Genuine Wismec™ Reuleaux DNA200 (Evolv) Box Mod by Jay Bo Designs

By Wismec

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Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200

Genuine Wismec™ Reuleaux DNA200 (Evolv) Box Mod by Jay Bo Designs

The vaping industry is one of the most exciting and constantly evolving industries in the world today. The community is continuously graced with new cutting-edge products making vaping more and more enjoyable with each innovation. Wismec has certainly brought many smiles to the faces of vapers with the release of the remarkable new Reuleaux DNA 200 Box MOD. This is a genuinely phenomenal device that has been extraordinarily popular since the moment it hit the shelves.

The Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200’s frame and body is constructed with a high-quality aluminum alloy blend specifically crafted to be solid, resilient, and surprisingly lightweight. This combination of attributes makes this the perfect base metal for a state-of-the-art device, such as the Reuleaux DNA 200.

This magnificent box MOD is capped with a stainless steel 510 connector. Wismec furnished the pin with spring operation, helping to guarantee a secure connection between the Reuleaux DNA 200 and the clearomizer, atomizer, or tank you are using it with. The tank setting of the MOD is artfully split, which not only looks great, but also provides an avenue for air to adequately enter the tank. Helping to ensure consistent airflow, Wismec carved a deep circular well surrounding the setting as well.

The Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 features the renowned Evolv DNA 200 Chip, which is one of the most technologically advanced processors on the market today. This remarkable chip is loaded with an array of innovative features that collectively provide for one of the best vaping experience possible.

The Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 is a temperature control box MOD. When used with Ni-200 or Ti-200 coils, you can adjust the temperature of the atomizer coil from between 200°F - 600°F (100°C - 300°C). The Evolv DNA Chip senses, measures, and limits the temperature of the atomizer coil while in use. This ensures the coil will never overheat, thereby preventing a host of potential problems.

One of the truly spectacular highlights of the Evolv DNA 200 Chip, and therefore the Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200, is its patented Preheat feature. When the fire button is pressed, the chip triggers the batteries to rush power to the coil to greatly accelerate the time it takes for it to reach the desired temperature. This drastically reduces the lag time experienced with many other temperature control box MODs.

To protect the chip and the battery, Evolv brilliantly furnished the DNA 200 with a 25A Schurter Surface Mount (SMT) Fuse. Although highly unlikely, in the event of a short, the fuse will blow and thereby protect the battery and the chip from the potential of damage. If this were to happen, you could simply replace the fuse, which is far less costly than being forced to replaced the Reuleaux DNA 200 entirely.

The extraordinary Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 Box MOD is also a variable wattage device, which permits you to adjust the power output from 1W to a staggering 200W in 0.1W increments. This extensive range of available output allows you to use your Reuleaux DNA 200 with virtually any atomizer coil you wish, regardless of the resistance. The ability to regulate the power is also very useful when fluctuating between e-juices of varying VG-to-PG consistency.

One of the unique and innovative aspects of the Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 is its tri-cell battery configuration. Unlike the majority of devices that accommodate one or two batteries, the Reuleaux DNA 200 is powered by three separate external 18650 batteries (sold separately). The result is a steady, consistent, and reliable power stream capable of offering the 200W maximum output for extended periods of time. The DNA 200 chip monitors each of the battery sells independently, making the device more reliable.

The Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 is also equipped with a charging balancer, which is a very important feature when charging devices that house multiple batteries. While the batteries are being charged, it is crucial that none of them charge beyond the maximum 4.2V. If any one of the batteries has a higher charge than the others, that individual battery’s voltage will be higher than the others. To prevent this, Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200’s balancer will slow the charging speed of the battery that has more charge, in order for the lesser-charged batteries to catch up.

Moreover, the groundbreaking Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200’s is furnished with Synchronous Rectification (Active Rectifications), making for a substantially longer battery life. Synchronous Rectification is a technique that drastically improves the batteries’ efficiency and reduces heat generation by substituting diodes with actively controlled switches.

