Innokin EZ.WATT Starter Kit (w/ Prism T20S Tank)

By Innokin
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Innokin EZ.WATT Starter Kit (w/ Prism S Tank)

In addition to their incredibly well-built, high-quality, and well-performing devices, one of the most impressive characteristics of Innokin is their dedication to fulfilling the desires and preferences of all vapers. Whereas many hardware manufacturers concentrate on a particular type of vaping style, Innokin has a state-of-the-art setup for everyone, whether it is mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung, feature-rich or straightforward. In their quest to deliver the very best vaping experience for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vapers, Innokin has now released a phenomenal kit, which provides remarkable MTL hits and is easy enough to use for beginner vapers—The Innokin EZ. Watt.


Innokin EZ. Watt MOD:

Made with the highest-quality materials, the Innokin EZ Watt Kit is an aesthetic masterpiece. Small, compact, and lightweight, Innokin did a marvelous job in ensuring that the EZ Watt is not only visually appealing but also comfortable to hold and handle throughout the day. Available in various color combinations, there is an iteration perfect for all styles and preferences. At first glance, you will appreciate the uniformity and seamless look of the tank and mod, giving the unit as a whole an exceptionally elegant and classy appeal.

The Innokin EZ Watt features a hefty 1,500 mAh integrated internal battery. This large capacity ensures that your device will operate through the course of a day without depleting. Moreover, the incorporated battery eliminates the need to purchase an external battery or charger, making it substantially more cost-effective. When the battery has been drained and is in need of a recharge, this can be rapidly and effortlessly accomplished using the included cable. Simply connect the EZ Watt MOD to any wall adapter, power bank, computer, or other electronic device with a USB charging port.

Innokin judiciously engineered the EZ Watt with a brilliant and extremely user-friendly output power system. Unlike many other MODs, which can be fine-tuned within 0.5W, making it markedly more complicated, the EZ Watt features a three-stage power output arrangement. You can set the wattage output to either 13W – 14W, 15W – 18W, or 30W – 35W. Once within one of the presets, you can then tweak it to low, medium, or high. The vivid colored LED light will clearly indicate the setting you have chosen, making it very easy to navigate.

The Innokin EZ Watt MOD is also embedded with numerous safety features, which help protect you from potential hazards while using or charging your device. It is armed with Low-Voltage Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Low-Resistance Protection, and Automatic Shutoff Protection. With these precautions in place, you can enjoy your Innokin EZ Watt with peace of mind.

Innokin Prism T20S Tank:

As with the EZ Watt MOD, and indeed with all of Innokin’s superior products, the Prism T20S Tank is made with the highest-quality materials. The structure, shell, and chimney of this sensational tank are fabricated with top-of-the-line 304-grade stainless steel. An exclusive grouping of steel, chromium, manganese, and nickel, this material is durable, solid, hardy, and incredibly corrosion-resistant. This robustness ensures that you will be able to enjoy your device for extended periods of time without risking deterioration or erosion.

The Innokin Prism T20S Tank is equipped with a premium-grade borosilicate glass e-juice basin. This is an ideal material for housing e-liquid, as the acidity contained within it can slowly erode plastic tanks, thus altering the intended flavor of the juice, while concurrently tarnishing the appearance of the tank. The Prism T20S Tank’s glass reservoir, on the other hand, is entirely unaffected by the acidity, and will therefore provide noticeably cleaner, truer, and purer flavor from your e-juices.

In furtherance of the straightforward and incredibly user-friendly nature of the Innokin EZ Watt Kit, the Prism T20S Tank is configured with a convenient top-fill e-juice system. Rather than being forced to separate the tank from the MOD and unscrew the base in order to add liquid, this progressive tank affords you the ability to access the juice ports directly from the top. Simply unscrew the top cap, pour in your liquid, and screw the cap back on. This is not only extremely expedient but also helps eliminate any potential mess during refills as well.

