Chargers & Charging Bags

Chargers & Charging Bags

Chargers & Charging Bags

Electronic cigarette battery chargers and charging bags are some of the most important ecig accessories you can own.  Without the proper battery charger, recharging your lithium-ion battery would be impossible. With top brands, such as Nitecore and Efest, who manufacture a host of various e cig chargers, it is easy to find the one most suitable to your needs.

Li-Ion Chargers

Many chargers contain two and four channels, and allow you to charge various battery sizes, such as 18650, 18350, and 26650, making it easy to simultaneously recharge your various lithium-ion batteries. In every way, the right battery charger is a must-have e cig accessory for every vaper to have.

USB Charger Cables

USB cables for your electronic cigarette batteries are one of the most vital ecig accessories you can own. Without the proper USB cable, charging you battery would be impossible. Although many USB cables look alike and may even fit your battery, they do not all necessary work with the specific battery you own. It is therefore very important to purchase the one that is suitable for your specific device.

Wall Adapters

Wall adapter are very crucial ecig accessories to have, as they are the components that connect the USB charger to the wall outlet. Although USB chargers can be plugged into the USB port of a computer, this method takes substantially longer to charge your electronic cigarette battery. The ability to plug your battery into the wall speeds up the charging process substantially.

Car Chargers

USB car chargers are some of the handiest and most convenient ecig accessories available. Using your car’s cigarette lighter port, USB car chargers allow you to plug in your USB cable in the car, providing an easy way to charge your electronic cigarette battery while you’re driving. This is even more useful when your battery has passthrough capabilities, as you will be able to charge while vaping in the car. Available in multiple colors, USB car chargers are must-have e cig accessories.

Charging Bags

When using electronic cigarettes, safety is as important as quality. Users of mechanical MODs and Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) constantly charge their lithium-ion batteries, which can be potentially dangerous. The use of charging bags, such as the Efest Lipo Safety Charging Bag, can prevent a fire in the event of a battery overheating or combusting. Although this is a very rare occurrence, it is a good idea to take precaution. To ensure a safe vaping experience, safety charging bags are important vaporizer accessories to have.


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