Genuine Kanger™ Katana Starter Kit (All-in-One)

By Kanger

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Genuine Kanger™ Katana Starter Kit (All-in-One)

From revolutionizing the vaping industry with the first clearomizer—the CE4, to inventing the world’s first glassomizer—the ProTank, Kangertech has had an immeasurable impact on electronic cigarettes as a whole. Their innovations have not only impacted the past, but have shaped the current landscape as well. Building upon their commitment to remaining one of the foremost leaders within the community, Kanger has plans to release an array of new kits, most of which are aimed to provide for an exceptionally simple and user-friendly vaping experience.

As opposed to the incredibly advanced and powerful devices that have inundated the market throughout 2015 and 2016, Kanger has different plans for the coming year. With those wishing to find an alternative to smoking in their sights, Kangertech has designed several new setups that are straightforward, plug-and-play devices that can be operated straight out of the box with essentially no skill or knowledge required.

One of the most anticipated of such upcoming kits that the vaping community is looking forward to is the Kangertech Katana Kit. Exceptionally small, compact, and lightweight, the Katana has no OLED screen, no buttons, and nothing to fine-tune or manipulate. Rather, all settings have been pre-programmed for optimal performance without any intervention needed on the part of the user. The Kanger Katana is perfect for those who simply want to vape without being forced to fiddle around with wattage settings, temperature adjustments, or learn about Ohms Law. In other words, the Katana is for the beginner who wants a device that will work well straight out of the box.

As is the case with all of Kangertech’s products, the Katana is made with high-quality materials. The zinc-aluminum body serves to provide durability, solidity, and corrosion-resistance, while remaining extremely light in weight. The Delrin mouthpiece provides for superior heat resistance and dissipation, thereby ensuring that it remains cool to the touch for a comfortable hit.

The Kangertech Katana is equipped with an e-juice reservoir made with premium Pyrex (borosilicate) glass. The use of glass rather than plastic was a smart and calculated decision on the part of Kanger, as it provides for a considerably more pleasant vaping experience. Due to the fact that e-liquid contains various levels of acidity, based on the ingredients and nicotine content, when it comes into contact with plastic tanks, it slowly erodes it from within. This, in turn, not only tarnishes the appearance of the tank, but also alters the flavor of the e-juice as well. On the other hand, glass tanks, such as the one included with the Kanger Katana, are entirely unaffected by the acidic environment, therefore providing for a noticeably cleaner, purer, and more flavorful hit.

The Kangertech Katana is equipped with a relatively high capacity internal lithium-ion battery. Depending on your usage, this rechargeable battery is capable of lasting you through the course of the day before it is entirely depleted. However, when a charge is necessary, it can be easily accomplished using the included USB-to-micro-USB charging cable. The USB cable is exceptionally convenient, as it affords you the ability to charge the Katana with a computer, wall outlet, power bank, or any other device containing a USB charging port. You can even purchase a USB car adapter for convenient charging while in the car. Moreover, the internal battery configuration of the Kangertech Katana eliminates the need to purchase a separate external battery and charger, which saves a considerable amount of money.

Aesthetically, the Kanger Katana is a truly beautiful device. Sleek, elegant, and understated, it has been ergonomically designed for comfortable handling throughout the day. Its fine lines and graceful curves are not only pleasing to the eyes, but further contribute to its comfortable grip. The side of the Katana’s body features a small window, which conveniently displays the amount of e-juice remaining within the tank. This is a marvelous addition, as it eliminates any guesswork as to how much e-liquid remains in the tank at any given time.

Inasmuch as the Kangertech Katana is a remarkably well-built and masterfully constructed device, it would be impossible to achieve the spectacular performance it offers without great atomizer coils to operate with it. Kangertech did a brilliant job with the Katana coils, as they deliver a wonderful mouth-to-lung hit that is perfect for those seeking a viable substitute to analog cigarettes. The Kanger Katana’s atomizer coils are made with premium Kanthal resistance wire, while the wicks are 100% Japanese organic cotton. A stark distinction to standard cotton, organic cotton wicks do not contain any trace of contaminants, such as bleach, pesticides, or colorants. As a result, you will be able to enjoy markedly cleaner, tastier, and truer flavor from the e-juice.

The Kangertech Katana represents a refreshing shift within the industry, away from focusing solely on manufacturing the most power, largest clouds, and greatest technology possible. Although such devices will undeniably still be produced, it is genuinely pleasant to see manufacturers such as Kanger centering at least some of their efforts and resources towards the once-forgotten population of vapers who want straightforward and easy-to-use devices that deliver hits that resemble that which is obtained by smoking analog cigarettes. This is a trend that we only see expanding in the future, and one that will surely help propel the industry as a whole to new heights.

Unfortunately, Kangertech has not yet revealed an official release date for the Katana Kit. However, we do know that it has undergone an extensive research and development phase, and will soon be entering the manufacturing phase. Until then, the vaping community will be eagerly awaiting its arrival.


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