Uwell Rafale Sub Ohm Tank

By Uwell
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Uwell Rafale Parallel Coil Sub Ohm Tank

Although relatively new to the industry, Uwell has established a solid standing within the vaping community. This status is largely due to their incredible Crown Tank, which has been an incredible commercial success worldwide. Uwell has now released their latest innovation—the Rafale Tank. This masterpiece performs sensationally, offering tremendous vapor production and flavor intensity.

The body of the Uwell Rafale Tank is constructed with top-grade 304 Stainless Steel metal alloy. Also referred to as A2 Steel, 304-grade Stainless Steel is an austenite metal that is combined with chromium, nickel, carbon, manganese, and silicon. The result of this unique blend is a metal that is extremely durable, strong, and highly resistant to rust and corrosion. These characteristics makes it perfect for high-quality tanks, such as the Uwell Rafale.

The large 5ml tank portion of the Uwell Rafale is made with high-quality fused Quartz glass. This is a substantial feature, which results in a noticeably more pleasant overall vaping experience. Plastic tanks are highly susceptible to the acidity contained within e-juice. Depending on the flavor, all e-liquids possess some level of acidity. This acidity will slowly deteriorate plastic tanks from the inside. This not only makes the tank unsightly, but the slowly eroding plastic will also alter the taste of your e-juice. Glass, on the other hand, is entirely resistant to such erosion and will therefore last substantially longer, while simultaneously providing for a much truer, purer, and cleaner flavor.

One of the common frustrations with respect to tanks is the need to constantly refill it with e-juice. The frustration lies in the fact that refills require you to remove the tank from the battery, unscrew the base, fill the tank, then reassemble the entire device. Uwell brilliantly resolved this problem with their patented top-fill system. By simply rotating the drip tip in a counterclockwise direction, you can effortlessly fill the tank without needing to remove or unscrew any component. Once the tank is filled, you simply rotate the mouthpiece is a clockwise direction, and you’re done. This is an ingenious system that greatly reduces the annoyance of refills.

Another frequent problem that the Uwell Rafale Tank intelligently addresses and resolves is with respect to splashes of e-liquid getting into your mouth when taking a hit. This issue is commonly referred to as “spitback.” Uwell virtually eliminated the possibility of spitback with the Rafale Tank’s patented Aerodynamic Anti-Spitback System. This proprietary system creates an operative barrier within the tank’s chimney, thereby trapping the e-juice and virtually eliminating the possibility of it traveling to the mouthpiece and into your mouth.

The Uwell Rafale Tank is also furnished with a state-of-the-art airflow control valve located at its base. This spectacular component consists of two separate airflow slots that can be adjusted by simply rotating the surrounding wheel. Unlike the vast majority of airflow valves, the one furnished with the Rafale Tank securely clicks into place when the airflow is modified. This helps prevent the wheel accidentally rotating while in your pocket or bag. The ability to control the amount of air that is drawn into the tank affords you the ability to customize your vaping experience, by making it airier or tighter, depending on your preference. It is also a very handy tool when alternating between e-juices of varying VG-to-PG ratios.

Another spectacular feature of the Uwell Rafale Tank, and one that is largely responsible for its incredible performance, are the remarkable atomizer coils that have been constructed to work with it. The Rafale Tank’s atomizer heads are made with the finest detail, and careful attention to each and every element.

The Uwell Rafale Tank’s atomizer heads are fabricated with a solid metal alloy casing, which ensures durability and corrosion resistance. The atomizer coil’s contact pin is made with gold-plated stainless steel. Although quite costly, plating the contact pin with gold substantially increases its electrical conductivity, which translates into substantially improved performance.

The Uwell Rafale Tank’s atomizer heads are also made with 100% Japanese organic cotton as the wicking material. When compared to standard cotton or silca wick, which contain bleach, colorants, and other impurities, organic cotton offers much cleaner and tastier flavor, as it is devoid of such contaminants.

One of the most unique and sensational aspects of the Uwell Rafale Tank’s atomizer heads is the dual-parallel coil configuration. This exceptional structure can accommodate much higher wattage, thereby providing for noticeably larger vapor clouds. Moreover, due to increased surface area, the dual-parallel structure of the Uwell Rafale Tank’s atomizer heads increases contact between the organic cotton and the coil, thereby further increasing vapor production, while simultaneously improving flavor robustness as well.

If you’re looking for a genuinely spectacular tank that is easy to fill, virtually eliminates spit-back, and offers immense vapor clouds and rich, flavorful taste, then the Uwell Rafale Tank is a wonderful choice for you.  

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Uwell Rafale Atomizer Coils

Purchase Stainless Steel (SUS316) Replacement Coils for the Rafale Tank.

Purchase Nickel (Ni-200) Replacement Atomizer Coils for the Rafale Tank.






5 ml






0.1 Ohms, 0.2 Ohms, 0.5 Ohms


Uwell Rafale Tank Specifications:

Manufactured by: Uwell

Threading: 510

Body Material: 304-Grade Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Fused Quartz Glass

E-Juice Capacity: 5ml

Atomizer Wicking Material: Japanese Organic Cotton

Available Atomizer Coil Material: Stainless Steel (316L), Nickel (Ni-200)

Available Resistances (316L): 0.5 Ohms, 0.2 Ohms

Available Resistances (Nickel): 0.1 Ohms

Recommended Wattage (0.5 Ohms): 40W - 80W

Recommended Wattage (0.2 Ohms): 60W - 120W

Length: 2.62 Inches (66.54mm)

Diameter: 0.94 Inches (24mm)


Uwell Rafale Tank Includes:

1 x Uwell Rafale Tank

1 x Replacement Glass Tube

1 x 0.2 Ohms Atomizer Coil (Preinstalled)

1 x 0.5 Ohms Atomizer Coil

1 x Official Uwell Sticker

Uwell Rafale Tank Features:

Made with High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel

E-Juice Tank Constructed with Quality Quartz Glass

Groundbreaking Top-Fill System

Large 5ml Tank Capacity

Patented Aerodynamic Anti-Spitback System

State-of-the-Art Airflow Control Valve

Coils Made with 100% Japanese Organic Cotton

Uses Dual-Parallel-Structure Atomizer Coils

Gold-Plated Atomizer Coil Contact Pins

Extremely Rick and Robust Flavor Production

Tank Can Be Fully Disassembled

Produces Incredibly Thick Vapor Clouds

Can Accommodate Ultra-High Wattages

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jacob M.
Genuine Uwell™ Rafale Sub Ohm Tank

Even though I didn't get the golden ticket with the special edition Rafale tank, I am still thrilled with the vape on this tank. Comes with 2 coils, suggested wattage from 60-120w. I am running it at 85w on my Sigelei and I chucks! Great flavor and for me the top fill is a plus! Thanks guys!!

Genuine Uwell™ Rafale Sub Ohm Tank

Best Best Best tank I've used so far, and I've had my fair share. Great clouds and even better taste. 5 star all the way around. Super fast shipping. Friendly and helpful customer service.


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