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Reviews for Vapor Authority Vape Band
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from albuquerque on
These vape bands popped up somewhere so I decided to get a couple for my tanks. I have been known to drop and crack my tank in the past.. So, the other day I knocked my whole mod over and luckily I had the band on my tank cause I swear it would of cracked this time, but it kinda bounced like my cell phone does if the case is on it. Thanks for bringing these to my attention, they really do help!

Vapor Authority Vape Band

As vapers, we all genuinely love our devices and do our best to take care of them. We keep them clean; we make sure they are well-maintained; we regularly change the coils; and we use high-grade e-juices. However, as careful as we are with our treasured vaping hardware, accidental drops and slips are virtually unavoidable. Although carrying cases are extremely useful for holding and transporting our vaping devices, they don’t offer much help while we are using our vaporizers.

The Vapor Authority Vape Bands are an extremely stylish and inexpensive way to help protect your batteries and tanks from accidental damage. Made of high-quality silicone material, these beautiful bands can be placed around the perimeter of your tanks and batteries, thereby offering a buffer between your hardware and the ground. By absorbing the shock, the Vape Bands will drastically reduce the potential of damage when you drop your device.

Available in a wide range of beautiful colors, the Vapor Authority Vape Bands don’t only offer damage protection, but are also a great way to customize the appearance of your setup as well. You can choose colors that match your battery and tank, or use complimentary colors give it a little pop. You can also get creative with your Vape Bands by mixing and matching between the various colors for a uniquely beautiful design all your own.

Protect your investment and enhance the look of your batteries and tanks with the sensational Vapor Authority Vape Bands.


Vapor Authority Vape Bands Features:

Protects Against Damage

Highly Elastic to Fit Most Tanks and Cylindrical Batteries

Available in a Wide Range of Colors

Made with High-Quality Silicone Rubber

Allows for Beautiful Customization

Inexpensive, Durable, and Long-Lasting

Completely Waterproof

Can be Easily Removed and Replaced


Vapor Authority Vape Bands Specifications:

Available Colors: Black, White, Grey, Clear, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple

Material: Silicone Rubber

Diameter Compatibility: 0.86 Inches (22mm)