Stabilized Wood Drip Tip

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Stabilized wood drip tip
  • Stabilized wood drip tip
  • Stabilized wood drip tips
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Stabilized Wood Drip Tip

Drip tips represent an affordable way in which to customize the look and feel of your overall setup. Available in an endless array of colors, materials, sizes, and shapes, the right mouthpiece can make or break your setup. However, inasmuch as the market is overloaded with available drip tips, only a select few offer a combination of class, style, and quality. These remarkable Stabilized Wood Drip Tips certainly fit the bill, as they provide a touch of understated sophistication and elegance, while remaining exceedingly high in quality. Available in four genuinely stunning designs, these phenomenal mouthpieces are sure to compliment any device it is paired with.

The Stabilized Wood Drip Tips are made with the very best materials, thereby ensuring longevity and resistance to deterioration. The body of these stunning mouthpieces are made with high-quality stabilized wood, providing for an exceptionally beautiful and durable material. Vacuum-pressured in a unique solution, stabilized wood is extremely resistant to warping, cracking, or otherwise becoming damaged through regular use. The base of the drip tips is made with 303 stainless steel, which offers added strength, resilience, and robustness.

Add a little flash and flare to your setup with these gorgeous and unique Stabilized Wood Drip Tips.


Stabilized Wood Drip Tips Features:

Available in Four Beautiful Designs

Can be Used in Place of All Standard 510 Drip Tips

Made with Durable Stabilized Wood

Long Lasting and Extremely Durable

Absolutely Stunning Aesthetic Appeal

303 Stainless Steel Base

Adds Class and Sophistication to Any Setup

Made with High-Quality Materials

Affordable Way to Customize Your Setup


Stabilized Wood Drip Tips Specifications:

Body Material: Stabilized Wood

Base Material: 303 Stainless Steel

Size: 510

Height: 0.47 Inches (12mm)

Diameter: 0.27 Inches (6mm)


Stabilized Wood Drip Tips Includes:

1 x Stabilized Wood Drip Tip (Color of Your Choice)