Natural Jade Stone Drip Tip

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Natural Jade Stone Drip Tip
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Natural Jade Stone Drip Tips

Drip tips are a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to dramatically customize the look and feel of your setup. The vast majority of available mouthpieces are made with metal, plastic, or acrylic; however, some of the more high-quality drip tips are made with more appealing materials, such as stones and carbon fibers.

These natural jade stone drip tips are made with the highest quality earth-mined jade gemstones. Jade is the fusion of both nephrite and jadeite gemstones, which is what gives this exceptional mineral its elegant and eye-catching aesthetic appeal. The unique granite finish gives the mouthpieces a one-of-a-kind luxurious look that will liven up any device you are using.

Available in five stunning colors, each jade stone drip tip is carved out of a solid piece of gemstone, making it as durable as it is gorgeous. Its base is furnished with a stainless steel base, which is armed with Delrin heat dissipation, providing for a cool, comfortable, and stylish vaping experience.

Add a little flair, elegance, dazzle to your vaporizer with these gorgeous natural jade gemstone drip tips.


Natural Jade Stone Drip Tips Features:

Made with Natural Jade Gemstone

Enhanced with a Stunning Granite Finish

Made with Solid Piece of Jade Stone

Durable Stainless Steel Base

Available in Five Beautiful Colors

Armed with Delrin for Heat Absorption


Natural Jade Stone Drip Tips Specifications:

Body Material: Natural Jade Gemstone (with Granite Finish)

Base Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 510

Available Colors: Black, Red Granite, Black & White, Blue Granite, Green Granite


Natural Jade Stone Drip Tips Include:

1 x natural Jade Gemstone Drip Tip (Color of Your Choice)