Universal Tools 6 in 1 Coiler - Kuro Coiler

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Universal Tools 6 in 1 Coiler - Kuro Coiler
  • Universal Tools 6 in 1 Coiler - Kuro Coiler
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Excellent tools. Thank you Vapor Authority

Universal Tools 6 in 1 Coiler - Kuro Coiler

Building your own coils can provide for the very best vaping experience possible. RDAs and RBAs provide incredible flavor production and absolutely immense vapor clouds. The only downside to building your own atomizer coils is the act of turning your wire into a coil. It is tedious, and must be exact in order for the atomizer to work properly.

The ingenious 6-in-1 Coiler by Universal Tools brilliantly eliminates the frustration of having to build coils in the conventional fashion. Similar to the Kuro Coiler, you simply insert your wire and rotate the cap located at the top of the device. That’s all you have to do to make perfect coils each and every time effortlessly.

If you are an RDA / RBA builder, or are thinking about starting, the revolutionary Universal Tools 6-in-1 Coiler is an absolute must have accessory that will make building your own atomizer coils an absolute breeze.


Universal Tools 6 in 1 Coiler (Kuro Coiler) Specifications:

Material: High-Grade Aluminum

Sizes: 2 mm, 2.6 mm, 3 mm, 3.5 mm

Available Colors: Blue, Red, Purple


Universal Tools 6 in 1 Coiler (Kuro Coiler) Kit Includes:

1 x Coiler Body

2 x Coiler Top Caps

1 x Hexagonal Spanner

2 x Screwdrivers (Straight / Cross)

4 x Coiler Sticks (2.0 mm, 2.5mm, 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm)


How to Use the Universal Tools 6 in 1 Coiler (Kuro Coiler):

CW-20 – Makes 2 mm Coils

CW-25 – Makes 2.6 mm Coils

CW-30 – Makes 3 mm Coils

CW-35 – Makes 3.5 mm Coils


Step 1: Place the socket screw inside the proper hole within the winder

              Note: For 26 gauge - 28 gauge wires, use hole #1. For 20 gauge – 24 gauge wires, use hole #2

Step 2: Fit the wire through the hole located on the side portion of the handle. You should leave approximately half an inch of extra wire sticking out of the hole. Grip the wire between your finger and the handle so that the wire will stay in place.

Step 3: Take the loose end of the wire and pull it around the shaft of the device

Step 4: Glide the winder portion of the device over the shaft. Make sure that the pin is facing the direction of the handle.

Step 5: Begin to rotate the winder until it grips the wire and begins wrapping around the shaft. Keep a light amount of force on the coiler’s handle while you are winding, as too much pressure will result in the wire wrapping over itself—particularly with lower gauge wires.

Step 6: Once you have completed Step 5, disconnect the winder portion and straighten the wire that is sticking out of the handle’s hole.

Step 7: Place a little force on the wire to slide the coil upward. Grip the coil and carefully slide it off the shaft.