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Troubleshooting Box Mod and Pod Mod Errors

How to Troubleshoot Box Mod and Pod Mod Errors

Even the most high-tech vape mods from the most prestigious hardware brands can falter from time to time, as, after all, they are complex technological devices that have a lot of moving parts.  With that being said, having some kind of error, whether you’re using a box mod or a pod mod, isn’t the end of the world.  It doesn’t mean that the mod is worth throwing out (except in super rare exceptions), and it doesn’t mean that there isn’t often a simple solution to the issue.

We are going to go over the most common issues you may run into while using your vape mod, and we’ll go over both box mod and pod mod errors that are relatively common.  Keep in mind, too, that all mods come with user manuals that typically offer troubleshooting sections (of course, sometimes we throw these manuals out or lose them), and that you can always contact the manufacturer of the product, as their customer service will more than likely be able to help you with a specific problem.

Troubleshooting Problems with Your Box Mod

Box mods are more likely to have errors of different kinds, for one simple reason: they’re more complicated devices, and so there are more moving parts that all need to work together in order to function properly.  And, box mods are more likely to have display screens than pod mods (although more and more pod mods are offering display screens as well), which means that you’ll be more likely to see an actual error code that gives you some direction as to what the problem actually is. 

Check Atomizer/No Atomizer

This is a very common error code that you’ll see on a box mod display screen, and we know that it can be super confusing when you clearly have your atomizer attached to your device.  It means that the device itself isn’t able to detect that the atomizer (tank) is connected.  And usually, it’s actually an issue with the coil, so you can keep screwing and unscrewing your tank onto the device, and it doesn’t change anything.

The most frequent reason for this is that the coil isn’t fully attached to the tank.  So, first, make sure that the coil is attached properly by removing it and securely screwing it back in.  If that doesn’t work, consider that you might have a defective coil, and replace it with a fresh one.

Also, of course, make sure that the tank is connected properly to the 510 connector.  Sometimes, it can be connected, but the connection itself is dirty, in which case, you’ll want to remove the tank, clean the 510-threaded connection of both the tank and the device with a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol, and reattach it.

If the error code is still appearing after all of this, replace the tank with another tank.  If that still doesn’t work, the problem is almost definitely the mod and not the atomizer at all.  In that case, it may be time for a new mod.

Atomizer Low

Another error message that might pop up is “atomizer low,” which means that the installed coil’s resistance level is too low for your mod, according to ohms.  Basically, the lower the resistance level of your coil, the more battery power is required from the mod.  If the coil’s resistance level is too low, a safety feature kicks in to prevent the device from firing a hit at all.

Every coil you purchase comes with a suggested wattage range based on its resistance level.  So, if you’re seeing this error message, just grab a coil that has a suggested wattage range compatible with your device, and set the device accordingly.  If the error message is still popping up, try taking your coil out and reconnecting it to the tank, as the issue may be that the coil is loose.  If you’re still having issues, try using a new coil.

Atomizer/Coil Short

“Atomizer short” or “coil short” may come up because of a problem with the electrical circuit, which would result in the mod short-circuiting if it weren’t for this auto safety feature.  It’s actually a very dangerous issue which means that you should not use your device, as it could explode.  It could be caused by a broken coil or poorly connected coil that’s disrupting the circuit of the vaping system, or it could mean that for whatever reason, your coil is making contact with a part of the mod that it isn’t supposed to.

So, what can you do?  First, make sure your coil and tank are properly connected as they’re supposed to be.  Then, try replacing the coil if the issue still isn’t resolved.  If neither of these things fix the problem, then it could be an issue with your vape battery.  To check if that’s the case, try charging your vape battery in an external charger.  If it can charge, then the battery is fine.  If not, then you’ll want to use a new battery.

Low Voltage/Low Battery

This is an error that will come up if your battery needs to be recharged – simple, right?  Well, what if you just installed a fully charged battery, and the device is still giving you this error message?  In that case, it probably means that you need to replace your battery altogether – in other words, get rid of that battery and buy a new one.  Batteries degrade over time, and eventually, lose the ability to hold a charge.

Troubleshooting Errors with Your Pod Mod

First of all, we want to mention that more advanced pod mods can give you all of the same error messages as above, as advanced pod systems use the same components of box mod systems (only smaller), and usually have display screens that come with the same safety features and error codes.  So, naturally, if you see any of the error messages above on your pod system, you can apply the same remedies as we already discussed with box mod errors.

But, there are some key differences between pod systems and box mod systems, which can mean that you get certain issues that would only happen when you’re using a pod mod.  Let’s elaborate.

Battery Issues Unique to Pod Mods

The thing about pod mods is that they use internal (integrated) batteries, which means that the batteries are not removable, but rather built into the device.  Basically, this means that if your battery isn’t supplying your vaping system with power, you can’t simply take the battery out to check if there’s a connection issue, or buy a new battery instead.  If your device is not powering, unfortunately, it’s likely that you’ll need to buy a whole new pod mod.  Keep in mind that just like with external box mod vape batteries, the batteries inside of pod systems degrade after a while, with repeated use, and eventually lose their ability to hold a charge and supply your system with power.

Now, let’s say you’re having this issue, even though your pod mod is relatively new.  One reason could be that you dropped your device, and despite having a durable vaping system, the internal battery got damaged – possibly loosened from its connection.  Another reason could be that quite simply, you have a defective device – something that really rarely happens but is a possibility.  Either way, we recommend contacting the manufacturer as they may be able to offer more assistance.

Atomizer Issues Unique to Pod Mods

Generally speaking, pod systems come with 1 of 2 types of atomizers: pod cartridges that use separate, replaceable coils, and pod systems that use integrated (built-in) coils.  Let’s say that you’re using the latter, and you’re having a clear problem with the coil that’s built in – maybe you’re getting bad flavor despite using the correct wattage on your device, or you’re getting extremely low vapor output despite having a fully charged battery.  Before throwing out the cartridge and replacing it, consider cleaning the pod cartridge by rinsing it out under water.  Sometimes, there is just some e-juice gunk built up on the coil, and so, washing it away will fix the issue.

If you’re using a device that involves a magnetic connection between the mod and the cartridge, you may find that from time to time the atomizer isn’t detected.  This is probably because the magnetic connection has gotten dirty, and so, it needs to be cleaned with a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol. 

In Most Cases, Mod Issues are Easy to Remedy

Basically, pod systems and mod systems are advanced pieces of equipment (assuming you’re buying them from a trusted brand), and they use safety features to make sure that your device operates safely in the event of something going wrong with the hardware.  And, these devices may run into problems every so often, but you can see that they take minimal effort to correct.  Besides that, in most cases, the manufacturer can be contacted, and help you find a solution or replace your device if need be.

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