Selecting external batteries rather than internal ones was a very intelligent move by Wismec when they designed the Reuleaux DNA 200. Devices furnished with internal batteries must be entirely disposed of once the battery fails to hold a charge. Those that accommodate external batteries, on the other hand, require you to solely replace the batteries. This is astronomically less expensive, and allows you to enjoy your Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 for years to come. Additionally, the ability to swap batteries permits you to carry fully charged spares with you in case the batteries die during the day. Wismec made replacing the batteries extremely easy by designing the Reuleaux DNA 200 with a magnetic battery cover that can be effortlessly removed and replaced.

Adding to the cutting-edge nature of the Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 is the Evolv Escribe software system it can access. The patented Escribe software allows you to monitor, configure, and modify your device’s operation by connecting it to your PC. The chip is capable of storing up to 8 separate profiles, each of which you can pre-set. You can select specific wattage and temperature settings based on your various tanks and atomizers. When you switch from one tank to another, you simply change to the appropriate profile and the setup is ready for optimal performance.

Aesthetically, the Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 is an exceptionally attractive box MOD. Designed by the well-known JayBo Designs, this stunning device features a unique hexagonal shape. This is not only visually appealing, but also makes it much more ergonomic and comfortable to hold through the course of the day.

The Reuleaux DNA 200’s distinctive matte paint finish makes it impervious to rust and corrosion, while also making it slip-free and resistant to fingerprint marks. The two-tone color combination gives it an elegant and sophisticated look, while the side heat dissipation fins add a level of power and supremacy. The result is dynamic look that resembles a fine Italian sports car.

The face of the Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 houses the large tactile fire button, the operation buttons, the charging port, and the distinct OLED screen. The deep reflective black color of the screen perfectly compliments the device’s stainless steel and gray color combination. Inasmuch as the OLED screen adds to the appearance of Reuleaux DNA 200, it is sensationally functional as well. It allows you to vividly monitor the remaining battery life, the temperature of the atomizer coil, the wattage setting, the duration of your hit, and any error code that made arise. With this plentiful availability of relevant data, using and maintaining your Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 is a breeze.

Wismec certainly did not overlook important safety precautions when they engineered the Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200. This extraordinary device is armed with an array of safety features that will allow you to vape with peace of mind. It is equipped with Low Voltage Protection, Low Resistance Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, On/Off capability, Short Circuit Protection, and10-Second Cutoff Protection.  Check out a detailed review of this mod at GuidetoVaping.

Whether you are an advanced, intermediate, or beginner vaper looking for your first box MOD or upgrading to a new device, it simply doesn’t get much better than the Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200. Beautiful, powerful, and feature-rich, this magnificent device is one for the record books.

Important Note: All Three Batteries Sold Separately and Must Match Exactly for Proper Operation.

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Wismec Reuleaux DNA200 User Manual  Download the Wismec Reuleaux DNA200 User Manual




Vape MOD Batteries

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External (Sold Separately)




Adjustable Wattage






Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 Specifications: 

Manufacturer: Wismec

Threading: 510

Center Pin: Spring-Loaded

Wattage Output: 1W – 200W

Battery: Three 18650 Batteries (25A or Higher) – (Sold Separately) – Must Match

Resistance Range (TC Mode): 0.05 Ohms – 1.0 Ohms

Resistance Range (VW Mode): 0.1 Ohms – 3.5 Ohms

Temperature Range: 200°F - 600°F (100°C - 300°C)

Height: 3.30 Inches (84mm)

Width: 1.96 Inches (50mm)

Depth: 1.57 Inches (40mm)


Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 Includes:

1 X Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 Box MOD

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 Features:

Uses Evolv DNA 200 Chip

Constructed With Solid and Light Aluminum Alloy Blend

Spring-Loaded 510 Pin

Heat Dissipating Fins

Tri-Cell Battery for Consistent Power

Uses External 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)

Temperature Control Capability

Variable Wattage

200W Maximum Output

Large and Clear OLED Screen

Preheat Feature for Minimal Downtime

Synchronous Rectification

Battery Level Indicator

Ohms Meter

Upgradeable Chip

Uniquely Stunning Hexagon Shape

Designed by JayBo

Rust and Corrosion Resistant Paint

Magnetic Battery Door

Ergonomically Designed

Low Voltage Protection

Low Resistance Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection

On/Off capability

Short Circuit Protection

10-Second Cutoff Protection

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