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Reviews for NJOY™ Daily Disposable E-Cig
5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
from Philly on
Great disposable here, probably the best one I've ever tried. Got one a while ago just for shits but now I pick a couple of em up every time I place an order here. These are so easy for out and about or stealthy vaping. Damn close to an analog too!
from Denver on
Unbelievable! It's like I'm smoking a cigarette again, but I'm not... I have been vaping instead of smoking for like a year now and this is a great way to revisit that without feeling like shit afterwards! Whooo Hoooo!
from Austin Tx on
Oh Wow! I've tried other ecigs like this from the gas station and they were disappointing, but I'd never seen these Daily before. Now this is the closest thing to a real cigarette that I've ever had! I mean, if its this good I don't know why anyone would smoke real cigs.. Completely satisfying!! I actually have a nice vape set up and I just ordered these out of curiosity and I wanted an emergency go-to if my vape broke or got lost or something. Really good on the out and about. I'm definitely going to keep a stock of these around for rough times. Would be great for someone just trying to quit cigarettes, but it could get costly if you just relied on these. Get these and also a good mod and tank - and your golden! Much appreciated Vapor Authority!

NJOY™ Daily Disposable E-Cig 

NJOY Daily Disposable Electronic Cigarettes is the perfect way to substitute traditional analog cigarettes and begin vaping. As an all-in-one device, you will be able to start vaping straight out of the box with absolutely no knowledge or skill necessary. Simply take your NJOY Disposable out of the package and begin using as you would a combustible cigarette. Once the battery has depleted, simply dispose of the entire device and start a fresh one.

Headquartered in Arizona, NJOY is proudly an entirely USA-based company. All of their e-liquids are made and manufactured within the United States, ensuring premium quality ingredients. The NJOY Daily Disposable line has been engineered so that the tank and battery work optimally together, guaranteeing a perfect vape with each and every hit.

Designed to look, feel, and taste like a traditional analog cigarette, NJOY Daily Disposables are the perfect way to begin vaping, and substituting combustible cigarettes. With absolutely nothing to fill, maintain, or charge, you will not have to worry about any variables whatsoever. Simply open, vape, and enjoy.


NJOY Daily Disposables Features:

Made to Look, Feel, and Taste like Traditional Cigarettes

Long-Lasting – Approximately 300 Puffs

No Knowledge or Skill Necessary

Delivers a Clean, Smooth, and Satisfying Vape with Each Hit

Three Fantastic Flavors to Choose From

Perfect for First-Time Vapers


NJOY Daily Disposables Specifications:

Manufacturer: NJOY

Nicotine Strength: 4.5% by Weight

Puff Count: 300

Length: 4.12 Inches (104.6mm)

Diameter: 0.29 Inches (7.5mm)

Available Flavors: Rich Tobacco, Menthol, Blue & Black Berry


NJOY Daily Disposables Includes:

1 x NJOY Daily Disposable Electronic Cigarette