Genuine Sigelei™ 50W VR2 Box Mod

By Sigelei

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Reviews for Genuine Sigelei™ 50W VR2 Box Mod
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
from Douglassville, PA on
What an incredible mod! I upgraded from an iStick 20 watt, and I am not disappointed at all. I've paired this with Horizontech's Arctic tank and the vapor production is incredible. The device looks awesome; the "s" pattern on the one side is great. The battery door "fins" are not only sick looking, they serve to cool the battery down during use. The magnetic door is really sweet.

Highly recommend to anyone. A great great mod!

Genuine Sigelei™ 50W VR2 Box Mod

The Sigelei 50W V2 Box MOD is the new and improved version of the wildly popular original. This redesigned device is both aesthetically and functionally superior to the original version in many ways. Sigelei has truly demonstrated their engineering expertise while paying close attention to the wants and needs of their clientele in producing the phenomenal new 50W VR2 Box MOD.

Aesthetically, the Sigelei 50W V2 Box MOD is sleeker and a bit taller than its predecessor. Coupled with its smoother edges, this new version has been ergonomically designed to make it much more comfortable to hold in your hand throughout the day. You will immediately notice the enhanced design the first time you see the Sigelei 50W VR2, and particularly when you first hold it.

As opposed to the original version that required a screwdriver to open, the battery door of the Sigelei 50W V2 Box MOD is furnished with a series of magnets holding it place. This makes it very easy to slide the door open and shut when you need to replace the battery. The battery door is also equipped with air ventilation slits that help cool the device while simultaneously giving it an elegant look.

Coined as the 100W Plus’ “little brother,” the Sigelei 50W V2 Box MOD contains a floating center pin, thereby virtually ensuring a secure connection between it and the atomizer, clearomizer, or glassomizer being used. The center pin is also made of copper coated brass, providing enhanced conductivity and electrical stability.

The Sigelei 50W VR2 Box MOD is brilliantly equipped with the highly coveted Yihi SX330 chip. This remarkable chip is capable of providing up to 50W of power, allowing you to use your device with virtually any ohms resistance atomizer on the market, including sub-ohm atomizers as low as 0.2ohms. This wide range of wattage capacity makes the Sigelei 50W V2 an extremely versatile device that can be satisfactorily used by novice and advanced vapers alike.

One of the fantastic improvements of the Sigelei 50W V2 Box MOD is its larger OLED display screen. The larger size adds to the device’s user-friendliness without taking anything away from it aesthetically. As with the original version, the 50W VR2 screen clearly displays the device’s wattage, voltage, ohms resistance, and battery level. The plus and minus buttons on the side of the device allow you to adjust the wattage output in 0.1W increments, which is evidently displayed on the large OLED screen.

However, Sigelei didn’t stop at aesthetic beauty and outstanding functionality in engineering the 50W VR2 Box MOD—they also included a wide array of safety features as well. It is furnished with Low Resistance Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Input High Voltage Warning, Short Circuit Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, Temperature Protection, and On/Off capability. With this many safety features, you can use your device with the peace of mind of knowing it is protected is a variety of fashions.

From the top-down, inside and out, the beautiful and feature-rich Sigelei 50W V2 Box MOD is one of the very best advanced personal vaporizers available on the market today. If you are searching for a truly exceptional device, the Sigelei 50W VR2 Box MOD is the perfect choice for you!

Note: Battery Sold Separately


To Purchase Batteries for The Sigelei 50W VR2, Click HERE


Sigelei 50W V2 Features:

Variable Wattage

Large OLED Screen

OLED Screen Displays Wattage, Voltage, Battery Level, and Ohms Resistance

Uses Yihi SX330 Chip

Can Accommodate Ohms as Low as 0.2 Ohms

Removable Magnetic Battery Cover

Copper Coated Brass Pin

Floating Center Pin

Uses a Single 18650 Battery (Sold Separately)

Low Resistance Protection

Low Voltage Protection

Input High Voltage Warning

Short Circuit Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection

Temperature Protection

On/Off capability


Sigelei 50W V2 Specifications:

Thread: 510

Wattage Type: Variable

Wattage Output: 7W – 50W (in 0.1W Increments)

Ohms Resistance: 0.2 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms

Casing Material: High-Grade Aluminum

Battery Compatibility: Single 18650 Battery (Sold Separately)

Charger: Included USB-to-Micro USB Charging Cable

Height: 3.74 Inches (95 mm)

Length: 1.69 Inches (43 mm)

Width: 0.90 Inches (23 mm)


Sigelei 50W V2 Kit Includes:

1 x Sigelei 50W V2 Box MOD

1 x USB-to-Micro USB Charging Cable

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Screws

1 x User Manual

1 x Gift Box