Genuine Joyetech™ NotchCoil (SS316) Atomizer Heads / Replacement Coils (5 Pack)

By Joyetech

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Joyetech™ NotchCoil (SS316) Atomizer Heads / Coils

Although the vaping industry is continuously enjoying technological leaps seemingly on a daily basis, these advances are generally in the way of MOD technology breakthroughs, not new atomizer coil configurations. However, when coil developments are realized, they are usually very exciting, as is the release of Joyetech’s incredible NotchCoil Atomizer Heads.

The Joyetech NotchCoils are designed in a groundbreaking formation never before seen within the vaping industry. Rather than standard atomizer coils, which includes the wrapping of a metal wire into a coil formation, the Joyetech NotchCoils are made with a stainless steel cylinder, which have been laser-cut with notches throughout the body. This provides for substantially larger surface, while capable of maintaining sub-ohm resistances.

The Joyetech NotchCoils offer extremely large vapor clouds, with exceptionally rich, clean, and flavorful taste from your e-juices. The solid and durable construction of the NotchCoil Atomizer Heads also make them much longer lasting that standard coils.

The Joyetech NotchCoils are made with 100% pure Japanese Organic Cotton as the wicking material. Unlike conventional cotton, which contains impurities such as bleach, colorants, and pesticides, organic cotton is completely void of these contaminants. This results in a much cleaner, truer, and tastier flavor from your e-liquids.

The latest atomizer coil breakthrough has arrived, and it’s truly marvelous. The new Joyetech NotchCoils are one of the most exciting atomizer coils to be released to date.


Joyetech NotchCoil Features:

Made with Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel

Uses 100% Japanese Organic Cotton Wicks

Extremely Long Lasting

Large Surface Area for Huge Vapor production

Exceptionally Rich and Robust Flavor Production

Extremely Responsive and Quick Ramp-Up

100% Authentic Kangertech


Joyetech NotchCoil Specifications:

Manufactured by: Joyetech

Wire Material: Stainless Steel

Wicking Material: Organic Cotton

Available Resistance: 0.25 Ohms

For Use with: Joyetech Cuboid Mini Tank, Joyetech Cubis Tank


Joyetech NotchCoil Features:

5 x Joyetech NotchCoil Atomizer Heads (0.25 Ohms)