Glass Fuse Drip Tips

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Glass Fuse Drip Tips
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from Chicago IL on
great drip tip with a nice wide opening. however I ordered the gold finish because the stainless was out of stock and it does not have the metal part at the tip as pictured. only the metal base and pyrex tube.

no sign that there ever was the tip metal part in the packaging or design either.

otherwise an excellent tip that works as advertised

Glass Fuse Drip Tips

The Glass Fuse Drip Tip is a truly gorgeous piece that is as functionally exceptional as it is beautiful. The slits surrounding the circumference of the base act heat sinks that dissipate heat rapidly, thereby keeping the drip tip noticeably cooler than standard drip tips. This is a very significant feature that results in a substantially more pleasant and comfortable vaping experience.

The Glass Fuse Drip Tip is fabricated with high-quality materials. The tip and base are constructed with stainless steel while the body is made with flame-treated Pyrex glass. This not only gives it an elegant look, but also makes it very solid and durable.


Glass Fuse Drip Tips Features:

Durable Construction

Made with High-Quality Material

Closely Resembles a Fuse

Great and Inexpensive Way to Customize the Look of Your Setup

Designed to Fit All Tanks with 510 Drip Tip


Glass Fuse Drip Tips Specifications:

Base/Tip Material: Stainless Steel

Body Material: Pyrex Glass

Size: 510


Glass Fuse Drip Tips Includes:

1 x Glass Fuse Drip Tip