Shark Skin by Vapor Shark - Protective Silicone Case for DNA 200 / 250

By Vapor Shark

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Shark Skins - Case for Vapor Shark DNA 200
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Shark Skin by Vapor Shark - Protective Silicone Case for DNA 200 / 250

The Vapor Shark DNA200 in undoubtedly one of the highest-quality box MODs on the market today. Feature-rich, exceptionally powerful, and embedded with cutting-edge technology, this masterpiece is highly regarded among vapers worldwide.

In order to help protect your prized Vapor Shark DNA200 MOD, the company has released their wildly popular Shark Skins. Vapor Shark’s DNA200 Shark Skins are made of durable and lightweight silicone, which acts as a buffer between the elements and your box MOD. Designed to tightly encompass the DNA200, these Shark Skins are capable of absorbing much of the shock that is generated in the event your MOD is dropped. The silicone rubber material is also phenomenal at protecting the DNA200’s casing from scratches and other damage that may result from extended use and transport.

The Vapor Shark DNA200 Shark Skins are not only excellent at protecting your box MOD, but also provides for an inexpensive way in which to customize the look of the device as well. Available in gray, black, blue, red, purple, and pink, you are sure to find the color that best suits your fancy. You can also purchase various colors to match your mood and/or the tank you are using at the time.

Protect your investment and add a bit of flash and style to your setup with the sensational Vapor Shark DNA200 Shark Skins.


Vapor Shark DNA 200 Shark Skin Features:

Extremely Lightweight

Exceptionally Durable and Long-Lasting

Affordably Priced

Offers Excellent Protection

Inexpensive Way to Customize the Appearance of Your DNA200

Available in Multiple Colors

100% Authentic Vapor Shark


Vapor Shark DNA 200 Shark Skin Specifications:

Manufactured by: Vapor Shark

For Use with: Vapor Shark DNA200 Box MOD

Material: Silicone Rubber

Available Colors: Grey, Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink

Length: 3.51 Inches (89.2 mm)

Width: 1.9 Inches (48.26 mm)

Depth: 0.95 Inches (24.13 mm)


Vapor Shark DNA 200 Shark Skin Includes:

1 x Vapor Shark DNA200 Shark Skin (Color of Your Choice)