Genuine Kanger™ Wakizashi Ultra Portable Starter Kit

By Kanger

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Kanger Wakizashi Kit

Kanger Wakizashi Ultra Portable Starter Kit

Since its popularization, the vaping industry has shifted focus several times with respect to the direction of the hardware that is released. Manufacturers initially concentrated on smokers seeking a viable alternative to analog cigarettes, and therefore produced devices that delivered mouth-to-lung hits, were small in size, and simple to use. In time, however, they set their sights on the needs of hobbyists and cloud chasers yearning for increasingly larger vapor production. As such, we have seen a tremendous growth in the creation of extremely powerful MODs and remarkably fierce atomizer coils, together dispensing mind-blowing vapor clouds, coupled with truly intense flavor production.

This attention on powerful and technologically-advanced devices left an entire portion of the vaping community overlooked and disregarded. Those seeking an easy-to-use, simple, and straightforward mouth-to-lung setup were left to utilize older products, many of which did not deliver a satisfactory vaping experience. Their cries went unheeded for a surprisingly long time, until recently when the manufacturers again swung their focus and reallocated their resources to this population of vapers. A slew of clear-cut, mouth-to-lung devices followed, and has only increased in the latter portion of 2016. Starter kits, such as the Eleaf iStick Basic, the Joyetech AIO, and the Eleaf iCare flooded the market, thereby providing several new options for this subsection of the vaping community.

On the heels of this new direction within the industry, Kangertech has plans to release a stylish new kit aimed at satisfying the needs and desires of those in search of an alternative to cigarettes—the Kanger Wakizashi Kit. Named after the legendary Japanese warrior sword, this ultra-portable, compact, and user-friendly setup provides for fantastic performance, but with very little knowledge or skill necessary to operate. Rather, it has been engineered to deliver great vapor production, robust flavor, and an overall pleasant vaping experience without the need to fine-tune settings or make any adjustments.

Although basic in design, the Kanger Wakizashi is a solid and durable device. Made with zinc-aluminum metal alloy, it is strong, resilient, and capable of enduring heavy daily use. An exclusive combination of a variety of materials, such as aluminum, zinc, magnesium, and copper, this metal alloy blend is also incredibly resistant to rust and corrosion, while remaining remarkably light in weight. These characteristics makes it perfect for a device such as the Wakizashi.

Available is several metallic color options, the Kangertech Wakizashi is an absolutely gorgeous device. It is graced with fine details throughout its body, giving it a stylish and elegant aesthetic appeal that is nothing short of stunning. Small and compact, this little beauty is configured to fit comfortably in your hand, while being exceptionally easy to carry and store.

One of Kanger’s primary emphases in engineering the Wakizashi Kit was simplicity and minimalism. To achieve this objective, they designed the device to be entirely plug-and-play. The Wakizashi is automatically activated, thereby eliminating the need to manually press a fire button to trigger the device. Rather, once the user draws on the mouthpiece, the Wakizashi is automatically activated and begins producing vapor. As soon as the user ceases the draw, the device deactivates and lays dormant until it is again drawn upon.

The Kanger Wakizashi uses an innovative pod system for e-juice delivery. As opposed to standard tanks, which require changing the coil and making modifications, such as adjusting the airflow, the Wakizashi’s Pod is disposable. That is, once the atomizer coil has burnt out, the pod as a whole is simply discarded and replaced. It is, however, refillable. Kanger made adding e-juice extremely easy by designing the Wakizashi’s pod with convenient a top-fill system. By simply removing the top-cap, you can effortlessly add juice without ever needing to detach any component or risk a mess, as is the case with standard tanks and clearomizers.

In conformity to its exceptionally user-friendly configuration, the side of the Kanger Wakizashi is furnished with a small window that displays the amount of e-juice that remains within the pod. This is an extremely handy and advantageous design, as it eliminates any guesswork required with respect to when more juice is required. Once the Wakizashi’s liquid reservoir has depleted to a certain level, the user can effortlessly pop off the top cap, and swiftly add more juice.

In line with their commitment to providing for an excellent mouth-to-lung vaping experience, the Kangertech Wakizashi operates with standard resistance atomizer coils. The heads are furnished with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton wicks, which is an important distinction to standard cotton. Organic wicks are entirely devoid of contaminants, such as colorants, bleach, and pesticides, which are often present in standard cotton. This, in turn, ensures that the Wakizashi will produce a substantially purer, truer, and cleaner flavor from the e-juices when compared to standard cotton.

Moreover, the Kanger Wakizashi’s battery power output is preset to deliver the ideal amount of voltage to the atomizer coil, thus permitting the Wakizashi to offer a perfect hit each and every time without requiring any manipulation or adjustment on the pat of the user. This further contributes to the simple and uncomplicated composition of the Wakizashi, guaranteeing an incredibly user-friendly experience that requires virtually no knowledge or skill.

The Kanger Wakizashi is powered by an internal battery that can be easily charged using the included charging cable. This eliminates the need to purchase an external battery or battery charger. Furnished with a standard micro-USB port, the Wakizashi can be charged on any computer, outlet, power bank, or device with a USB port that is capable of delivering a charge. You can purchase a USB car adapter, and charge the Wakizashi while on the road as well.

It is truly refreshing to see this shift taking place within the vaping industry, as it redirects the focus of new products back onto the roots of the electronic cigarette revolution—namely as a feasible substitute to combustible cigarettes. Although the immense progression of vaping technology has been fascinating and remarkable to witness, a very sizable portion of vapers, if not the majority, are individuals who are longing for straightforward devices such as the Kanger Wakizashi.

Although Kangertech has not provided a definitive release date as of yet, rumors have been circulating that the Wakizashi will be available sometime in the first half of 2017. Little information has been made available regarding the Wakizashi Kit, but one thing is for certain—the industry will indeed see a vast array comparable basic devices in the near future, and ostensibly for some time to come.