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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Exploring Coastal Clouds Vape Juice

Exploring Coastal Clouds Vape Juice

With the ascendancy of the vaporizer platform well underway, the industry has attracted multiple competitors. But one of the fiercest segments of the broader vaping arena is the e-liquid sector. Due to the relatively low barrier to entry, e-juice firms are plenty in number. But only a few stand out in this saturated market. One of those names is the Coastal Clouds Vape Juice.

Featured in multiple vaping journals and regularly ranking at the top end among premium e-liquid manufacturers, Coastal Clouds rapidly soared from inauspicious beginnings to levering a tremendous impact on the enthusiast community. From the very first interaction with the company to the last drop of the session, Coastal Clouds e-juices are renowned for their approachability, excellent service, and of course, some of the most delectable flavors you’ll ever find.

While most industry players compete in the latter category, it’s the former two that many e-juice brands often neglect. According to multiple consumer surveys, millennials and the emerging Generation Z prefer authenticity over any other attribute in the companies with whom they conduct business. And if you know anything about Coast Clouds Co., they’re probably the most genuine organization you’ll find in this industry.

Featuring a fun, eclectic website and a vibrant social-media platform, Coastal Clouds is part retailer and part vaping evangelist. What their fanbase truly appreciate is that the company doesn’t take itself too seriously. They’re here to serve the needs of a diverse range of enthusiasts while embodying the passion that they have for this burgeoning industry.

At the same time, don’t mistake their affability for laxness: they take their e-liquids very seriously. Utilizing the highest manufacturing standards and equipment, each liquid that bears the Coastal Clouds brand name is carefully vetted. It’s one of the many reasons why Coastal Clouds has charged up the ranks, delivering satisfying vapes one customer at a time.


Coastal Clouds Profile and History

Although the Coastal Clouds name is now synonymous with extraordinary flavors and remarkable sessions, like most e-juice companies, the business first started with an initial spark. For proprietors Adam and James, that started with their desire to embody the life experience in a single bottle.

Growing up and living in the west coast, it’s easy to see where the founders received the inspiration behind their immensely popular e-liquids. After all, the region represents a mass-scale fusion of various cultures and ideologies. In this primordial synergy sparked what we know today as Coastal Clouds.

And it’s a stroke of fortune that they burst onto the scene: comparatively very few e-liquid companies are so dedicated to their consumer base. Nothing hits the retail market until every component of Coastal Clouds’ supply chain is satisfied. If an element doesn’t strike the right notes, the team will re-engage the process until they get it just right.

This corporate ethos comes from the premium that the proprietors place on the very products that they enjoy. Whether eating, drinking or vaping, life is too short to spend on low-quality goods and services. Since they have high standards for what passes the muster, it was only natural that they apply the same rigorous policy toward their own brand name products.

At the time Coastal Clouds launched in 2015, several e-liquid specialists had already entered the arena. While these players established their first-to-market advantage, they left a critical door open: many of the e-liquids that proliferated early in the vaping game suffered a formulaic approach. Yes, they tasted great, but they also tasted the same.

Sensing the opportunity for differentiation, the proprietors quickly got to work. Instead of aiming for volume or quantity, they focused instead on the overall experience: that’s what drove them to this arena in the first place.

This is why Coastal Clouds’ portfolio isn’t stacked with endless e-juice flavors: they eschew the “filler track” mentality and instead strive for hit records with every product launch. Best of all, this approach works. Coastal Clouds fans can trust that each e-juice delivered by the company is a distinct concoction, not only from other brands but internally as well.


A New Standard in Quality and Authenticity

As we mentioned near the top, Coastal Clouds has garnered countless thousands of fans. That’s in no small part to the engagement and access that management offers to their loyal customer base. Additionally, their friendly, fun environment is a sharp contrast to the more serious tone that many other companies embody.

But again, correlating approachability with loose production standards would be a big mistake. In fact, the opposite is true: while Coastal Clouds is emblematic of vaping’s casual side, both management and the production team undergo rigorous testing to ensure their products meet the highest quality standards.

To that end, the e-liquid manufacturer deploys an ISO 9001 certified clean room for their blueprinting and production processes. They’ve also developed a world-class standard operating procedure to ensure strict consistency with every bottle that they release. Better yet, these standards have been established from day one.

This implicitly translates to trust. Whether you’ve been vaping their products from their origination or are new to the Coastal Clouds brand, every bottle has passed through one of the industry’s most stringent control mechanisms.

Another pathway in which Coastal Clouds earns your business is through their distinct consumer relationships. Unlike certain companies which have established considerable clout in the vaping arena, Coastal Clouds maintains a grassroots ecosystem. That’s especially impressive when you consider that their e-juices are among the most desirable in the enthusiast community.

Yet they recognize that nothing in this sector occurs in a vacuum. We’ve all seen organizations throughout the entire business spectrum succumb to delusions of grandeur. As soon as they forget the golden rule – the customer is always right – things start unraveling in a hurry.

Coastal Clouds has no such intention of following in their footsteps. Instead, they make it a policy to engage with their customers. Whether you’re new to the game or have been vaping for years, management is always ready to hear from you. For instance, they openly court opinions, asking for suggestions regarding desirable flavors and blends.

It’s these small but meaningful details that distinguish Coastal Clouds Co. from the rest of the pack.


Carefully Crafted Premium E-Liquids

Of course, what really drives home the point for Coastal Clouds is their e-liquid portfolio. No matter how great their customer service is, it won’t mean much unless they have customers to serve! Fortunately, that has never been a problem for this remarkable organization.

If most e-juices are fast-food joints, then Coastal Clouds e-liquids are Michelin-starred restaurants. What we mean by this is that the emphasis is first and foremost on the flavors and drawing experience. In the company’s view, there’s no point in saturating the marketplace with products if every one of them tastes the same.

Coastal Clouds embodies a different approach: with each offering providing a unique perspective, this incentivizes vaping enthusiasts to try all available flavors. Moreover, fans have a wide range of optimized e-liquids to meet their specific needs.

For instance, transitioning enthusiasts will absolutely love Tobacco E-Juice by Coastal Clouds. Featuring a tobacco blend with springy details from classic dessert and confectionary favorites, Cuban E-Juice delivers two critical components: robust throat hit and exquisite tones and nuances.

Another fan favorite is Pineapple Guava. Just hearing the name makes enthusiasts stand up and take notice. Of course, the immaculate hit that you can extract from Guava Punch is even better. Layered with multiple shades of exotic ingredients on top of the guava juice blend, this e-juice is perfect for winding down a tough day at the office.

One of our personal favorites is Pink Lemonade. A classic blend that harkens to our childhood, we all know that raw tanginess that hits our synapses before it strikes our palate. Pink Lemonade perfectly evokes that delectably tangible essence. With each refreshing draw, you’re transported to an extra-dimensional world, free if only momentarily from life’s everyday worries.

But it’s not just these three e-liquids that set themselves apart. Indeed, throughout their library of premium flavors, Coastal Clouds exceeds the standards of even the most hardened vaping veteran. It’s the core reason why so many enthusiasts from around the world continue to dive into their delectable brand.

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