Genuine Aspire™ Odyssey Starter Kit (Triton 2 and Pegasus Box Mod)

By Aspire

4 reviews
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Genuine Aspire™ Odyssey Starter Kit (Triton 2 and Pegasus Box Mod)

Aspire is one of the few electronic cigarette companies to manufacture quality products across the board. From their wonderful tanks to their powerful batteries, Aspire is certainly a brand name you can depend on. Their starter kits are particularly popular, as they combine their tanks and batteries, which are matched to work seamlessly with one another. For this reason, we are extremely excited to introduce their latest high-end starter kit—the Aspire Odyssey Kit.

The Aspire Odyssey Kit represents the perfect marriage between the wildly popular Aspire Triton Tank, and the powerful Aspire Pegasus Box MOD. Both devices are exceptionally high in quality, and together delver a performance that can even rival RDA setups. It’s sleek and elegant design can be seen and felt the moment you hold this beauty in your hands. Even the chic and sophisticated box that the kit comes with screams class.


Aspire Triton 2 Tank:

The Aspire Triton 2 is one of the most popular and well-performing tanks yet released to the vaping community. The Triton 2 is built with high-grade 304 Stainless Steel, providing a solid and durable device that is built to last. The large 3.5 ml Triton tank consists of Pyrex glass, which is completely resistant to potential erosion from the acidity found in e-liquids. This is an important quality, as plastic tanks will slowly deteriorate over time, which is unsightly and can alter the taste of the e-liquid.

The top of the Aspire Triton 2 Tank is furnished with a beautiful stainless steel wide-boar mouthpiece, which is stylishly designed to match its body. This drip tip doesn’t only compliment the aesthetics of the Triton, but is also functionally superior as well. Aspire specifically designed the mouthpiece to offer wonderfully full vapor clouds, fantastic lung hits, and enhanced flavor production.

The Triton 2 also includes an airflow control valve at the base of the Triton. The bottom valve gives you the ability to increase or decrease the amount of air that is pulled into the device when taking a hit. The base valve is also very useful for those who like to alternate between e-liquids of various VG-to-PG consistencies, as it will virtually eliminate gurgling and flooding experienced with tanks not furnished with this component. The airflow control provides a customizable vaping experience that is sure to satisfy any vaper’s preferences.

Further contributing to the versatility of the Aspire Triton 2 Tank are the various atomizer coils that can be used with it. One of the Triton coils is made with high-grade Kanthal resistance wire. The Kanthal coils are 1.8 ohms, making it perfect for standard resistance vapers. Aspire also produced a second Triton coil made with 316L surgical-grade stainless steel—the first atomizer of its kind. The 316L Triton heads are available in both 0.4 ohms as well as 0.3 ohms, making it ideal for sub-ohm vapers. To easily decipher between the two types of coils, Aspire smartly designed the Kanthal coils with black O-rings, while the 316L heads are furnished with blue ones.

The Triton 2 Tank can also be used with Aspire Atlantis coils, which is not only nice because you can utilize coils you already possess, but also allows you to use the Atlantis Nickel (Ni-200) Coils with the Triton. Regardless of the atomizer coil being used, all of them are made with 100% Japanese Organic Cotton. This is a substantial quality, as it is devoid of impurities found in conventional cotton, such as bleach. As a result, you will experience much “truer” and robust flavor from your vapor.

Aspire really thought of it all in designing the Triton 2 Tank, as it is also equipped with a top filling e-liquid delivery system. Unlike virtually all clearomizers on the market that requires you to remove the entire base of the device in order to refill the tank, the Triton 2 allows you to conveniently add your e-liquid by simply removing your drip tip and pouring in the liquid from the included e-liquid hole. Once you experience this top-fill system, you will never want to go back to traditional filling methods.

The Aspire Triton 2 is not only an extremely high-quality clearomizer, but can be converted to an RBA/RTA as well. By purchasing the available Triton RTA system (not included), you can conveniently build your own coils when you desire to do so. This adaptability is really useful, as when on the go and unable to build coils, you can use the Triton as a superb clearomizer. However, when you are in a place where coil building is possible, you can pop in the RTA system and experience the Triton as a rebuildable atomizer.


Aspire Pegasus Box MOD:

The Aspire Odyssey Kit also includes the Pegasus Box MOD—a powerful new advanced personal vaporizer. It represents the best of all worlds by offering beauty, power, and style in a lightweight and compact package. This versatile MOD allows for wattage control as well as temperature control, affording you the ability to alternate between atomizer coils of various resistances and coil materials.

The Aspire Pegasus is made with high-grade stainless steel, making is a solid and durable device. It is designed very ergonomically, making it extremely easy and comfortable to hold in your hand throughout the course of the day. Its sleek design radiates class and quality, while simultaneously offering a feature-rich and powerful vaping experience.

The Aspire Pegasus Box MOD is a variable wattage device, offering a wide range of power settings. The wattage can be adjusted from 1W to a hefty 70W, thereby capable of accommodating atomizer coils with resistances as low as 0.2 ohms and as high as 5.0 ohms. Aspire made adjusting the Pegasus very easy by simply rotating the wheel located at the top of the device. The makes the Pegasus perfect advanced vapers, beginner vapers, sub-ohm vapers, and standard resistance vapers alike.

The face of the Pegasus is furnished with a sleek black cover, which is complimented by the round over-sized fire button and OLED screen. The stylish screen not only looks beautiful aesthetically, but also provides an array of useful information. By activating the OLED screen, you will be able to monitor the remaining battery life, the wattage, the voltage, the coil temperature, and the resistance of the atomizer coil. It also displays the puff counter, allowing you to know how long the fire button has been depressed. In addition, when any of the Pegasus’ protection measures are activated, it will be clearly indicated on the OLED screen.

