Thunderhead Clapton Kanthal Wire - 20 pack

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  • Thunderhead Clapton Kanthal wire
  • 20 pack Clapton wire by Thunderhead
  • Thunderhead Clapton 20 pack
  • Clapton wire 24 & 28 gauge
  • Kanthal 24 & 28 gauge clapton wire by thunderhead
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Thunderhead Clapton Kanthal Wire Rods - 20 pack

There are many factors that go into a high-quality vape. The device, the tank, the wicking material, the e-juice, and of course, the atomizer coils. The wire that is used for atomizer coils can make a tremendous difference in the quality of the vapor produced, and therefore your overall vaping experience.

Designed in the USA, these Thunderhead Clapton Rods are made with premium-grade Kanthal resistance wire. Kanthal wire is a trademarked brand of metal alloy that consists of iron, chromium, and aluminum metals (FeCrAl). Kanthal wire is widely used due to its ability to endure high temperatures while remaining stable. It is due to these properties that Kanthal wire is perfect for electronic cigarette atomizer coils.

Thunderhead Clapton Rods consist of the perfect combination of 28 gauge and 24 gauge wires that are masterfully intertwined, creating a final product that performs brilliantly. Designed similarly to guitar strings, Thunderhead tightly wraps the smaller gauge wire with the larger gauge one. This technique leaves a larger surface area to make contact with the saturated cotton, thereby producing great clouds and robust flavor.

The formation of the larger wire wrapped around the smaller, one leaves small pockets for the e-juice to settle into. This substantially helps intensify the richness of the flavor, bringing to life all of the various layers of your e-juice.

If you are a builder, you absolutely must try the incredible Thunderhead Creations Clapton Kanthal Wire Rods. You’ll be happy you did!


Thunderhead Clapton Kanthal Wire Rods Features:

Made With High-Grade Kanthal Resistance Wire

Incredibly Rich and Robust Flavor Production


Fantastic Vapor Clouds

Perfect for Sub-Ohm Builds

Designed in the USA


Thunderhead Clapton Kanthal Wire Rods Specifications:

Manufacturer: Thunderhead Creations

Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance Wire

Wire Gauges: 28 / 24 AWG

Rod Length: 5.7 Inches (145mm)

Designed In: USA


Thunderhead Clapton Kanthal Wire Rods Includes:

20 x Thunderhead Clapton Kanthal Wire Rods

1 x Holding Case