Genuine Vaporesso™ EUC Clapton Replacement Coils (10 Pack)

By Vaporesso

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Genuine Vaporesso™ EUC Clapton Replacement Coils (10 Pack)

Vaporesso is well-known throughout the vaping community for manufacturing exceptionally high quality and innovative hardware. In line with this commitment to excellence, their magnificent Estoc Tank is a spectacular performer, capable of delivering massive vapor clouds and intense flavor. Although achieving such performance is predicted on several factors, including design and engineering, the Estoc Tank would be incapable of offering such a pleasant vaping experience without equally well-designed Atomizer coils to operate with it.

In line with the Estoc Tank, the Vaporesso EUC Clapton Coils are made with only premium materials. The casing is made with a durable metal alloy blend, thereby protecting the internal components from the rigors of use. However, one of the most cutting-edge and unique characteristics of the Vaporesso EUC Clapton Atomizer Coils is there innovative drop-in design. As opposed to virtually all other atomizer coils, which must be replaced entirely once the Coil has burned out, these spectacular atomizers are configured in a way whereby the casing is reusable, while the cores are disposable. This system is not only extremely cost-efficient, but is also economically-efficient as well.

Vaporesso designed the EUC Clapton Atomizer Coils with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton. Unlike standard cotton, which is riddled with impurities such as bleach, pesticides, and colorants, organic cotton is entirely void of such impurities. The result is vapor production that is noticeably cleaner, purer, and truer than standard cotton.

Another fantastic feature of the Vaporesso EUC Clapton Atomizer Heads is the way in which the coils are formed. Similar to the way in which guitar strings are configured, Clapton atomizer coils are constructed with a larger gauge wire wrapped around a smaller one. This design substantially increases surface area, thereby maximizing vapor production. Moreover, the larger gauge wire creates pockets of space that acts to trap e-juice, which, in turn, markedly intensifies the flavor as well.


Vaporesso EUC Clapton Atomizer Coils Features:

Made with Japanese Organic Cotton Wicks

High-Grade Kanthal Resistance Wire

Clapton Formation Atomizer Coils

Promotes Maximum Vapor Production

Delivers Intense and Robust Flavor

100% Authentic Vaporesso


Vaporesso EUC Clapton Atomizer Coils Specifications:

Manufactured by: Vaporesso

Casing Material: Metal Alloy Blend

Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance

Available Resistance: 0.5 Ohms

For Use with: Vaporesso Estoc Tank, Estoc Mega Tank


Vaporesso EUC Clapton Atomizer Coils Includes:

10 x Vaporesso EUC Clapton Atomizer Coils (0.5 Ohms