Wotofo Comp Wire - Prebuilt Tiger Coils (5 Pack)

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Pre-Wrapped Tiger Wire Coils by Wotofo

Rebuildable atomizers are capable of offering a genuinely one-of-a-kind vaping experience that is virtually impossible to achieve with any standard pre-made coil. They provide for remarkably larger vapor production, together with unmatched flavor intensity and robustness. However, notwithstanding a rebuildable atomizer’s ability to deliver an exceptional vaping experience, building your own coils by hand is a tedious and time-consuming endeavor. That is until now. Wotofo’s Comp Wire Pre-Built Tiger Coils provides all of the benefits of rebuildable atomizers, with the convenience of a pre-made coil.

The Wotofo Comp Wire Pre-Built Tiger Coils feature a revolutionary design like nothing you have ever seen. Made with premium-quality Kanthal Resistance Wire, these sensational coils are formed with a round piece of wire, which is then wrapped with flat Kanthal wire to create a truly unique configuration. This groundbreaking design greatly increases surface area, which results in substantially larger vapor cloud production. Moreover, the exclusive interwoven construction of the Wotofo Comp Wire Pre-Built Tiger Coils creates small pockets of space, which traps e-juice to deliver unmatched flavor intensity.

If you are looking for a way to obtain the benefits of rebuildable atomizer, with the convenience of pre-made coils, the Wotofo Comp Wire Pre-Built Tiger Coils are the perfect solution.


Wotofo Comp Wire Pre-Built Tiger Coils Features:

Unique Flat and Round Wire Configuration

Increased Surface Area for Massive Vapor Production

Traps E-Juice to Deliver Intense and Rich Flavor

Made with High-Quality Kanthal Resistance Wire

Conveniently Pre-Torched and Ready for Use

Pre-Built to Eliminate the Need Manual Construction

Durable and Long-Lasting Construction


Wotofo Comp Wire Pre-Built Tiger Coils Specifications:

Manufactured by: Wotofo

Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance

Available Gauges: 24 Gauge, 26 Gauge, 28 Gauge

Resistance Range (24 Gauge): 0.3 Ohms – 0.4 Ohms

Resistance Range (26 Gauge): 0.5 Ohms – 0.6 Ohms

Resistance Range (28 Gauge): 0.6 Ohms – 0.7 Ohms


Wotofo Comp Wire Pre-Built Tiger Coils Includes:

5 x Wotofo Comp Wire Pre-Built Tiger Atomizer Coils








Rebuildable atomizers (RDAs, RBA, RTAs) and their use pose certain risks that you should familiarize yourself with. All rebuildable atomizers are intended for advanced/expert users only, and not meant for beginner or intermediate vapers. You should have a minimum of 6 months experience with rebuildable atomizers prior to purchasing one for yourself and attempting to use it without the supervision of an expert. You must have intimate knowledge with using multimeters; be well versed with Ohms Law and how it relates to wattage and voltage; be well trained in building atomizer coils and how to properly configure them; and have a solid understanding of electronics in general.

Prior to purchasing and using any rebuildable atomizer, you must make sure that you fully understand the following:

  1. All rebuildable atomizer coils must first be tested prudently with a proper meter prior to it being used, as untested atomizer coils can be extremely dangerous.
  2. Coils that have been improperly configured or are otherwise faulty can blow your electronic device, which can result in serious injury to you and/or your property.
  3. Atomizer coils that have been newly constructed must be tested on a meter, then first used on an advanced personal vaporizer (APV) that has all of the appropriate safety features, including short-circuit protection. Once the atomizer coil has been tested and used on such a device, you can then cautiously use the coil on a mechanical MOD.
  4. Faulty or otherwise improperly configured rebuildable atomizer coils can damage electronic devices, which can result in bodily injury or harm.

By purchasing and using this product, you hereby consent to wholly taking full responsibility and sole liability for the purchase and use of this item. You further agree to hold harmless and indemnify Vapor Authority, its managers, executives, successors, shareholders, owners, employees, directors, and all affiliates from any and all liability for the usage of this product. Vapor Authority, Inc. is in absolutely no way, shape, or form liable for the harm or hazard that may arise due to the use of this product.