RBA / RDA Coil Jig Coiler

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RBA / RDA Coil Jig Coiler
  • RBA / RDA Coil Jig Coiler
  • RBA / RDA Coil Jig Coiler
  • RBA / RDA Coil Jig Coiler
  • RBA / RDA Coil Jig Coiler
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from Utah on
Awesome Awesome Awesome! I wish I had gotten one of these sooner. It's soooo much easier to build my coils with this!!!

RBA / RDA Coil Jig Coiler

This Coil Jig is a must have for any builder,.  Whether you are just starting out with rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs / RBAs) or are an expert, this brilliant tool will help you construct your atomizer coils much more rapidly and efficiently. Fabricating the perfect coils each and every time has never been easier. No more fiddling around with screwdrivers or other rods that are awkward to hold and maneuver.

This Coil Jig conveniently comes equipped with five separate posts, each one a different size in diameter. This allows you to accurately build coils of any size. This atomizer coiler jig comes complete with: 1mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, and 3.5mm diameter bars.

Coupled with a solid aluminum construction and five beautiful colors to choose from, it's no wonder why the remarkable tool has been such a big seller with all fans of rebuildable dripping atomizers. Pick yours up today!


Rebuildable Atomizer Coil Jig Features:

Makes Building Your Coils Effortless

Capable of Making Several Diameter Coils

Extremely Small and Compact

Easy to Transport

Made with High-Grade, Durable Metal


Perfect for Building All Rebuildable Atomizer Coils


Rebuildable Atomizer Coil Jig Specifications:

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Stainless

Material: High-Quality Aluminum

Included Post Sizes: 1mm / 1.6mm / 2.4mm / 3.2mm / 3.5mm

Dimensions: 2.2 Inches x 1.3 Inches

For Use With: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs / RBAs)


Rebuildable Atomizer Coil Jig Includes:

1 x Rebuildable Atomizer Coil Jig (Your Choice of Color)