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One night, two best friends who were both long-time cigarette smokers, decided that they had enough of smoking and were determined to quit. In search of the best alternative to smoking, they stumbled upon a relatively new product called “electronic cigarettes.” Desperate to kick the terrible habit, they each purchased what was then the most cutting-edge device around—the Joyetech eGo-T. Although now considered prehistoric technology, at the time, this was a revolutionary electronic cigarette, and better yet, it was extremely effective.

Thrilled, excited, and very pleasantly surprised, the two friends immediately realized what an incredible products electronic cigarettes are, and decided to look further into it. This quest evolved into a passion, and soon they agreed to dive head first into the business. Their mission was to offer only the very best products, carry only authentic brands, and provide the fastest shipping of any vapor retailer around. They also resolved to offer their customers the very best customer service possible, thereby providing for a superior shopping experience from beginning to end. Armed with these goals, on January 9, 2013, Vapor Authority, Inc. was officially born.


Best Vape Shop Online

One of the many things that makes Vapor Authority the best online vape shop is that we prides ourselves on selling only 100% authentic products. You will never find a clone or knockoff device sold on our website. To ensure this, we only purchase either directly from the manufacturer or a manufacturer authorized wholesale distributor.

Unlike many other vape websites in the industry, we stock all of our products in-house. We never drop-ship or use third-party fulfillment centers. By doing so, we can offer you the very best prices, and have full control over the processing, packaging, and shipping of your orders. This allows us to make sure your orders are shipped out to you the same business day (when the order is placed by 2:00 PM PST).


The Best Online Vape Store 

Today, Vapor Authority has grown tremendously and now includes an incredible team, all of whom are wholly dedicated to offering our customers the latest and best in electronic cigarette products at the lowest price available.  Everyone who works here at Vapor Authority is considered family. As such, we have a genuinely happy working environment. We greet one another with hugs in the morning, rather than handshakes. Likewise, we consider our customers as part of our family, which is part of the reason why the vast majority of our new customers are referrals from existing ones. We sincerely care about one another, about our customers, about our company, and most importantly, about this amazing industry of ours. Our staunch devotion to our customers has propelled Vapor Authority to the top of the industry, helping to make us the very best online vape shop in the nation.


Best Vape Store Online 

Vapor Authority was established on a strict moral and ethical foundation. Although every company seeks profitability, it takes a distant backseat to doing things the right way. High-quality products, 100% authenticity guaranteed, low prices, fast shipping, and reliable service are just some of the things that makes Vapor Authority so unique and special. 

Our sincere and honest approach is part of the reason why Vapor Authority has received such a wide array of awards, accolades, and glowing reviews worldwide. In fact, in several consecutive years, Vapor Authority earned first place in various categories during the Guide to Vaping “Best of” event, including “Best Customer Service,” “Best Vape Prices,” and the most prestigious award of all, “The Best of The Year.” These awards are testament to the fact that Vapor Authority truly is the best online vape shop.

We are committed to continuing on this path, and are constantly striving to find new ways to make your experience with Vapor Authority better.


Best Vape Shop Online 

Vapor Authority, Inc. is located in sunny San Diego, California. Warm weather, a friendly atmosphere, and a passion for what we do helps us power through those long days and nights making sure we offer the very fastest shipping in the industry.

We’re always here to help assist you in any way we possibly can. Feel free to call us within our business hours at: 888-927-VAPE (8273). You can also send us an email to: management@vaporauthority.com.

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Vapor Authority, Inc.

9187 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

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San Diego, CA  92123