UWell Tanks & Clearomizers

UWell Tanks & Clearomizers

UWell Tanks & Clearomizers

Founded in 2015, and headquartered in California, Uwell takes great pride in offering exceptionally high-quality tanks. Their extensive knowledge and expertise are demonstrated with each and every device they have released to date. Unlike many other manufacturers of vaping hardware, Uwell has a dedicated team both within the United States where the devices are engineered and designed, as well as in China where the products are manufactured. This ensures that their quality control is second-to-none, as this is an extremely important element in Uwell’s mission.

Vapor Authority is happy to supply you with a variety of Uwell Clearomizer Tanks including:

Uwell Crown Tanks:

From its inception the Uwell Crown Tanks have been a standout sub OHM tank. These tanks have been touted as a leader in the industry for some time. With many upgrades from Versions 1 to Versions 3, the Uwell Crown 4 is constructed with hand polished stainless steel – which makes it not only durable, but also visually striking. Some key features of the Crown Series include:

    • Dimensions vary depending on the model
    • Pyrex glass construction
    • Stainless steel body


Nunchaku Uwell Sub OHM Tank:

Unlike the Uwell Crown Tanks, the Nunchaku has adopted unique flavor enhancing technology that really set this tank apart. The elegant design of this tank allows for both easy refilling, and optimal airflow at the base of the chassis. Some key features of the Nunchaku include:

    • Dimensions: 25.2mm x 49.6mm (Including mouthpiece and threads)
    • Threaded top fill design
    • Flavor resting technology (significantly improves flavor profiles)


    Uwell Valyrian Sub OHM Tank:

    This Uwell Sub OHM Tank is truly the stuff of legend. The Valyrian offers superior Stainless Steel and Pyrex Glass construction, and other lightweight components that add up to a lightweight of 62.6g. Additionally, the heat insulated flip top allows for easy button-press filling. Some key features of the Valyrian include:

      • Dimensions: 25mm x 62.3mm (Including mouthpiece and threads)
      • Flavor focused delivery – rated for 95 to 120w
      • Bottom operated top fill


      Uwell Rafale Sub OHM Tank:

      Much like the Uwell Crown Tank, the Rafale is constructed out of the highest quality stainless steel. This Uwell Sub OHM Tank features a sleek design, and quartz glass tank that is far stronger than other glass tanks you will find on the market. Some key features of the Rafale include:

        • Dimensions: 22.23mm x 68.75mm (Including mouthpiece and threads)
        • Top fill and bottom fill design
        • Patented ASP (Anti Spit Back Protection)
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