Warranty & Return Policy

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Vapor Authority Warranty Page. Please take a few minutes to thoroughly read this section prior to placing your order. By doing this, you will make sure that there are no surprises down the line should an unexpected problem occur.


CPS Extended Warranty:

CPS warranty

If you purchased CPS Extended Warranty and need to file a claim, please contact Vapor Authority for assistance. It is extremely important that you keep the product's original box and manual until the warranty period has expired. Both the manufacturer and CPS require the serial number from the original box in order to file a claim and to receive reimbursement. If it has been at least 30-days since your purchase date and you wish to file a claim yourself, you can do so here.


Warranty Period:

60-Day Warranty

FOR DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY: We offer a 60-day guarantee on manufacturer defects. After this period passes, the manufacturer’s warranty kicks in. If you are experiencing a problem past the 60-day mark, please refer to the warranty information that was included with your device for instructions. Each manufacturer offers a different warranty period, so please make sure to keep the warranty information that came with your product.

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ONLY: Any and all guarantees and warranties are granted at the discretion of the manufacturer. Vapor Authority's 60-Day guarantee does not apply to international orders. You can find all warranty and guarantee information for your product's original box. We strongly encourage you to purchase CPS Warranty for international orders. If you did purchase CPS coverage, please contact us for assistance, and see the "CPS Extended Warranty" section above.






































I Have a Defective Product - What Do I Do?

Defective Product

We’re very sorry that you are experiencing difficulty with your product. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to resolve this problem for you quickly and easily. In order to get this remedied as rapidly as possible, please follow the simple steps below to help expedite the process. If you have any questions regarding the process whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Step 1: Shoot Us an Email or Give Us a Call

Contact UsThe first step in handling a defective product is to write us an email or give us a phone call stating the product name, your order number, and the problem you are experiencing. We have several troubleshooting steps that we can assist you with that may resolve the problem without the need of sending the product back to us.



Email: Management@VaporAuthority.com

Phone: 888-927-VAPE (8273)

Please Note: We have much faster response times with emails, so please try emailing first before calling in.


Step 2: Get Authorization to Send It Back

ApprovalBefore sending your product in to us, please make sure that you have completed the first step (above), and have been authorized to send your product back in to us to examine it. We have several troubleshooting steps that may help resolve the problem without needing to go through the hassle of sending it to us. In addition, if you simply send the product to us without first notifying us about it, we will not know what the problem is or how to resolve it once we receive the return.

Once we receive your return, we will extensively test it to ensure that it is defective, and the problem is due to a manufacturer defect. Once we determine that the issue is the result of a manufacturer defect, we will send you out a brand new replacement device.

Once given authorization to send your item back in, please make sure that your name, order number, and contact phone number are included in the return package. This way, we will be able to locate your file once the package reaches us.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you include the original box, outer slip cover and/or the warranty card with your return. This is due to the fact that we must have the authentication code and serial numbers in order to obtain a replacement from the manufacturer. Returns sent without these necessary items will not be accepted.

Once approval for a return has been obtained, we will provide you with the return address.


Product Exchange:

Product Exchange

 In the event that you ordered the incorrect product or simply want to exchange the product for a different one, please note that due to the high cost of shipping, you will be responsible for the return shipping and shipping of the new product to you. Once you have returned the original product, we can either issue you a refund or store credit that can be used at any time in the future.

Of course, if Vapor Authority made an error with your order, please contact us and we will immediately email you a return shipping label for the incorrect item and send you out the correct item at no cost to you whatsoever.

Replacement Parts:

Replacement PartsOften times the defect experienced with a product is the result of a broken, faulty, or missing part. For example, an O-ring or broken glass tube. In these cases, we will send you the replacement part rather than replacing the product as a whole, as long as we can determine that the issue is a result of a manufacturing defect.

Unfortunately, due to the recent regulations instilled by the FDA, we cannot repair the product for you as we have done in the past. What we can legally do is send you the replacement part, and walk you through how to install the replacement part yourself. Please rest assured that replacing parts are extremely easy and does not take any level of skill to accomplish.



Vape TanksClearomizers and tanks with a manufacture defect, such as leaking, must be reported to us within 48-hours of having received the product. If you begin experiencing leaks with your tank past the 48-hour period, please contact the manufacturer for further assistance. We unfortunately cannot accept returns on tanks that have been used for hygienic reasons.

PLEASE NOTE: The vast majority of problems experienced with tanks is due to improper usage and/or not knowing how to properly use the device. Vapor Authority's experienced customer service team is here to help guide you and ensure that you are properly using your tank. Please contact us for assistance.

Atomizer Coils & Pods:

Atomizer Coils

Unfortunately, atomizer coils and pods cannot be returned if the seal has been broken in the package or if they have been used at all.  The only time we can return or exchange a pack of atomizer coils or pods is if it is in brand new condition, and the packaging has not been broken whatsoever. However, we will be happy to offer you an exchange or a refund on coils or pods that have not been opened.

