Genuine Smoktech™ Silenus

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  • Genuine Smoktech™ Silenus
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  • Genuine Smoktech™ Silenus
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  • Genuine Smoktech™ Silenus
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Genuine Smoktech™ Silenus

SMOKtech is well known for producing revolutionary electronic cigarette and vaping products, predominantly within the APV and MOD arena. The all-new Silenus is an absolutely astonishing new device that is essentially an Advanced Personal Vaporizer, with a twist. SMOKtech has combined the variable voltage and variable wattage functionality with the problem-free performance of a magnetic mechanical switch. The magnetic connection of the fire button ensures a solid connection each and every time the fire button is pressed.

The gorgeous new SMOKtech Silenus brilliantly couples the modern look of surgical stainless steel with the traditional appearance of natural rosewood, giving it an aesthetic design like no other device on the market. The elegant style of the Silenus is accompanied by the solid performance and great attention to detail we have come to expect from SMOKtech.

The Silenus is equipped with a self-leveling, spring operated copper connector that virtually ensures a proper connection to your clearomizer, glassomizer, or atomizer each and every time. When this versatile device is in variable voltage mode, it can be easily adjusted between 3V to 6V in 0.1V increments. When in variable wattage mode, the Silenus can be effortlessly adjusted from 3W to a staggering 12W in 0.5W increments. These power adjustments are accomplished by a simple twist of a circular knob located in the center of the device.

Adding to the flexibility of the SMOKtech Silenus is the ability to use 510 and eGo threaded clearomizers, glassomizers, atomizers, and cartomizers. This allows you to use the Silenus with virtually all popular tanks on the market. Although it uses an 18650 battery, the Silenus has been designed to be compact, making it very easy to carry on a day-to-day basis as your primary electronic cigarette device.

SMOKtech has also made the Silenus very safe to use with an output current limited to 4A, as well as short-circuit protection. These safety features are very important, as they help reduce some of the risks associated with the use of APVs and MODs.

In every imaginable form and fashion, the all-new SMOKtech Silenus is an absolute must have new device for all vapers!


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SMOKtech Silenus Specifications:

Brand: SMOKtech

Length: 5.62 inches (143 mm)

Diameter: 1.16 inches (29.5 mm)

Weight: 7.25 ounces (205.5 g)

Voltage Range: 3V - 6V (in 0.1V increments)

Wattage Range: 3W - 12W (in 0.5W increments)

Thread Compatibility: eGo / 510

Battery: Uses one 18650 battery

Casing Material: Natural Rosewood / Stainless Steel

Available Color: Rosewood


SMOKtech Silenus Features:

    Variable wattage and variable voltage

    Short Circuit Protection

    Compatible with both eGo and 510 threaded devices

    Uses one 18650 battery

    Magnetic Switch

    Made with wood and stainless steel


    SMOKtech Silenus Includes:

    1 x SMOKtech Silenus MOD