Shipping and Handling


Route Shipping Protection

  Route Shipping Protection


Due to federal, state, and local regulations, shipping any tobacco product, including vape products, has become significantly more expensive. This, among other reasons, is due to the adult signature requirement. As a result, we strongly recommend that you add Route Shipping Protection to your order.

Route Shipping Protection is a very low cost way to insure your package against theft, misplacement, incorrect delivery, and damage. With the purchase of this protection, we can easily file a claim and send you out a replacement package at no additional cost to you.

Route shipping protection is automatically enabled and must be opted out of if you wish to decline protection. For more information, please contact customer service.

Cost to Ship My Package?
How Much Will It Cost to Ship My Package?


 We offer FREE  domestic shipping on all orders over $100!

NOTE: Vapor Authority absorbs a portion of the shipping fee on all orders to keep cost down for our customers.


If your order is being shipped internationally or if your total falls below the $100 threshold, the amount it will cost to ship the package to you depends on various factors:

  1. The shipping carriers that are available to us.
  2. The shipping method you select.
  3. Adult Signature Cost.
  4. Where the package is being shipped to.
  5. The weight of your package.
Adult Signature
 Adult Signature Requirement
IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to federal, state, and local laws, all packages must be signed for by an adult over the age of 21-years-old. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. As a result, the additional fees charged by carriers for this service must be paid for by the customer upon checkout. No package will not be shipped without the adult signature service attached. We understand that this is a burdensome cost and adds a level of frustration to the shipping process; however, Vapor Authority must follow all laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances.


When Will My Package Be Shipped

When Will My Package Be Shipped?


Monday - Friday: All orders placed by 12:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) will be shipped out the same day. 

Saturday: All orders placed by 11:00AM (Pacific Standard Time) will be shipped out the same day. 

Sunday: All orders will be shipped out the following business day.

Holiday Shipping Hours

Holiday Shipping Hours:


Normal shipping times may not apply to holidays, or during a global pandemic as we will be overwhelmed with orders during these periods. We do, however, have our entire team diligently working overtime to get your orders out to you as quickly as possible during these times.


How Long Will It Take for My Order to Reach Me
How Long Will It Take for My Order to Reach Me?


The amount of time it takes for your package to reach you depends on certain factors:

  1. Where you are located.
  2. The quantity of mail that the carrier has to process and deliver. Bad weather often affects shipping times. During high seasons, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day, and when Federal holidays fall on a Monday, mail carriers can take much longer to deliver the packages than through the normal course of the year.


General Guidelines for Carrier Delivery Times. Please Note, However, That These Are Solely Estimates and are Not Guaranteed Delivery Times:

Economy & Standard: Generally takes between 3 - 7 Business days for delivery

Return Shipping Fees

Return Shipping Fees:


In the event that you elect to return a non-defective product for an order that received free shipping, please be advised that you will be responsible for the cost of the initial shipping fee. The cost of the initial shipping fee will be deducted from the refund amount, and is non-refundable.


Please Note: There must be an adult 21 or over to receive your package at time of delivery. In the event that there is no eligible recipient available; another attempt will be made. Packages will be returned to us if the maximum number of delivery attempts have failed. Returned packages will be refunded for the paid amount of the products only. Carriers do not allow refunds of shipping fees for failed delivery attempts.


If your package goes unclaimed after the maximum number of delivery attempts are made or if you choose to refuse the package upon delivery; please be advised that you will be responsible for the full cost of the initial shipping fee. The cost of the initial shipping fee plus adult signature costs will be deducted from the refund amount, and is non-refundable. A return to sender fee may also be applied to refused packages.




Are you experiencing a shipping related issue? Don't worry, our dedicated team will do everything we possibly can to help resolve the problem for you as quickly as possible. You can always contact us at any time for assistance; however, prior to doing so, we kindly ask you to read through the section below, which will help answer some of the most common shipping questions.


Please Note: Route insurance will be automatically added to your cart at checkout. We provide this inexpensive insurance option to our customers to facilitate refunds or re-shipments on severely delayed, lost, stolen and damaged packages.

We strongly recommend that you do not opt out of this inexpensive parcel insurance so that in the event of a shipping issue; a re-shipment of your order or a refund can easily been processed and underway.

Mail carrier errors and theft, although rare, are not completely avoidable. If you choose to remove Route insurance from your cart, we will have no choice but to allow the specific carrier to proceed with their claims and investigations process which can be quite lengthy.



