Wide Bore Silicone Drip Tip by Cosmic Fog

By Cosmic Fog

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wide bore silicone rubber drip tips
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Wide Bore Silicone Drip Tip by Cosmic Fog

One of the more exciting aspects of vaping is your ability to customize your vaping experience. This can be accomplished by regulating the type of vapor you obtain, the flavors you select, as well as the hardware you choose. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to customize the look and feel of your setup is through the use of various drip tips.

These Wide Bore Silicone Rubber Drip Tips by Cosmic Fog is a great way to add a little flash and flare to your device. You can select between 9 beautiful colors to change the appearance of your setup whenever the mood should strike you. Moreover, the soft silicone rubber material makes these drip tips very gentle on the lips, and provides an overall nice sensation.

Pick your favorite colors, or give them all a try!


Cosmic Fog Wide Bore Silicone Drip Tips Features:

Nine Beautiful Colors to Choose From

Made with High-Quality Silicone Rubber

Soft to the Touch

Can Replace All Standard 510 Drip Tips

Customize the Appearance of Your Setup

Affordably Priced


Cosmic Fog Wide Bore Silicone Drip Tips Specifications:

Manufactured by: Cosmic Fog

Material: Silicone Rubber

Available Colors: Black, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green Grey, Azure Blue, White, Royal Blue

Size: 510

Diameter: 0.55 Inches (13.9mm)


Cosmic Fog Wide Bore Silicone Drip Tips Includes:

1 x Cosmic Fog Wide Bore Silicone Drip Tip (Color of Choice)