Genuine Smoktech™ TFV8 Coils / (T6, T8, T10) Atomizer Heads (3 Pack)

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Sale Genuine Smoktech™ TFV8 Coils / (T6, T8, T10) Atomizer Heads (3 Pack)
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Genuine Smoktech™ TFV8 Coils / (T6, T8, T10) Atomizer Heads (3 Pack)

The SMOKtech TFV8 Tank is unquestionably one of the most feature-rich, exciting, and well-performing tanks ever to be released to the vaping community. Capable of competition-level performance, this beast can satisfy even the most skilled of vapers. One of the primary factors in the unsurpassed delivery of the SMOK TFV8 Tank are the sensational atomizer coils that have been engineered to operate with it. Available in several forms, all of the SMOKtech TFV8 atomizer coils function remarkably well with respect to vapor production and flavor intensity.

The SMOKtech V8-T6 Atomizer Coils feature an incredible sextuple-coil design. With six separate coils, the V8-T6 is set to a resistance of 0.2 ohms and can accommodate wattage as high as 240W. Operating in unison with one another, the V8-T6’s coils manufacture a staggering amount of vapor, along with truly intense flavor as well.

The SMOKtech V8-T8 Atomizer Coils sport a genuinely astonishing octuple-coil arrangement—the only one of its kind. The eight separate atomizer coils work together in accord to deliver vapor and flavor production that can only be achieved with the very best rebuildable atomizers. Set at 0.15 ohms, the extraordinary SMOK V8-T8 can accommodate wattage as high as a mind-blowing 260W.

Regardless of the specific atomizer coil you select, all of the SMOKtech TFV8 Atomizer Coils are constructed with 100% pure Japanese Organic Cotton as the wicking element. Unlike standard cotton, which is loaded with pesticides, bleach, colorants, and other contaminants, organic cotton is free of any such impurities. The result is a markedly tastier, truer, cleaner, and purer flavor from all of your e-juices.

If you are looking for a competition-level vaping experience without the need to build your own atomizer coils, the SMOKtech TFV8 line of atomizer heads is certainly the way to go.

Note: The TFV8 Atomizer coils are not compatible with the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank.


SMOKtech TFV8 Atomizer Coil Features:

Available in 6 and 8 Coil Configurations

Made with High-Grade Materials

Uses 100% Pure Japanese Organic Cotton

Produces Astronomically Large Vapor Clouds

Delivers Rich, Robust, and Intense Flavor

Can Withstand Extremely High Wattages

Delivers Competition-Level Performance

100% Authentic SMOKtech


SMOKtech TFV8 Atomizer Coil Specifications:

Manufactured by: SMOKtech

Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance

Wicking Material: Japanese Organic Cotton

Available Resistance (V8-T6): 0.2 Ohms

Available Resistance (V8-T8): 0.16 Ohms

Wattage Range (V8-T6): 50W – 240W (Recommended 110W – 150W)

Wattage Range (V8-T8): 50W – 260W (Recommended 120W – 180W)

Wattage Range (V8-T10): 50W – 300W (Recommended 130W – 190W)


SMOKtech TFV8 Atomizer Coil Includes:

3 x SMOKtech TFV8 Atomizer Coils