REMentry by REM Creations™ - Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

By REM Creations

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Sale REM Entry Rebuildable dripping atomizer
  • REM Entry Rebuildable dripping atomizer
  • REMEntry RDA by REM creations
  • REMENTRY Rebuildable Dripping atomizer
  • REM Entry RDA
  • REMEntry build deck RDA
  • REMEntry 3 post RDA
Reviews for REMentry by REM Creations™ - Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
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Would never believe this is so cheap. It works as good as my expensive rdas! Totally impressed!

REMentry by REM Creations™ - Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

REM Creation has certainly pleased vapers and drippers worldwide with their sensational REMentry RDA. This beautiful and well-performing rebuildable dripping atomizer is designed to be durable, functional, and provide for an overall spectacular vaping experience. The REMentry offers plumes of vapor, spectacular flavor, and allows for an array of possible builds.

The body of the REMentry RDA is manufactured using 304-Grade Stainless Steel. Carefully blended with other metals, such as manganese, chromium, and nickel, 304 Stainless Steel possesses distinctive properties that make it a fantastic material for RDAs. It is extremely strong and durable due to the stainless steel, while the nickel and chromium make it highly resistant to corrosion. The combination also provides for a brilliant finish that shines through even when coated with paint.

REM Creations intelligently designed the REMentry RDA’s base with Delrin material. Delrin is characterized by its exceptional rigor, strength, and hardness, while maintaining a small coefficient of friction. However, the primary purpose that the Delrin material serves within the REMentry is its unique ability to withstand high temperatures and dissipate heat. The cap is also furnished with a Delrin Chuff-type drip tip, which helps to insulate your lips for any heat that may have been generated during use.

The REMentry RDA’s deck boasts three separate square-shaped posts—two negative posts and one positive post. The center-positioned positive post is supported by a high-quality PEEK insulator. Short for Polyether Ether Ketone, PEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic that is capable of withstanding continuous exposure to extremely high temperatures, thereby further insulating the RDA from the heat generated by the atomizer coil. The stainless steel negative posts are seamlessly milled to the deck, ensuring a secure and solid connection.

The base of the REMentry RDA is fitted with a 510 connector, making it compatible with the vast majority of MODs on the market. REM Creations cleverly included a copper center pin, rather than a stainless steel one. As one of the most efficient conductors of electricity, the copper pin will ensure proper and efficient communication between your MOD and the REMentry RDA.

REM Creations brilliantly designed the REMentry RDA with an impressively large 5mm e-juice well, allowing you to add a substantial amount of liquid. The long and sleek 22mm barrel is furnished with two 5mm x 2mm airflow slots, thereby assuring suitable airflow to the coil and ultimately to the drip tip. The considerable amount of air intake also helps boost flavor and vapor production, resulting in a truly satisfying hit each and every time.

If you are looking for an incredibly well-performing, beautiful, and durable rebuildable dripping atomizer at an exceptionally affordable price, look no further, the REMentry RDA by REM Creations is the perfect choice.


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REMentry RDA Features:

Made with High-Quality 304 Stainless Steel

Tri-Post Design for Multiple Builds

Armed with PEEK Insulation

Features a Copper Center Pin for Superior Conductivity

Includes Two Milled Negative Posts

Square-Shaped Posts for Added Convenience

Base Made with Delrin Material for Heat Transfer Reduction

Large Post Holes for Effortless Builds

Includes Delrin Chuff-Type Drip Tip

Large 5mm Juice Well

Features Two 5mm x 2mm Airflow Slots


REMentry RDA Specifications:

Manufacturer: REM Creation

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Pin Material: Copper

Number of Posts: Three (2 x Negative, 1 x Positive)

Manufactured in: USA

Diameter: 0.86 Inches (22mm)


REMentry RDA Includes:

1 x REMentry RDA