Cotton Bacon v2 by Wick N' Vape

By Wick N' Vape

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Cotton Bacon by wick n vape
Reviews for Cotton Bacon v2 by Wick N' Vape
5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
from California on
This is by far the best wick cotton I've tried. I have had other, cheaper cottons that have left me with an earthy flavor i could not get rid of this stuff has no off putting flavors, just taste purely my juice. The other great thing is this thing has a lot of cotton which the bag deceivingly kind of hides best value per dollar in my opinion.
from Talahasseee on
Good quality cotton! One bag goes a long way, unless I go on a building binge that is. But really, great absorbency, clean flavor and no break in time.
from NY on
Handful of wicks for my personal use. Easy to use and great taste too.

Thank you.
from Los Angeles on
Great stuff! Super easy to work with.

Cotton Bacon v2 by Wick N’ Vape

Cotton Bacon is the world’s first wick designed by vapers specifically for vaping. Wick N’ Vape uses only the cleanest and safest traceable cotton material available, all of which is entirely grown, harvested, and processed within the United States. Cotton Bacon is comprised of large cotton fibers ideal for sub-ohm vaping, providing for a substantial decrease in dry hits.

If you’re looking for extremely high-grade cotton with superior liquid capacity and exceptionally robust flavor production, Cotton Bacon by Wick N’ Vape is the perfect choice!


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Wick N' Vape Cotton Bacon v2 Features:

100% USA-Made

Completely Taste and Odor Free

Perfect for All RDAs and RTAs

Free of Impurities

No Bleach

No Colorants

No Oils

Minimal Dry Hits

Perfect for Sub-Ohm Builds


Wick N' Vape Cotton Bacon v2 Specifications:

Manufactured by: Wick N' Vape

Material: 100% USA-Made Cotton

For Use with: All Rebuildable Atomizers (RDA / RTA / RBA)

Individual Pad Length: 4 Inches (101.6mm)


Wick N' Vape Cotton Bacon v2 Includes:

10 x Wick N' Vape Cotton Bacon Pads