Black Note E-Liquid: Vendor Spotlight

It’s no surprise that millions of smokers across the world are transitioning to the vaporizer platform to enjoy a cleaner alternative to smoking. While e-cigarettes have been around since the dawn of the 21st century, vaping-device manufacturers have forwarded tremendous innovations in recent years. This trend has catapulted vaping to a whole new level of popularity.

But one of the challenges that all vaping-related manufacturers and organizations must overcome is the authenticity factor. The vast majority of e-cigarette consumers have some experience with so-called “analog” platforms. Thus, comparisons between the two formats are inevitable. To survive in this industry, and especially for the e-liquid sub-sector, a company needs both exceptional quality and authenticity.

That’s where Black Note E-Liquid steps up, front and center. Leveraging centuries of tobacco curation expertise and heritage, Black Note E-Liquid is quite simply like no other organization in the highly competitive e-juice sector. At a time when the market calls for genuineness and legitimacy in its product offerings, Black Note delivers where so many other competitors cannot.

Very few, if any, e-juice manufacturers can claim Black Note’s artisanal heritage. Only a small, elite group of premium-grade formulators can come close to what Black Note distributes in its vast vaping portfolio. Finally, no other brand has the unmistakable classic signature of Black Note E-Liquid.

In short, if you’re looking for the very best in tobacco flavor e-juices, look no further than Black Note!


Black Note Profile and History:

Officially entering the vaping fray in 2014, Black Note E-Liquid setup shop in the hub of the enthusiast subculture – sunny California. Designating Irvine, which is a few miles away from several other prevalent e-juice companies, as their headquarters, Black Note got to work quickly. Almost immediately, their extraordinary e-liquids were the rave among true vaping connoisseurs, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Black Note E-JuiceInterestingly, though, the Black Note E-Liquid story starts well before vaping was even conceptualized. No one else in the industry can say that, remaining an exclusive Black Note attribute thanks to the company’s tobacco artisans. These cultivating and curating experts have a professional heritage that extends into the late 18th century. Clearly, these folks have been around the block more times than you can count! Not only that, Black Note’s unrivaled experience and proficiency translates into awe-striking vaping products. Too many manufacturers these days coast on their marketing and brand appeal. While every company must of course advertise themselves and their product offerings, it’s refreshing to find an organization that effectively uses their expertise to deliver uncompromising results.

And really, that’s the hallmark definition of Black Note – uncompromising. You will never hear one of their customers complain about cut corners or other shenanigans. Black Note E-Liquid is a premium e-juice formulator from top to bottom. Whether it’s their natural, earthy product packaging, or their carefully crafted bottle-protecting sheath, management leaves no detail to chance.

Traditionalists, or those who have transitioned from analog platforms to digital, appreciate both the subtle differences, as well as the inimitable flavor profile of Black Note e-liquids.

The reality is that the industry largely focuses on the trendy, sub-ohm vaping trend. There’s no good or bad associated with this concept; it’s just the way that it is. But since the traditional, mouth-to-lung style of vaping is somewhat left to the wayside, an incredible opportunity exists for those who cater to this numerous, but overlooked community.

Black Note E-Liquid immediately recognized this dynamic, and more importantly, offered a robust solution. Their product portfolio, for those seeking a natural, authentic experience, is literally second-to-none. Along with serving an under-served community, Black Note has one of the strongest, most loyal fan-bases among e-juice manufacturers.

As a result, almost any successful vape shop or online retailer, such as Vapor Authority, will carry Black Note E-Liquid.


The Black Note Difference:

We’ve already touched on what makes Black Note stand out from the rest of the competition; in short, their astonishing and unrivaled tobacconist workforce heritage allows the company to deliver the absolute best in natural tobacco-flavored and inspired e-juices. But what specifically allows them to deliver this exceptional quality day-in and day-out?

It all begins with Black Note’s numerous tobacco farms, which are all located in Black Note Natural E-LiquidEurope—predominantly Italy. Using their own naturally-grown tobacco leaves, they are able to extract all of the flavors for their extensive collection of products. According to Black Note’s founding members, “Using real tobacco flavor derived from real tobacco leaves is our main differentiator. We rely on natural tobacco for an authentic taste, without using any artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or other chemical additives.” Employing a lengthy cold maceration process, Black Note steeps their natural tobacco leaves for six weeks in order to extract the natural flavors, essence, and nicotine from real tobacco leaves. Even the menthol used for their Solo and Reggae blends is extracted from real mint leaves. From beginning to end, every batch of a Black Note’s e-juice takes two to three years to complete.

