Genuine Cloudmaker™ Whiteout DNA (Evolv DNA200) Box Mod

By Cloudmaker Technologies

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Reviews for Genuine Cloudmaker™ Whiteout DNA (Evolv DNA200) Box Mod
4 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
from TN on
My friend and I both bought this mod around the same time. He uses a tank on his and I use a Doge drip on mine. My chip went out a month after purchase and his went out not long after. It just shut off. I couldn't get it to turn back on or even register that it was charging. Will not be purchasing another one especially with the money I dropped into this thing. I'll be going with my replacement, which is a Hexangel. Definitely do your research before you spend the money I did.
from Boston on
I waited for months to buy this. Actually I preordered it the day vapor authority got it up. So I was getting pretty damn impatient and was about to cancel my order. But I decided to hold out and wait for it. Boy oh boy am I glad I did. I honestly don't think I'll be purchasing a new mod for a really long time. I can't imagine what else anyone could want in a mod...
from Ocean Beach, CA on
Killer mod! Finally I feel like I bought a high end mod that isnt going to be outdated a few months from now. The rate that new devices and technology are coming out in this industry is crazy so the fact that this device can be upgraded to new chipsets as they are released is HUGE. Props to Vapor Authority for super fast shipping as well!

Genuine Whiteout DNA (Evolv DNA200) by Cloudmaker Technologies™ 

The Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA MOD featuring is without question a true revolution in vaping technology. Guided by the input of the collective vaping community, this groundbreaking device has been wholly designed and created by vapers. The Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA is the first truly modular vaping device, making it the world’s first “future-proof” vaporizer. The entire MOD can be customized from the inside-out, easily and effortlessly. You can modify the exterior of the device, update firmware and software, update the chip, and upgrade the battery as you please. With this incredible level of customizability and the ability to update the chip as new technologies are released, the Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA is the last MOD you will ever need to purchase.


Evolv DNA 200 Chip:

The Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA is equipped with the most advanced chip to ever be released in a vaporizer. The Evolv DNA 200 is a powerful processor that allows for an unprecedented 200W of available output. Additionally, this feature-rich smart chip can be connected to your computer through a USB cable, whereby you can customize and monitor your vaping experience.


Fully Upgradeable / Customizable:

Adding to the Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA’s modular design is the ability to replace the existing parts such as chips with others. Every piece on the Whiteout is swappable and upgradable.  Upgrades can be accomplished without the need to solder the wires, and doesn’t require any special skills. The available build kits offer a “plug-and-play” solution, making chip updates effortless. The capability of interchanging the chip means you can always have the most advanced chip available without needing to purchase an entirely new device. This is a genuinely spectacular feature in the vaping industry, which seemingly releases a new and improved version of your device every few months.


Temperature Control:

The DNA 200 is a temperature control chipset, which measures and limits the temperature of the coil itself. The temperature control capability works with both Nickel and Titanium wires. Keeping the atomizer coil at an optimal temperature will provide for an exceptionally clean and smooth vape, eliminating charred wicking material. Since wattage rather than temperature determines vapor production, massive clouds can now be obtained without overheating the atomizer coil.

Another phenomenal ability of the Evolv DNA 200 chip is the preheat feature. Since e-liquid cannot be transformed into vapor until it reaches its boiling point, the chip’s preheat function rushes a surge of power to the atomizer coil to rapidly bring the coil to the proper temperature. This drastically reduces the delay between the fire button being pressed and the liquid to evaporate into vapor. Since the temperature monitoring is constant, there is no risk of the coil getting too hot and burning the wicking material or the e-liquid.


Adjustable Power:

The Evolve DNA 200 allows for the adjustment of it output power. You can modify both the wattage and the voltage output of your device by pressing the “+” and “-“ buttons. The wattage output can be adjusted from between 1W to a staggering 200W of power, while the voltage can be adjusted from between 0.5V to an impressive 9V. With this wide of a range of available power, the Evolv DNA 200 is extremely versatile, and can be used by standard vapers and sub-ohm vapers alike.



Another remarkable and radical feature of the Evolv DNA Chip is its ability to record up to 8 profiles. You can select the power output as well as the maximum coil temperature for each profile based on the atomizer resistance and the coil material. With this capability, you can very easily alternate between clearomizers and RBAs/RDAs as well as various coil metals without having to remember the best setting for it. This is an extremely useful feature, particularly for the advanced vapor and collector.


Fuse Protection:

The Evolv DNA 200 is armed with a protection fuse. This brilliant addition will protect the DNA 200 against power surges, short circuits, and errors, rather than the entire chip being fried, the relatively inexpensive fuse will blow. The fuse can then be purchased separately and replaced. This is a genuinely wonderful feature that will substantially add to the overall lifespan of the chip.



Adding to the smart nature of the Evolv DNA 200 is its ability to connect to your computer for an unprecedented level of communication between you and your device. Using downloadable software for your PC, you can connect your device to your computer through a USB port. Once connected, you can monitor, configure, and modify your DNA200 to your personal specifications. The Escribe software will continuously receive updates, so you will be able to accomplish more and more as time goes on.



Aesthetically, the clean lines and attention to detail of the Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA screams quality. The face of the device is made with high-grade stainless steel, giving it a modern and advanced look. The fire button and adjustment buttons are above and beneath the large OLED screen, respectively. The OLED screen is crisp and clear, and provides an abundance of useful information, such as your wattage, voltage, atomizer resistance, coil temperature, and battery life.

The bottom of the Whiteout DNA is equipped with a series of ventilating air holes, which is not only a nice touch to the design of the device, but also acts as a cooling mechanism to keep the battery at a stable temperature. The side panel is artfully engraved with the Cloudmaker logo, adding to the overall aesthetic integrity of the Whiteout DNA.

One of the many customizable features of the Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA MOD is the outer casing. The device’s panels can be easily swapped out with other colors. You can select from black, green, purple, red, and grey. You can even mix and match between colors to create a design all your own. The panels are attached magnetically, so there is no need for tools to alternate between various color combinations.

The ability to change the panels of the Whiteout DNA is not only aesthetically exciting, but is also great because if the device gets scratched or cracked, you can easily replace the panel without having to replace the device as a whole. Another exhilarating option offered with the Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA is a clear side panel. This allows you to see the internals of the device, which is an extremely cool feature.


To Purchase Panel Kits for The Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA, Click HERE.


Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA 200 Features:

Completely Modular Design

Exterior Panels Can Be Swapped

Processing Chip Can Be Replaced

Comes Equipped With Evolv DNA 200 Chip

Temperature Monitoring and Limiting

Maximum Power Output of 200W

Variable Wattage

Variable Voltage

Connects to Escribe Software

Up to 8 Profiles Can Be Set

100% “Future-Proof” Design


Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA 200 Specifications:

Manufactured by: Cloudmaker

Wattage Output: 1W – 200W

Voltage Output: 0.5V – 9V

Temperature Limit: 200°F - 600°F

Continuous Output Current: 50A

Peak Output Current: 55A

Input Voltage: 9V – 12.6V

Input Current: 0.5A – 23A

Minimum Atomizer Resistance (Nickel/Titanium): 0.10 Ohms

Minimum Atomizer Resistance (Kanthal): 0.20 Ohms


Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA 200 Includes:

1 x Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA 200 Box MOD

1 x Bag of Spare Screws

1 x Hex Tool