Genuine Kanger™ ESmart 510 Battery

By Kanger

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Genuine Kanger™ ESmart 510 Battery
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Genuine Kanger™ eSmart Battery

Kanger, which is known for their highly innovative and high-quality products, has recently released the latest and greatest in the compact electronic cigarette arena with their extremely popular eSmart Starter Kit. This is the replacement battery for the 510 E-Smart. With regulated output (3.4v) it supplies a consistent vape across the entire discharge. 510 thread connector, manual button with LED ring is positioned in the tube for easy access.  

Note: Charger Sold Separately


Protect Your Device With A Durable Carrying Case.

To Purchase a Charger for The Kanger eSmart Battery, Click HERE


Kanger eSmart Battery Features:

Small and Compact Size

Available in Seven Beautiful Colors

Anodized for Durability

Manual Operation

Easy-to-Use and Operate

100% Authentic Kangertech


Kanger eSmart Battery Specifications:

Manufactured by: Kangertech

Battery Size: Diameter 10mm; Length:70mm

Battery Output Voltage: Regulated 3.4v

Protection: short circuit / overcharge / 5-click on/off

Battery Capacity: 320mAh

Threading: 510

Shipping weight: 30g

Available in: Black, Stainless, Blue and Red


Kanger eSmart Battery Includes:

1 x Kanger eSmart Battery (Color of Your Choice)


How to Use The Kanger eSmart Battery:

1. Take the battery of of the wrapping.

2. Click the fire button 5 times rapidly to turn the battery on (do the same to turn the battery off)

3. Connect the battery to the eSmart charger until the LED light turns green.

4. Connect the eSmart clearomizer to the battery.

5. Vape and enjoy!


Kanger eSmart Battery Tips:

1. For best performance, use either the Kanger eSmart Clearomizer or the Kanger Horizontal Coil Cartomizer with the eSmart battery.

2. It is helpful to have at least 2 eSmart batteries so that one can be charging while the other is in use.

3. Make sure to charge the eSmart battery with ONLY the eSmart charger, as other charger can burn the battery out, and/or may cause a fire.