Genuine Vaporesso™ cCell Ceramic Wick Ni200 Replacement Coils (5 Pack)

By Vaporesso

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ccell ceramic wick ni200 coils by vaporesso
Reviews for Genuine Vaporesso™ cCell Ceramic Wick Ni200 Replacement Coils (5 Pack)
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from Orlando, FL on
Great coils and they last a long time! Been using this one for a while now and it hasn't changed. Got these in my Gemini and vape is perfect and I'm gonna keep using ceramic because I would have gone through probably two normal Ni coils by now.

Genuine Vaporesso™ cCell Ceramic Wick Ni200 Replacement Coils (5 Pack) 

Inasmuch as the Vaporesso cCell Tank is a feature-rich, well-performing, and solid device, what truly sets it apart is the revolutionary atomizer coils that have been designed to operate with them. These sensational heads provide for truly remarkable flavor production as well as thick and satisfying vapor clouds.

Vaporesso spared no expense in designing, engineering, and manufacturing the cCell Nickel Atomizer Coils, using only the very finest materials available. The body of the heads are made with high-grade stainless steel metal alloy. Vaporesso then coats the head with pure 24k gold-plating. Although rather costly, this provides for superior electrical conductivity as well as increased resistance to rust and corrosion.

The cCell Coils are made with high-grade Nickel (Ni-200) wire. When coupled with a temperature control, sensing, and limiting device, the Nickel heads allow you to set and adjust the temperature of the atomizer coil. This affords you the ability to increase or decrease the temperature of the vapor that is produced, based on your preferences. The ability to regulate the temperature of the coil also helps bring out the various layers of flavor notes in your e-juices, providing for a truly wonderful vaping experience.

The most radical and groundbreaking feature of the Vaporesso cCell Ni-200 Atomizer Coils is their internal structure and configuration. Unlike the vast majority of atomizer heads on the market that use wicking material to feed e-juice to the coil, the cCell coils are completely wick-free. Rather, they utilize a 12-micron porous ceramic material, which absorbs the e-juice and feeds it uniformly to the atomizer coil. Since the coil isn’t making direct contact with any cotton, the possibility of dry or burnt hits is completely eliminated. Moreover, whereas standard atomizer heads utilize only a portion of the heat generated, the Vaporesso cCell Atomizer Coils are able to harness it all.

In addition, the primary reason an atomizer coil must be replaced regularly is due to the wicking material getting clogged and unable to adequately absorb the e-juice. Devoid of any cotton or silca wick, the Vaporesso cCell Nickel Atomizer Heads last substantially longer than standard coils prior to needing to replace it.

The Vaporesso cCell Ni-200 Atomizer Coils offer superior quality vapor all the way around. From massive vapor clouds to rich, robust flavor production, the revolutionary wickless ceramic design is truly one-of-a-kind.


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Vaporesso cCell Nickel (Ni-200) Atomizer Coils Features:

24k Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Casing

Made with High-Grade Nickel (Ni-200) Wire

Revolutionary Ceramic Design

Completely Wickless for Longer Life

Eliminates the Possibility of Dry or Burnt Hits

Exceptionally Flavorful and Robust Hits

Massive Vapor Cloud Production

Works with Several Tanks


Vaporesso cCell Nickel (Ni-200) Atomizer Coils Specifications:

Manufacturer: Vaporesso

Casing Material: 24k Gold-Plated Stainless Steel

Wire Material: Nickel (Ni-200)

Available Resistance: 0.2 Ohms

For Use with: Vaporesso cCell Tank, Aspire Atlantis Tank (1 & 2), Aspire Triton Tank (1 & 2), Eleaf Melo Tank (1 & 2)


Vaporesso cCell Nickel (Ni-200) Atomizer Coils Includes:

5 x Vaporesso cCell Nickel (Ni-200) Atomizer Coils (0.2 Ohms)



DO NOT USE These Coils With Devices, Such as: iStick 30W, iTaste MVP 3.0, iTaste SVD, Kbox, SMOKtech M80 Plus, etc. You can ONLY use this device with devices with temperature SENSING AND LIMITING capabilities. It is very important that you DO NOT USE these coils with any other device whatsoever, as it can result in battery explosion and injury!!