Due to the nature of atomizer coils, including those housed within pods, and in line with industry standard, atomizer coils are not covered under warranty. Some atomizer coils will last longer than others; some coils will be duds; and some coils will be configured to a slightly higher or lower resistance than that which is stated on the box. With few rare exceptions, we unfortunately cannot warranty or guarantee atomizer coils.


Length of Coil Life:

It is the nature of atomizer coils to last various lengths of time. There are several factors that are involved with how long your atomizer coil will last. The voltage/wattage of your battery, the liquid that you are using, the type of atomizer coil you are using, etc. will all play a role in how long the coil will last. Sometimes the coils simply don’t last as long or last for a very long period of time, regardless of the liquid or power output you are using.

There is no hard-fast rule regarding the lifetime of atomizer coils. As such, we cannot take back atomizer coils due to them not lasting as long as you had expected.


Dry or Burnt Hits:

If you are experiencing dry or burnt hits, the vast majority of the time, this is due to a setting issue or the coil not having been primed properly. Please refer to the following articles, which will help troubleshoot these common atomizer coil issues:


Dry/Burnt Hits:



Proper Priming of Atomizer Coils:




E-JuiceFor the safety of our customers, we do not accept returns on e-juices unless the bottle is still sealed. If you have purchased an e-liquid line with bottles that don’t contain a seal, we regretfully cannot allow a return on that e-juice.

Of course, if we have made an error and sent you the wrong flavor, nicotine strength, or size, we will certainly exchange the e-juice bottle for you, provided it has not been opened.

Sometimes e-juices don’t taste as good as they sounded in the description, or you otherwise determine that you don’t like the flavor. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on e-juices for this reason.


Returns for Non-Defective Products

ReturnsIf you decide that you would like to return a product, we will be happy to offer you store credit or refund your credit card for the item. Returns and exchanges for non-defective items are accepted within 15-days from the time your package was received. However, please note that the item cannot be opened or used. If the product has been opened or used, we unfortunately cannot accept a return for it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For non-defective returns or for exchanges that are not the result of a Vapor Authority error, you will be responsible to pay for the return shipping charge and for shipping a new product to you. You do have the ability to obtain store credit and use it on your next order to avoid additional shipping charges.



RefundsRefunds will be issued as store credit or to the credit card used to make your purchase. Please note that the amount of time it takes for the credit to post to your account is entirely determined by your bank. Vapor Authority has no way to expedite this process—the only action we can take is issuing the refund promptly, but cannot in any way force the credit to post to your account faster. If your credit has not issued in a reasonable time-frame, please contact your bank at the phone number written on the back of your credit card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although it varies from bank to bank, the average time it takes for a bank to release a credit to your account is 2-4 business days. Vapor Authority has absolutely no way of forcing your bank to issue the credit any faster.


Cosmetic Damage:

DamageIf the item you received shows visual signs of damage, this must be reported to us within 24-hours of receipt of the product. If the damage is reported past this period, we will not be able to exchange it for you. The reason for this is because damage may occur as a result of user error, such as the item being dropped, in which case Vapor Authority cannot be held responsible.






Missing Item:

Missing ItemIn the unlikely event that your package is missing an item that you ordered, please first accept our deepest apologies. However, if this should occur, we must be informed within 24-hours from the time the package has been delivered. If the missing item is not reported within this time period, we will unfortunately not be able to replace the item for you. The reason for this is that individuals may lose or break an item, and claim that it was missing from the package in an effort to avoid purchasing the item again.


Return Shipping Costs:

Return Shipping FeesYou will be initially responsible for the shipping fee associated with the return of the product. If the product is deemed to be a manufacturer defect or if Vapor Authority made an error with your order, we will refund economical shipping costs back to the credit card used to make the purchase. If, however, the item is discovered to be the result of user error, you will be responsible for return shipping, and you will not be refunded for the shipping cost to send the item back to us or for a new item to be shipped to you.

You will be responsible for the shipping cost associated with items that are sent in for an exchange or refund that are not defective.

You can, however, request that your product be held for you until your next order and all items can be shipped together to avoid any additional shipping costs.


Pre-Paid Credit Cards:

Pre-Paid CardsRefunds for purchases made on pre-paid credit cards will be handled in the same manner as conventional credit cards. That is, the credit will be issued to the pre-paid card. Please do not throw away your pre-paid credit card, as we are unable to issue refunds in any other form or fashion.

Unfortunately, Vapor Authority cannot be held responsible for credit issued to pre-paid cards that have been lost, thrown away, or otherwise misplaced. In this case, the best we can do is issue you store credit in lieu of issuing a credit to the pre-paid card used to make the purchase.


Wholesale Orders

Wholesale OrdersReturns on wholesale orders are accepted; however, please note that there will a 15% restocking fee for any and all wholesale orders which are returned for non-defective issues. Please follow the same procedure stated above for wholesale order returns.