PROBLEM: My Tracking Number is Not Being Updated



ANSWER: If you have been provided with a tracking number that is not updating, let us first offer you our most sincere apologies. We definitely share your frustration, as Vapor Authority pays extra fees to make sure each and every package is accompanied by a tracking number. Please note that tracking numbers are generally not updated until 7:00PM (Pacific Standard Time). Unfortunately, once the package has been handed over to the carrier, it is then up to them to scan the tracking number at each stage of the delivery process in order to provide you with updated tracking information.

Sometimes carriers fail to update the tracking information as they should be. However, please rest assured that this does not mean your package has not been shipped. We stand behind our policy of shipping your packages the same day the order is placed, if ordered by 12:00PM (Pacific Standard Time). Even if the tracking number only reads “Shipping Label Created” or “Arrived at Sort Facility,” you can be confident that your order has been shipped and is on the way to you.

If you receive a tracking number from Vapor Authority, but the tracking number does not update within 5 business days, please contact us. At times, the carrier's tracking information fails to update in rel time as it should. However, please rest assured that this does not mean there has been no movement on your package. In the majority of these cases, you will receive an "Out For Delivery" notification on the day your package is scheduled to be delivered to you. We sincerely apologize if you do not receive real-time tracking updates, but please understand that Vapor Authority has absolutely no control over this.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your tracking fails to update for 5 days, you must notify us so that we can assist you. We only have 10 days to file a claim with Route--after the tenth day, the Route Insurance will expire. Once expired, there is absolutely nothing we can do to reimburse you for the package. Contacting us on the 5th day gives us enough time to contact the carrier and locate your package. It also enables us to file a claim with Route on your behalf.



PROBLEM: I Received a "DEL RESCHEDULED" or "No Authorized Recipient Available" Notice



ANSWER: If you received a "DEL RESCHEDULED" or "No Authorized Recipient Available," notice, please do not be alarmed. This notification only means that your package has been rescheduled for delivery. Typically, this is due an attempted delivery whereby no one was there to sign for the package. In this event, please contact the shipping carrier or Vapor Authority for assistance.


PROBLEM: The Tracking Number Shows My Package as Having Been Delivered, But I Did Not Receive My Package.



ANSWER: We are extremely sorry if your order shows as having been delivered, but the package is not in your possession. We pay an additional fee in order for each package to be accompanied by a tracking number. This is for your benefit so that you can track your order as it is in route to you, as well as allowing us to verify the package has indeed reached you.

If the tracking information states that the order has been delivered, we unfortunately must determine that this is in fact the case. This is because a company policy whereby we send out a second package or issue a refund when a claim is made that the original order never reached our customer is not sustainable. Many individuals would take advantage of this type of policy, and would claim a lost package when they in fact did receive it. As such, Vapor Authority cannot offer guarantees for package delivery under any circumstance. Vapor Authority will not re-ship or refund any order that has been marked as delivered by the carrier. All reimbursements, if any, will be made through the specific carrier or Route insurance after a claim has been approved. However, rest assured that we will not leave you to fend for yourself in the event that this occurs. We will help you through all the steps necessary to file a claim with the carrier or Route insurance.

It is very important to note that in the event that your tracking number shows that the package has been delivered, but has not reached you, you must notify us within 24 hours of the time the package was marked as having been delivered. We sincerely apologize, but if we are not informed within the 24-hour time-frame, there will be no recourse available.

Before you panic, please attempt the following solutions, as the vast majority of the time one of the following will resolve the problem:


Solution 1

SOLUTION 1: Often times, when the package shows as having been delivered, it may have been signed for and released to a family member, another resident of your household, a next-door neighbor or the manager/staff at the leasing office of your apartment / condominium complex. Please check with them to see if they have your package.


Solution 1

SOLUTION 2: Sometimes when the package shows as having been delivered, but you don’t have the package it is because you made a minor typo when entering your shipping address. For example, you typed the street address as “3465” rather than “4365.” Please check your shipping confirmation email to see what address was entered. If you realize that the wrong address was entered, you can go to the address it was delivered to and attempt to recover your package.


Solution 3

SOLUTION 3: If none of the above solutions resolves the issue, please contact us immediately. Assuming that you did not opt out of the Route insurance for your package, we can easily file a reimbursement or reshipment claim for you and get the issue resolved quickly. Although you are entitled to file your own claim with Route, we strong recommend allowing Vapor Authority to handle this for you, as we can make sure everything is done properly and on-time to avoid any delays.



