The O.B (Original Bunny) - Suicide Bunny E-Liquid

By Suicide Bunny

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Suicide Bunny OB E Liquid
Reviews for The O.B (Original Bunny) - Suicide Bunny E-Liquid
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from Arizona on
First Off, I must say something general... Suicide Bunny vapes are the primary, main Staple e-juice in my life! I have, use, buy, try all different branded juices, maker's, creations, flavors, mixes strengths. No Matter any of that! Suicide's juice is a must freakin' have! at all times!! or suffering, craving, longing, self pity is sure to ensue.

Now, about the "OB", aka Original Bunny. I noticed that vapor authority has the flavor category listed as fruit/dessert under specs; however, the above paragraph is the accurate description. I LOVE this juice. I usually keep Sucker Punch on hand, but when I splurge I always get some OB. It mixes with everything flawlessly! if you have a juice that needs some sweet, or wants some cream, this is the one you want. I've spent lots of hundeez buying every cream or custard juice that's "all the rave" in the vaping community - I've tried every single one the supposed gurus gush over... Don't waste your money on anything else, no matter how acclaimed! If you want a true, authentic cream, with hints of bavarian, true to kitchen like form?? This is the only one that suffices. I also vape this juice alone, it's fantabulous! No matter how you please.

The O.B (Original Bunny) E-Liquid By: Suicide Bunny

The Original Bunny (The O.B.) is one of the most scrumptious e-liquids made by Suicide Bunny. This incredible liquid consists of an intricate assortment of rich and savory cream flavors, giving it a multi-layered taste. The O.B. is finished with a velvety cake undertone adding to the enjoyment of this mouthwatering liquid. Drag after drag, the Original Bunny is better with every vape.

Suicide Bunny uses only the finest pharmaceutical-grade and food-grade ingredients, all of which are manufactured in the USA.


The O.B (Original Bunny) E-Juice Specifications:

PG: 30%

VG: 70%

Available Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Available Sizes: 30ml

Flavor Category: Dessert

Primary Flavors: Fresh Savory Cream, Velvety Cake

Steep Time: Pre-Steeped

Manufactured In: USA


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