The Innokin Prism T20S Tank operates with truly state-of-the-art atomizer coils, which are capable of delivering remarkably satisfying mouth-to-lung hits. The Prism S coils are available in both 0.8 ohm and 1.5 ohm variations, ensuring that your particular preference can be met agreeably. Irrespective of the particular coil you select, both are furnished with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton wicks, which are wholly devoid of contaminants commonly found within standard cotton. With no bleach, colorants, fungicides, or pesticides present, you will enjoy exceptionally clean and flavorful hits.

The Innokin EZ. Watt Kit is the perfect choice for anyone in search of a high-quality and well-performing vaporizer that is uncomplicated, clear-cut, and easy to use. Ideal for mouth-to-lung hits, you will appreciate the rich flavor and satisfying vapor that this gem delivers.

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Purchase Replacement Atomizer Coils for the Prism T20S Tank






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Innokin EZ. Watt Kit Specifications:

Manufactured by: Innokin

Battery Capacity: 1,500 mAh

Wattage Range: 13W – 35W

Maximum Output Current: 13.5A

Standby Current: 100uA (Max)

Maximum Output Voltage: 7.5V

Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.2 Ohms

E-Juice Capacity: 2ml

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Purple

Height: 4.75 Inches (120mm)

Width: 1.12 Inches (28mm)

Depth: 0.62 Inches (16mm)


Innokin EZ. Watt Kit Includes:

1 x Innokin EZ Watt Box MOD

1 x Innokin Prism T20S Tank

1 x Prism S Atomizer Coil (0.8 Ohms) – (Pre-Installed)

1 x Prism S Atomizer Coil (1.5 Ohms)

1 x Replacement Drip Tip

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Innokin EZ. Watt Kit Features:

Small, Compact, and Lightweight

Extremely Easy-to-Use

Perfect for Mouth-to-Lung Hits

Three-Stage Output Wattage Settings

Colored Wattage LED Indicator

Made with High-Quality Materials

Top-Fill E-Juice System

Rapid Charging

1,500 mAh Integrated Internal Battery

100% Authentic Innokin

How to Turn On/Off the Innokin Coolfire IV MOD:

1. Make sure that you have installed the 18650 battery properly.

2. To turn on the Coolfire IV, simply click the fire button 5 times rapidly. Please note that you must click the button rapidly in order for it to turn on. To turn the Coolfire IV off, click the fire button 5 times again.


How to Fill the Innokin iSub V Tank:

1. Unscrew the top cap and lift it out. This will expose the e-juice reservoir.

2. Pour in the e-juice.

3. Screw the top cap back on.


How to Change the Innokin iSub V Atomizer Coil:

1. First, rotate the tank so that the mouthpiece is aimed at the floor.

2. Next, detach the base of the tank (the battery end) from the tank by unscrewing it in a counterclockwise direction.

3. Next, remove the old atomizer coil by pulling it out of the body of the tank.

4. Then, attach the new atomizer coil to the body by pushing it in.

5. Prime the new atomizer coil by adding a few drops of e-juice on the dry cotton.

6. Finally, attach the base back onto the tank by screwing it on in a clockwise direction.

7. You can now attach the tank onto your battery for use.

*Note: If you do not turn the tank upside-down before removing the atomizer coil, all of the liquid in the tank will leak out once the coil has been removed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Marty Mulheron
Nice fit

Perfect!!! Exactly what I was looking for!!!!

Diane Glassel
LOVE The EZ.Watt Kit!!

This has quickly become my favorite way to Vape. Easy to fill and works extremely well. Thoroughly enjoy vaping with this mod.

Julie Ryan
So far so good

Just received it today. Good so far.

Invoking sleeper

After the failure of my second cool fire 4 I did some searching and came across the EZwatt mod internal battery mod. They work great,hold a charge well and are reliable. I buy 2 at a time for less money than the C.f.4 and alternate them as they need charging last pair lasted three years before needing replacement. EZ watt 30 get some!

Jennifer Johnson
Easy to use.

Quick assembly and charging. Nice color.


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