Genuine Eleaf™ iSmoka iJust S Starter Kit

By Eleaf

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Eleaf iJust S Kit

Eleaf iSmoka iJust S Starter Kit

As a subsidiary of Joyetech, Eleaf has been a well-established brand within the vaping community for several years. They are coveted for their many high-quality and innovative devices, the vast majority of which are remarkably popular. With huge hits, such as their legendary iStick line of box MODs, Eleaf’s devices are synonymous with quality, reliability, and technological advancement. On the heels of their wildly popular iJust Kit, Eleaf has now released the next generation of this renowned setup—the Eleaf iJust-S Kit.

The Eleaf iJust-S Kit is the perfect setup for those who are looking for a simple and straightforward, yet powerful, device that is capable of delivering fantastic vapor production as well as flavor intensity. Designed to operate optimally without the need to fiddle around with any settings whatsoever, the iJust Tank and Battery work flawlessly in conjunction with one another. The Eleaf iJust-S works phenomenally straight out of the box, thereby requiring virtually no skill or knowledge to enjoy an incredible vaping experience. This makes the iJust-S perfect for beginners to advanced vapers.

In line with all of Eleaf’s sensational kits, the iJust-S is made with the highest-quality materials. The body and frame of both the battery and the tank are constructed with premium 304-grade stainless steel. This austenite metal is an exclusive combination of steel, chromium, manganese, and nickel, together delivering durability, solidity, resilience, and exceptionally high resistance to rust and corrosion. The steel composition of the Eleaf iJust-S will ensure that the device is able to withstand the rigors associated with heavy daily use.

The Eleaf iJust-S is equipped with a spring-loaded, self-adjusting contact pin, which will ensure that there is always a secure connection between the battery and the tank. Moreover, the contact pin is made with 304-grade stainless steel that is then plated with 24k gold, thereby dramatically increasing the electrical conductivity. This, in turn, will substantially decrease the communication time between the battery and the atomizer coil, thereby providing for a much more responsive and optimally-operating device.

The 4ml e-juice reservoir component of the Eleaf iJust-S Tank is fabricated with top-shelf Pyrex (borosilicate) glass. Although this may seem as a minor detail, the use of glass as opposed to plastic is an important distinction, as it affords certain advantages. Due to the fact that all e-juices contain some level of acidity, plastic tanks will erode over the course of time. This will not only blemish the inside of the tank, but will also alter the flavor of the liquid as well. Glass tank, such as that used with the iJust-S, is entirely unaffected by the acidic environment. As a result, the iJust-S will deliver a markedly cleaner, purer, and more robust flavor than that which is experienced with plastic counterparts. Additionally, with no deterioration taking place, the iJust-S Tank’s glass juice basin will remain aesthetically untarnished, thereby providing for a much more visually pleasing appeal.

The Eleaf iJust-S Kit is equipped with a high-capacity 3,000 mAh internal battery. This large of battery capacity enables you to use your device throughout the day prior to needing a recharge. However, once a recharge is necessary, this can be effortlessly achieved using the included USB cable. Simply plug the micro-USB portion into the iJust-S and the USB end into a wall adapter, computer, power bank, or any device with a USB port that is capable of charging. This makes it exceptionally easy to ensure that your iJust-S is always powered and ready to use. You can also purchase a USB car adapter, which will afford you the ability to charge your device while in the car.

Adding to the user-friendly and convenient configuration of the Eleaf iJust-S is its innovative top-fill e-juice system. As opposed to the majority of tanks, which require you to separate it from the battery, unscrew the base, fill the tank, then reassemble all of the various parts, this iJust-S tank can be effortlessly refilled straight from the top without needing to separate it from the battery whatsoever. This not only makes refills much faster and more convenient, but also eliminates the mess that is often associated with adding e-liquid.

Eleaf designed the iJust-S Tank so that it can be entirely disassembled. This was a very judicious determination on the part of Eleaf, as the ability to separate each and every component from the others permits you to easily and adequately clean all of the various parts. As opposed to tanks that cannot be disassembled, the iJust-S provides for unobstructed access to all of the small grooves and crevices, thereby ensuring that your tank is always in optimal operating condition.

If you are looking for an exceptionally easy-to-use, yet remarkably well-performing, vaping setup that requires virtually no skill to operate, the Eleaf iJust Kit is the perfect choice for you. With no need to tamper with any settings of any sort, the iJust-S functions flawlessly straight out of the box, making it ideal for beginner and experienced vapers alike.

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Eleaf iJust S User Manual  Download the Eleaf iJust-S Kit User Manual




Eleaf iJust-S Atomizer Coils

Purchase Kanthal Atomizer Coils for the Eleaf iJust S

Purchase Mouth-to-Lung Atomizer Coils for the Eleaf iJust S

Purchase Eleaf iJust S Tank Can Also be Used With Aspire Atlantis Coils




Mouth-to-Lung, Direct-to-Lung






Eleaf iJust-S Kit Specifications:

Manufactured by: Eleaf iSmoka

Threading: 510

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Battery Capacity: 3,000 mAh

Output Voltage: Dependent on remaining Battery Life

Battery Type: Unregulated

E-Juice Capacity: 4ml

Tank Material: Pyrex (Borosilicate) Glass

Coil Compatibility: Eleaf EC Coils, Atlantis Coils, Triton Coils, cCell Ceramic Coils

Available Colors: Stainless Steel

Height: 5.47 Inches (139mm)

Diameter: 0.96 Inches (24.5mm)


Eleaf iJust-S Kit Includes:

1 x Eleaf iJust-S Battery

1 x Eleaf iJust-S Tank

1 x Eleaf EC Atomizer Coil (0.3 Ohms) – (Pre-Installed)

1 x Eleaf EC Replacement Atomizer Coil (0.5 Ohms)

1 x Eleaf ECL Stainless Steel Replacement Atomizer Coil (0.18 Ohms)

1 x Replacement O-Ring

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Eleaf iJust-S Kit Features:

Large 3,000 mAh Internal Battery

Single-Button Operation

Direct-Output Voltage Configuration

Flashing LED Feedback Indicator

Spring-Loaded, Self-Adjusting Contact Pin

Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Contact Pin

Large 4ml E-Liquid Capacity

Pyrex Glass E-Juice Reservoir

Top-Fill E-Juice System

Large Dual-Airflow Slots

Delrin Wide-Bore Drip Tip

304-Grade Stainless Steel Construction

Perfect for Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner Vapers

Produces Wonderful Vapor Clouds

Delivers Robust and Flavorful Hits

No Atomizer Protection

Low Voltage Protection

Short-Circuit Protection

100% Authentic Eleaf iSmoka

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