floor.
  2. Next, unscrew the base from the tank in a counterclockwise direction.
  3. Next, begin filling your tank with e-liquid. To do so, allow the e-juice to cascade down the walls of the tank, making sure to avoid letting any e-liquid to get into the center hole, as that is solely for airflow.
  4. Then, screw the base back onto the tank, ensuring that it is screwed on securely. Make sure that you do not over-tighten it.
  5. Finally, rotate the tank upright and check for any leaks. Once confirmed, attach the tank onto your battery.