Uncrustable 2.0 Wide Bore Drip Tips by Vapor Shark

By Vapor Shark

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uncrustable 2.0 wide bore drip tip
Reviews for Uncrustable 2.0 Wide Bore Drip Tips by Vapor Shark
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
from NY on
They work as advertised. Comes in handy when a friend wants to try the juice I'm vaping.
from Denver on
I like the look and feel of this drip tip, good size not too wide. Oh and how I hated the lip scum that builds up on the metal drip tips! Sure you can wash it off but its still fricken gross. I'm about to get a couple more of these for my other tanks, because I never have the scum issue with this one.

UNCRUSTABLE 2.0 Drip Tips by Vapor Shark

The Uncrustable Drip Tip is yet another innovation released by Vapor Shark. All vapers have experienced lip crust building on their drip tips—a rather unpleasant experience. Through research and ingenuity, Vapor Shark has discovered a way to eliminate the problem of lip crust deposits on your drip tip—the Uncrustable Drip Tip.

These magnificent drip tips are made with high-grade stainless steel, and coated with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is a synthetic fluoropolymer or tetrafluoroethylene. PTFE is most commonly used on pots and pans to give them their non-stick property, the most popular brand of which being Teflon. This coating prevents lip crust from building on your drip tip, providing for a cleaner and more hygienic vaping experience. Add to this the generous bore size, and you are left with a remarkable mouthpiece that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

If you are tired of dealing with lip crust building on your drip tip, then the Vapor Shark Uncrustable Drip Tip is perfect for you!


Vapor Shark Uncrustable Drip Tips Features:

Made high-grade stainless steel

Coated with PTFE

Reduces the occurrence of lip crust

Cleaner and more hygienic

Wide Bore

Beautiful Design

Vapor Shark Uncrustable Drip Tips Specifications:

Material: High-Grade Stainless Steel

Compatibility: 510

Brand: Vapor Shark

Manufactured In: USA

Outside Diameter: 0.47 Inches (12 mm)

Inside Diameter: 0.39 Inches (10 mm)

Height: 0.80 Inches (20.5 mm)

Installed Height: .039 Inches (16 mm)

Air Hole Diameter: 0.17 Inches (4.5 mm)


Vapor Shark Uncrustable Drip Tips Includes:

1 x Uncrustable Drip Tip by Vapor Shark