PROBLEM: It Has Been Several Days Since I Placed My Order, and I Have Still Not Received My Package.


ANSWER: Please first allow us to sincerely apologize for the delay in receiving your package. We know how frustrating it can be to expect an item to be delivered by a certain date, but fails to reach you—particularly when you are very excited about receiving your order. Please understand that Vapor Authority takes painstaking measures to get your orders out as quickly as possible. Orders placed by 12:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) are shipped out the same day. Orders placed after that time will ship out the very next business day.

We wholeheartedly wish that we had full control over the entire delivery process, but unfortunately, once the package has been handed to the post office, we are then completely at their mercy. We have no control whatsoever over delivery times once the package has been placed in the possession of the carrier. We completely understand your frustration, but please know that there is absolutely nothing we can do.

We have spoken to multiple carriers countless times regarding this, and they have repeatedly told us that they do not guarantee delivery times for vape products whatsoever. Although they generally do get the packages to you within the estimated time period, they do not guarantee that this will in fact occur.


For Your Reference, Here Are the Estimated (Not Guaranteed) Delivery Times for Packages:

Economy & Standard: The average time for Economy Shipping is usually 3-7 business days.  We have seen it take as long as 10 days, depending on your location and the time of year. During the holidays, carriers take a substantially longer period to deliver mail due to the overwhelming number of packages being shipped at that time. Generally, however, Standard & Economy takes between 3 – 7 business days.



PROBLEM: I Did Not Receive My Package – What Do I Do?




 We are extremely sorry that you have not received your package. We genuinely share your frustration and will do everything in our power to assist you. Please understand that we take very costly and painstaking measures to offer the fastest shipping, lowest prices, and best customer service in the industry. However, unfortunately the one aspect of the delivery process that we have absolutely no control over is once the package has been handed over to the Post Office. At that point we are regretfully completely at their mercy. Please rest assured that we will not leave you to deal with this on your own—we will work with you diligently to help resolve the problem.

If you are experiencing this issue, please follow the guidance below so that we can best assist you.


Send us an email

Send Us an Email to Alert Us About the Problem

Let us know that you did not receive the package so that we can make a note of it in our system. This way, if the package does not arrive, we will be able to locate your customer information and help you with the process of filing a claim with the carrier or through Route insurance.



Orders with prohibited items will be removed and cancelled from the order, subject to the entire order being cancelled and refunded while the rest of the package will be processed normally.

All Vape Sales Have Been Banned to the Following States:

  • States - Arkansas, Maine, Oregon, Utah, Illinois, Vermont 


E-Liquid Sales Are Banned Entirely to the Following Regions:

  • States - New York
  • Cities - San Francisco


Flavored E-Liquid Sales Are Banned to the Following Regions:

  • States - District of Columbia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
  • NOTE: Due to technical restrictions, you may be able to add flavored tobacco products to your cart and check-out; however, these products WILL NOT be shipped. Restricted products will be refunded to your card and you will receive an email notification detailing the specific products that were refunded.




    Vapor Authority ships internationally to many countries across the globe. We are constantly working on adding more countries to the list; however, if your country is not an option when you are entering your shipping address, we have unfortunately not yet opened up to your location.



    Please make sure that you understand the laws regarding electronic cigarettes in your country. Vapor Authority cannot be responsible for packages that are ceased by customs due to law prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarette devices.

    Duty Fees

    Vapor Authority cannot pay the duty fees and taxes that your country may require for imported goods. Once your package passes through customs, they may require you to pay a small customs tax, which is standard for any country.


    TrackingIMPORTANT NOTE: In most cases the tracking number will only be updated up until the point that your package reaches your country. In most cases, international tracking does not update in real-time. After the initial tracking update, you will likely experience a period with no tracking updates whatsoever. Depending on your local carrier, you may or may not see updated shipping once the package reaches your country. Please understand that this is entirely out of the control of Vapor Authority.


    Important Note

    Important Note: Vapor Authority does not assume any liability for packages shipped internationally once the package has been handed to the delivery company. If your package is refused by customs in your country or returned to us for any reason, we will not be able to refund any of the shipping fees paid.



    Please make sure that you understand and agree to the statements in our Shipping section prior to placing your order.

    Vapor Authority reserves the right to refuse sales or service to any individual.