Genuine Kanger™ Subtank PLUS Hybrid Tank

By Kanger

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Reviews for Genuine Kanger™ Subtank PLUS Hybrid Tank
5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
from Los Angeles on
AWESOME tank! I get the best freakin hits from this bad boy! 5 stars all the way!
from Nebraska on
What an absolutely incredible tank. I have several clearomizers and a couple rda's, and this has basically replaced them all. What a genius device by Kanger. It hits great, and works flawlessly. Awesome sauce!
from Arizona desert on
This is my first review of a product here. I received my package in the mail quickly. VA exchanged a few emails with me very quickly on this, my 3rd order.

I have been vaping for about 6 months. My wife and I started with a kit from Walmart, and have 4 Kanger setups between us.

On my last order, I received an Eleaf I stick 30W, and I wanted something worthwhile to mate it with.

In my Subtank Plus ver2 package was more than I expected, as usual with Kanger. I put it together with the 0.5 ohm OCC that came in the box, set my I stick to 30w and fired it up. This is the best tank I have ever seen or used, thinking back about a friends Aspire sub.

This version 2, upgraded so you don't need to change the chimeny between the OCC coil and the rebuildable deck keeps things from getting messy. The hits are awesome. 2-3 seconds rings my bell.

I have never rebuilt a coil, so it was naturally the next step. I had ordered 10 Kanthal pre-made 0.8 coils, but I used the 0.5 that came with the kit.

I took the installed coil out of the deck and made a vertical coil with the new one with long tails.

The 0.5 OCC came back from the I stick at 0.6, and the Kanger pre-made coil comes back at 0.4 ohms.

Both of them rock. This mod combo is amazing. The Sub Tank looks like a snubbed nose beast on the iStick. The base of the tank is maybe 1/2mm larger than the I stick, but that looks great.

This whole setup is real quality and top notch service.

Thanks Kanger, eLeaf and Vapor Authority. You make doing this so easy, safe and satisfying.


Genuine Kanger™ Subtank Plus (v2) Hybrid Tank

From the purveyors of electronic cigarette innovation comes the revolutionary new Kanger Subtank v2 Plus. This remarkable tank is an improved version of the original Subtank, which was the very first hybrid ecig tank ever to hit the market. As with the original Subtank, the Kanger Subtank v2 Plus allows you to use it as a standard sub-ohm clearomizer, or it can be switched to RDA / RBA mode allowing you to build your own coils.

The Kanger Subtank v2 Plus utilizes Kanger’s new Organic Cotton Coils (OCC), which is an entirely new design than any other atomizer coil Kanger has ever released. These heads use Japanese organic cotton as the wicking element, allowing for cleaner and truer flavor production. They are also square in shape rather than the conventional round coils we are accustomed to. The new square heads are meant to last longer than any of Kanger’s previous atomizer coils. Kanger brilliantly engineered the OCC sub-ohm heads to be backwards compatible. That is, they can be used with Kanger’s other clearomizers and glassomizers, with the exception of the Mini Protank 3 and the Mini Aerotank. The Subtank comes with two separate OCC atomizer coils, one in 0.5 ohm resistance and the other in 1.2 ohms resistance, giving it a wide wattage range of 7W – 30W compatibility.

Switching to RBA mode provides you with the ability to use the Kanger Subtank v2 Plus as a rebuildable atomizer. This makes this revolutionary, one-of-a-kind vape tank extremely versatile. Kanger made it possible to switch out the RBA with this new version without having to change the top.

The Kanger Subtank v2 Plus is also packed with other phenomenal features. The Subtank v2 Plus is armed with Kanger’s new and improved airflow control valve, allowing you to precisely customize the amount of air that is drawn into the device while taking a drag. This not only allows for a truly customizable vaping experience, but also help when switching between e-liquids of various VG-to-PG consistency.

Adding to long list of the Kanger Subtank v2 Plus’s qualities is the spring-operated 510 connector. This wonderful characteristic virtually ensures a tight and complete connection between the Subtank and any battery you use it with. In addition, the tank reservoir portion of the device is made of durable Pyrex glass. This is an important feature, as glass is resistant to the wear caused by the acidity of e-liquids seen with plastic tanks.

Kanger truly demonstrated their mastery and attention to detail when they designed the Subtank v2 Plus with a two-part chimney cover.  This is a brilliant design, as it allows you to make adjustments and tweaks to the coils or wicks after the cover has been screwed on.

Jam packed with a host of fantastic features, the Kanger Subtank v2 Plus is one of the most exciting new products the electronic cigarette industry has seen in a while. Make sure to pick up yours today!


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Kanger Subtank v2 Plus Features:

Hybrid function allows you to switch between clearomizer mode to RDA / RBA mode

Uses Kanger’s new Organic Cotton Coils (OCC)

Separate Sub-Ohm coils can take wattage from 7W – 30W

Uses Pyrex glass tank

Stainless Steel construction

Spring-operated 510 connector

Kanger Subtank v2 Plus Specifications:

Tank Capacity in Clearomizer Mode: 7ml

Tank Capacity in RBA / RDA Mode: 4.2ml

Thread: 510

Coil Type: Bottom-Plane-Dual-Coil (BPDC) (0.5 ohms)

Tank Material: Pyrex

Casing Material: Stainless Steel

Height: 2.16 inches (55 mm) (not including drip tip)

Diameter: 0.98 inches (25 mm)

Kanger Subtank Includes:

1 x Kanger Subtank

1 x OCC Atomizer Coil (0.5 Ohms)

1 x OCC Atomizer Coils (1.2 Ohms)

2 x  RBA Coils With Japanese Organic Cotton

1 x RBA Base

1 x Screwdriver Tool

1 x Japanese Organic Cotton pad

2 X Screws

1 x Manual

3 x Black O-Rings







Rebuildable atomizers (RDAs, RBA, RTAs) and their use pose certain risks that you should familiarize yourself with. All rebuildable atomizers are intended for advanced/expert users only, and not meant for beginner or intermediate vapers. You should have a minimum of 6 months experience with rebuildable atomizers prior to purchasing one for yourself and attempting to use it without the supervision of an expert. You must have intimate knowledge with using multimeters; be well versed with Ohms Law and how it relates to wattage and voltage; be well trained in building atomizer coils and how to properly configure them; and have a solid understanding of electronics in general.

Prior to purchasing and using any rebuildable atomizer, you must make sure that you fully understand the following:

  1. All rebuildable atomizer coils must first be tested prudently with a proper meter prior to it being used, as untested atomizer coils can be extremely dangerous.
  2. Coils that have been improperly configured or are otherwise faulty can blow your electronic device, which can result in serious injury to you and/or your property.
  3. Atomizer coils that have been newly constructed must be tested on a meter, then first used on an advanced personal vaporizer (APV) that has all of the appropriate safety features, including short-circuit protection. Once the atomizer coil has been tested and used on such a device, you can then cautiously use the coil on a mechanical MOD.
  4. Faulty or otherwise improperly configured rebuildable atomizer coils can damage electronic devices, which can result in bodily injury or harm.

By purchasing and using this product, you hereby consent to wholly taking full responsibility and sole liability for the purchase and use of this item. You further agree to hold harmless and indemnify Vapor Authority, its managers, executives, successors, shareholders, owners, employees, directors, and all affiliates from any and all liability for the usage of this product. Vapor Authority, Inc. is in absolutely no way, shape, or form liable for the harm or hazard that may arise due to the use of this product.