Genuine Kanger™ K-Air Starter Kit

By Kanger

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Kanger K-Air Kit

Genuine Kanger™ K-Air Starter Kit

Although electronic cigarettes were initially intended as a substitute to analog cigarettes, it rapidly became a favorite hobby and pastime for many who never smoked. As a result, the leading manufacturers within the industry rapidly began developing cutting-edge devices that were unequivocally powerful, technologically-advanced, and sensational performers. Geared towards direct-to-lung vaping, these progressive MODs, tanks, and atomizer coils manufacture tremendously large vapor clouds and intensely flavorful hits. Inasmuch as these are fantastic attributes, these products have been the focal point of the industry for years, leaving behind those who seek simple, easy-to-use devices aimed at helping them find a suitable alternative to cigarettes.

However, due to the cries of this once forgotten population of vapers, 2016 saw a fierce resurgence of vape kits that are specifically designed to satisfy the wants, needs, and desires of basic vapers who are not interested in clouds chasing, but rather seek a satisfying mouth-to-lung vaping experience that can accurately mimic the sensation of smoking. Consequently, several basic setups have hit the marketplace, all of which possess very few options and requires virtually no fine-tuning. Rather, they are pre-programmed to operate optimally straight of the box, and require very little knowledge or skill to use. This is an extremely refreshing change for many vapers who have felt as though they have been entirely disregarded by vaping manufacturers.

One company who has certainly jumped on this new bandwagon is Kangertech. They have a wide range of new kits that they will be releasing in 2017, all of which are specifically geared towards beginner vapers in search of well-performing, yet exceedingly easy-to-use setups. One of their many upcoming devices is the heavily anticipated Kanger K-Air Kit. This marvelous system is poised to be a tremendous hit, and is has vapers from across the globe anxiously and enthusiastically awaiting its release. The K-Air vape system has been long in the making by Kangertech’s designers and engineers who have painstakingly developed it to deliver wonderful performance while requiring virtually no experience or know-how to use. Rather, a beginner can open the K-Air’s box and begin vaping immediately.

The Kangertech K-Air is a stick-style device that is exceptionally small, compact, and easy-to-transport. Its petite stature and lightweight composition makes it perfect for those who want a device that can be comfortably carried in their pocket or purse, so that it can be easily accessed when a couple hits are in order. Moreover, the Kanger K-Air’s small form factor makes it a rather inconspicuous and discreet, which is ideal when at work or in an environment that is not conducive to flaunting a large and obvious electronic cigarette.

Available in pink, black, and red, the Kanger K-Air has been designed with ergonomics in mind. Kanger wanted to ensure that the device is exceedingly comfortable to hold and operate through the course of the day, while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic appearance. The K-Air’s sleek and elegant lines provide for a wonderfully stylish appeal, while it’s long rectangular shape adds a touch of understated sophistication. The black and red units feature a two-tone color combination, which further enhances the overall grace of the device. The red Kanger K-Air sports a black cap, while the black variation is topped with a white lid. Although the lid augments the overall allure of the device, it also serves to protect the mouthpiece from the elements, thereby helping to keep it clean and sanitary. Irrespective of the specific color you fancy, they are all genuinely handsome and well-designed.

A permanent high capacity internal battery powers the Kangertech K-Air. The use of an internal battery as opposed to an external one was a wise and calculated decision by Kanger, as it eliminates the need to purchase a separate battery and charger. Rather, the K-Air can simply and effortlessly be plugged into a computer, outlet, power bank, or any device that possesses a USB port and is capable of offering a charge. You can also purchase a USB car adapter, which will afford you the ability to charge the K-Air in the car, which is particularly handy while on long drives or road trips.

Kanger painstakingly crafted the K-Air for simplicity and ease-of-use, thereby ensuring that an individual who purchases the device as their very first electronic cigarette kit will be able to operate it straight out of the box. The K-Air is a plug-and-play unit that utilizes a pod-style tank that can be effortlessly snapped into place and removed just as easily. As a disposable tank, the Kanger K-Air’s pod is simply discarded once the atomizer coil has burnt out rather than dealing with the fuss and mess of replacing the coil. This is particularly attractive for those who possess no knowledge or experience whatsoever with respect to electronic cigarette operation.

Although disposable, the Kanger K-Air’s tank is refillable, thereby allowing you to use it for an extended period of time prior to discarding it. This task, however, is made exceedingly easy and swift due to the K-Air’s remarkable top-fill e-juice system. Without needing to remove the tank in any form or fashion, you can effortlessly refill it straight from the top of the device, making it wonderfully convenient and mess-free. The small window located on the side of the Kangertech K-Air displays the remaining e-juice within the tank, which eliminates any guesswork as to when more e-liquid is required.

Kanger designed sensational atomizer coils to be used with the K-Air. Set to standard resistances, these marvelous heads have been carefully engineered to deliver satisfying mouth-to-lung hits. Moreover, they are furnished with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton. Although ostensibly a minor detail, the use of organic cotton rather than standard cotton offers certain advantages that greatly contribute to a much more enjoyable vaping experience. Due to the fact that organic cotton does not contain impurities, such as bleach, colorants, and pesticides, it will allow for noticeably cleaner, truer, and purer taste from your e-juices when compared to non-organic cotton.

If you are one of the millions of vapers who is looking for a small, compact, easy-to-operate, and straightforward electronic cigarette kit, the Kanger K-Air may very well be the ideal setup to consider. Although Kangertech has not disclosed a specific release date, rumors have it that it will be available in the earlier part of 2017. In the meantime, vapers from around the world will be eagerly awaiting its arrival.