Aspire usefully designed the Pegasus Box MOD to take one external IMR 18650 battery (sold separately). This is a great feature, as it allows you to easily carry around a fully charged spare battery with you in your pocket, bag, or purse. This way, you will never be left without a functioning device to use. The Pegasus is equipped with a micro-USB port, which can be used with the included charging cable to charge the battery internally. This eliminates the need to purchase a separate charger.

In addition to all of the spectacular features of the Aspire Pegasus, it is also armed with several safety features as well. It has High Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, 12-Second Cutoff Protection, Reverse Polarity protection, Over-Discharge Protection, High-Resistance/No Atomizer Alert, and a Low Battery Warning. With this many safety measures in place, you can vape knowing that you are protected from the majority of potential hazards.

From the stunning packaging to the high-end devices contained within it, the Aspire Odyssey Kit is one of the very best vaping starter kits on the market today. Whether you are new to vaping or are looking to upgrade your current setup, the Aspire Odyssey Kit represents the best of the best all the way around.

*Note: Battery is Sold Separately.

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Aspire Triton Atomizer Coils

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To Purchase Aspire Triton Kanthal Atomizer Coils, Click HERE


Aspire Triton Replacement Glass Tube

To Purchase The Aspire Triton Replacement Web Tank, Click HERE

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Mouth-to-Lung, Direct-to-Lung


Intermediate, Advanced


External (Sold Separately)


Aspire Pegasus MOD Specifications:

Threading: 510

Wattage Range: 1W – 70W

Resistance Range: 0.2 Ohms – 5.0 Ohms

Material: High-Grade Stainless Steel

Battery Type: External

Battery Compatibility: IMR 18650 (Sold Separately)

Available Colors: Brushed Brass, Brushed Chrome, Brushed Slate

Height: 3.58 Inches (91 mm)

Width: 1.77 Inches (45 mm)


Aspire Triton 2 Tank Specifications:

Threading: 510

E-Liquid Capacity: 3.5 ml

Casing Material: Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Pyrex Glass

Atomizer Coil Type: Standard Resistance / Sub-Ohm

Atomizer Coil Material: Surgical Steel, Kanthal Resistance (also compatible with Atlantis Coils)

Available Resistance: 0.3 ohms, 0.4 Ohms, 1.8 Ohms

Wicking Material: Japanese Organic Cotton

Height: 2.87 Inches (73 mm)

Diameter: 0.86 Inches (22 mm)


Aspire Odyssey Kit Comes With:

1 x Aspire Pegasus Box MOD

1 x Aspire Triton 2 Tank

1 x Aspire Triton Clapton Atomizer Coil – 0.5 Ohms (Pre-Installed)

1 x Replacement Nickel (Ni-200) Atomizer Coil – 0.15 Ohms

1 x Replacement Kanthal Atomizer Coil - 1.5 Ohms

1 x Aspire USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Elegant Gift Box

Aspire Odyssey Kit Features:

Comes with Aspire Triton 2 Tank and Pegasus Box MOD

Powerful and Lightweight

Stainless Steel Construction

Temperature Control Capability (With Nickel Coils)

Variable Wattage

Adjustable Temperature

Dual-Airflow Control Valves

Wide-Bore Drip Tip

Top-Filling E-Liquid System

Uses Japanese Organic Cotton

Uses Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel Coils

Top-Filling Tank

High-Quality OLED Screen

Compatible With Aspire Atlantis Coils

External 18650 Battery

Internal Charging Capability

Uses Pyrex Glass Tank

Can Be Used As RTA (With Separate RTA System)

Large E-Liquid Capacity

High Temperature Protection

Short Circuit Protection

12-Second Cutoff Protection

Reverse Polarity protection

Over-Discharge Protection


No Atomizer Alert

Low Battery Warning

How to Turn On/Off the Aspire Pegasus MOD:

1. Make sure that you have installed the 18650 battery properly.

2. To turn on the Pegasus, simply click the fire button 5 times rapidly. Please note that you must click the button rapidly in order for it to turn on. To turn the Pegasus off, click the fire button 5 times again.


How to Fill the Aspire Triton 2 Tank:

1. Unscrew the top cap and lift it out. This will expose the e-juice reservoir.

2. Pour in the e-juice.

3. Screw the top cap back on.


How to Change the Aspire Triton 2 Atomizer Coil:

1. First, rotate the tank so that the mouthpiece is aimed at the floor.

2. Next, detach the base of the tank (the battery end) from the tank by unscrewing it in a counterclockwise direction.

3. Next, remove the old atomizer coil by unscrewing it in a counterclockwise direction.

4. Then, attach the new atomizer coil to the base by screwing it on in a clockwise direction.

5. Prime the new atomizer coil by adding a few drops of e-juice on the dry cotton.

6. Finally, attach the base back onto the tank by screwing it on in a clockwise direction.

7. You can now attach the tank onto your battery for use.

Reviews for Genuine Aspire™ Odyssey Starter Kit (Triton 2 and Pegasus Box Mod)
4.8 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
from Sanger, CA on
I am really very pleased with this starter kit. I am fairly new to vaping, I started to help quit smoking. I use 0 nicotine juice and I am proud to say that I haven't had a cigarette in almost 3 months. The flavor you get is great, almost as though the juice was in your mouth. Nice big plumes and easy to use. I would like to thank costumer service for his help and honestly, everything about Vapor Authority has been a great experience.
from Lake Forest Illinios on
Wow. My friend got it as his first and I got it as my fifth mod. It is extremely versatile and all around amazing.
from Aurora on
I was afraid this thing would be too small, but it actually fits very nicely in my hand. Kicks some major ass too for a little guy like this. I get some major clouds. Impressed.
from WA on
Really great mod and kit