Ceramic Vape Tweezers / Tank Opener

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ceramic vape tweezers
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Ceramic-Tip Vape Tweezers / Tank Opener

As with anything that is built, constructing your own atomizer coils is astronomically easier when you have access to the proper tools. Attempting to build your coils without the appropriate instruments is not only frustrating and tedious, but can be dangerous as well. One of the essential tools for any builder is unquestionably a high-quality set of ceramic-tip tweezers. They allow you to manage and handle small objects in tight spaces, while simultaneously shielding you from heat and electricity, rendering them absolutely indispensable.

These premium Ceramic Vape Tweezers are made with the highest quality materials. The pointed tips are fabricated with top-grade glazed ceramic, which is not only resistant to heat, but is also wholly non-conductive. This, in turn, allows you to handle hot coils without the risk of overheating or absorbing electricity. The body of the vape tweezers is fabricated with durable and lightweight polyurethane plastic, which further helps safeguard your fingers from heat.

These Ceramic Vape Tweezers have been brilliantly designed to dub as two tools in one. The circular back-end of these marvelous tools act as a durable wrench, which can be used to open tanks and e-juice bottles with great ease. No more struggling with stubborn tanks and tops that are difficult to unscrew. Simply use your handy Vape Tweezers to grip and effortlessly open even the most stuck-on components.

Note: The opener is compatible with devices with a diameter of 22mm – 25mm.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or veteran builder, these Ceramic-Tip Vape Tweezers and Tank Openers are an essential, must-have tool.


Vape Tweezers and Tank Opener Features:

Made with High-Grade Ceramic

Resistant to Heat Generation

Completely Non-Conductive

Effortlessly Reaches Tight Spaces

Easily Unscrews Tanks and Bottles

Lightweight and Durable

Constructed with Premium Polyurethane Plastic

Makes Building Custom Coils Much Easier


Vape Tweezers and Tank Opener Specifications:

Tip Material: Ceramic

Body Material: Polyurethane

Opener Compatibility: Devices with a Diameter Between 22mm – 25mm.

Available Colors: Black, Red, Grey


Vape Tweezers and Tank Opener Includes

1 x Vape Tweezers and Tank Opener (Color of Your Choice)