On a technical level, it starts with their production facility, which like their products, are second-to-none. At the top, Black Note advantages their ISO-7 clean room, which is both classified and certified as such by the International Standards Organization. Compared to the competition, Black Note’s clean-room facility is a highly contained space which is designed to meet or exceed cleanliness standards for e-liquid manufacturing.

Furthermore, their ISO-7 facility is ranked as “Class 10,000,” which signifies the maximum number of minute particles per cubic foot of air. To put this figure into context, the average clean room is rated at approximately 1 million particles per cubic foot. In other words, Black Note facilities are much more quarantined than many other e-juice manufacturers, and therefore, have less risk associated with product contamination.

In addition, management applies strict quality control on all their manufacturing and formulation employees. Anyone that enters the ISO-7 facility must pass an airtight walkway, and are required to wear protective garments, hairnets, and shoe coverings. As any one particle can destroy entire batches of e-juice shipments, it’s absolutely critical that companies take their safety procedures seriously.

Fortunately, Black Note E-Liquid is just such an organization: uncompromising in quality, they also demand that no product bearing its name leave their production facility without undergoing rigorous testing and controls.

Black Note’s “above and beyond” approach to e-juice concoctions comes through where it matters the most – simply put, their tobacco-vaping liquid actually tastes like tobacco!

Many other e-juice specialists rely on artificial flavoring to translate the analog tobacco experience into the digital platform. While some elite companies have come very close to replicating the distinctive tobacco aura, there’s just no substitute for the real thing.

Moreover, an important distinguishing factor is that Black Note gears their tobacco blends for adult vapers, and not flavors that may appeal to underaged individuals. Specifically, their ingredients list “steers clear of diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, acrolein and acetoin, relying only on high-quality PG, VG, optional nicotine and real tobacco flavor extracts.”

Bottom line: if you’re looking for the closest replication of analog goodness with all the advantages of the vaporizer, your search has just ended. Black Note E-Liquid has no parallel.


Delectable E-Liquid Portfolio:

Of course, none of the aforementioned innovations would mean anything if the manufacturer didn’t deliver liquid concoctions that were both satisfying and compelling – compelling enough, that is, to have you coming back for more!

For those of you that want a rich, robust tobacco burst in their sessions, you’d best check out Forte. Utilizing natural, sun-dried cured tobacco leaves whose origination came from the fertile, volcanic soil of Naples, Italy, Forte is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Prelude Black NoteFor a distinctly smooth taste, check out Black Note’s Jazz e-liquid. Also derived from natural, tobacco extracts, the Jazz liquid’s call to fame is its aromatic blend that’s native to Virginia’s lush organic farms. One hit, and you’ll instantly recognize the tones and textures of hearty, American tobacco.

Those who fancy menthol-tobacco blends, Black Note’s Solo and Reggae is the ideal selection. Smooth, rich, and flavorful, not only are the tobacco flavors naturally-extracted, but the menthol is also derived from real, natural mint leaves. This gives these two exclusive offerings an exceptionally authentic experience unlike anything else currently available.

One of Black Note’s most popular concoctions is Prelude, which very closely replicates the taste and feel of popular American cigarettes. Light and bright in profile, Prelude delivers the natural sweetness of genuine tobacco leaves, providing for a genuinely enjoyable vaping experience that is as close to the real thing as you can get.

But don’t mistake Black Note’s signature classic liquids for an unwillingness to experiment. If you’re a mouth-to-lung vaper, or a traditionalist that loves to mix things up, the Black Note Rock E-Liquid is just what the tobacconist ordered! Featuring a unique blend of Italian and Kentuckian tobacco leaves, the Rock has the perfect blend between traditional and next-generation pizzazz.

The choices won’t end with what you currently see on Black Note’s product line-up. Although rightfully tight-lipped about future product development and distribution strategies, Black Note promises that what we’ve experienced already will pale in comparison to what’s on the horizon.

If you’ve learned anything about Black Note, it’s that the organization never uses hyperbole to sell their products; in fact, their premium e-juices speak very clearly for themselves.

So do yourself a favor, and get to and order your choice Black Note E-Liquid. At the rate of their popularity, supply definitely won’t last long!

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