Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate Vaporizers

Although dry herb e-devices take up the lion's share of the hobbyist market, concentrate vaporizers are making rapid inroads with the current generation of enthusiasts. These typically portable and slim devices allow users to expand their horizons by facilitating concentrates (or waxes) & oils. The growing trend of dabbing ensures that concentrate vaporizers will be a viable marketplace for years to come.

Broadly speaking, concentrates can be broken down into four categories, which are separated according to purity and consistency. Crystalline herbal butane is the purest concentrate currently available. The material itself has a glass-like texture that can splinter into pieces if dropped, giving this iteration its unique physical attribute.

The second category is honey comb wax, which has a "malleable" consistency that can be broken down into smaller sizes with significant ease. It's a favorite among enthusiasts that enjoy manually loading their flavors into the atomizer. Like herbal butane, honey comb is fairly brittle and should be handled with care. It's also very potent, ranked second in magnitude behind butane.

The third category is known as "ear wax" within the enthusiast community. Its composition is significantly different than the prior two categories in that it has a consistency similar to peanut butter. Its claim to fame is a high density of terpenes, which is a key ingredient in aromatherapy. Ear wax also provides a rich kaleidoscope of flavors, making it a choice pick of connoisseurs.

Herbal oil, or simply "wax," is a sticky concentrate that should only be handled using a dab tool. Waxes have an advantage for connoisseurs as they offer multiple flavors, including custom-designed ones. For experimentation potential, nothing beats out the wax material.

One of the best-selling concentrate vaporizers is the ultra cool, sexy sleek Cloud Pen Paragon Vaporizer. It has an intuitive interface, a five-second heat-up time, and multiple kit accessories, including a convenient "No-Goo" silicone wax jar, which facilitates quick engagement and easy clean up. 

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