Menthol V - Halo E-Liquid

By Halo

10 reviews
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Menthol V E-Liquid - Halo

The Halo brand is synonymous with quality and unparalleled excellence. Made with ultra-premium ingredients, their assortment of legendary e-liquids are second-to-none in every fashion. Although their flavored e-juices are extremely popular and widespread, Halo is most notable for their tobacco and menthol offerings.

Menthol V offers a unique blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol layered over an ultra smooth tobacco base. Menthol V maintains a complex flavor profile, while delivering a burst of crisp, clean menthol flavor. Topped off with a touch of sweetness, Menthol V will elevate your taste buds to the next level.

If you are looking for an exceptional menthol tobacco e-juice, there is really no substitute for Menthol V by Halo. It is the perfect choice for menthol cigarette smokers seeking a viable alternative to combustible cigarettes.

Halo Purity is one of the premier e-liquid manufacturers in the electronic cigarette industry.  Halo liquids are made with the highest-grade ingredients, all of which are 100% USA-made.

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Menthol V E-Juice Specifications:

PG: 70%

VG: 30%

Available Nicotine Strengths: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg

Available Sizes: 10ml, 60ml

Flavor Category: Menthol, Tobacco

Primary Flavors: Menthol, Fresh Virginia Tobacco

Steep Time: Pre-Steeped

Manufactured In: USA

Reviews for Menthol V - Halo E-Liquid
5 out of 5, based on 10 reviews
from Savannah GA on
I was a smoker for about four decades, but it always had negative its impacts, and I could tell that my health was suffering. When I first stated vaping back in 2013, I immediately felt better, and I have never once had the urge to pick up a flaming cancer stick since that day. I started with a well-known over-the-counter brand (three lower case letters that sound like a color name). But every year, those guys discontinued a technology I liked to replace it with something different and more expensive, and which often proved to be less satisfying. And when they killed off their first clearomizer system (which was actually pretty decent), I knew it was time for a change. I already knew where to go, because I had been buying e-juice for my nephew from Vapor Authority, so I knew their prices were the lowest and their customer service was superlative. My earliest purchases included the Halo e-juices, and what a surprise! The flavors are outstanding, and the vapes are smooth and without any irritation whatsoever. I have now tried all of the Halo menthol e-juices, and their Menthol V and Mystic Menthol are my two favorites. Menthol V is extraordinary, uncommonly smooth and easy, with just the right blend of a mild tobacco and a menthol hit that is satisfying without being overpowering. Thanks to Vapor Authority, I now love my life, with my new Kanger Tech EVOD system and the Halo e-juices. I am healthier, I breathe easier, my walls don't turn yellow, my house doesn't smell bad, I don't worry about setting the house on fire or ruining the furniture, and I vape for a small fraction of what I used to spend on a carton a week plus of premium brand 120mm light menthol cigarettes. If you loved menthol cigarettes, I am certain that you will love the taste of Halo Menthol V e-juice, loaded into your vaping system of choice. And the very best place to buy everything is right here! I know this, because I am a geek who researches everything that I buy.
from Louisiana on
I have been mixing menthol and tobacco for years. I found this flovor a couple of months ago. Perfect blend. Won't be mixing flavors any more. I will always buy this blend. Awesome.
from Kentucky on
I never really smoked menthol cigarettes but I do love this juice!! It will not disappoint.
from San Antonio on
I have tried many menthol/tobacco blends and found this one to be the closest to the menthol analogs I use to smoke. I stopped looking now that I found Halo's Menthol V.
from Arizona on
What can I say? I've been vaping for 2 years after quitting smoking. I smoked a pack of Marlboro menthols a day and when I started vaping I knew I had to find a good methol juice. Halo menthol X (v) was one of the first ones I tried. Since then I have tried just about every menthol tobacco juice on the market (yes there's a lot),but I just keep coming back to this one. It has been and at this point probably always will be my every day juice. I'm completely lost if I run out. Spectacular flavor!
from Kansas City on
Was looking for a good taste that would be like the marlboro menthols that I used to smoke. This is probably the closest thing I have found thus far.
from Philadelphia on
I smoked nothing but menthol cigarettes for more years that I'm willing to admit here. I quit on my son's 14th birthday, which was just under 2 years and 3 months ago. I can easily say that I've tried 25 different menthol cigarette liquids and nothing even comes remotely close to this menthol x. I have used nothing but this for about 7 months now. I don't know what took me so long to write this review, but if you want an authentic menthol cigarette taste and feel, this is definitely the one.

Also a note to the Vapor Authority crew (if you guys see this) I shop with no one but you guys and I refer everyone to your site. Old school customer service, great prices, and just the best all the way around.
from Woodland Hills on
I am an old lady (young at heart). I smoked the same menthol cigarettes for over 40 years. I bought the by the carton. My doctor told me these exact words, "Patti, here are your choices, either quit smoking or die." He really sent shivers down my spine. From that moment I was determined to quit. I first tried the patch, which did not help me whatsoever. Then I tried the nicotine gum. Same result. I was waking up at night feeling anxious and sick. Finally one day I was in line waiting to pay for gas, and I saw a case full of electronic cigarettes, so I decided to buy one. I could tell right away that this is going to help. I went back several times to buy more from the same gas station. On the 7th or 8th time, the cashier, Mario, and I spoke about my constant purchases, and he turned me on to Vapor Authority. The next day, I called them and spoke to a sweet young man named Mike who spent nearly an hour walking me through my many questions. We chose a kit for me and some fluids to try. I bought a few of them to see what was best for me. This Halo Menthol is very close and similar to my menthol cigarettes. I am forever grateful to Mike, Mario, and Vapor Authority for this incredible new chance at life. It has now been 9 months and 12 days since I quit, and I feel fantastic. I have tried many other fluids along the way, but I keep coming back to the Halo because it is simply the best.
from Cottondale, AL on
I've had a devil of a time trying to locate a good tobacco menthol that would satisfy my cravings. This particular flavor has worked out brilliantly for me. I have been a cigarette smoker for over 41 years, and quit approximately 3 months ago. It has been a difficult ride, mostly due to the fact that I was not able to find the right juice. Menthol X is the one.

I would also like to acknowledge Vapor Authority for their unmatched customer service. You need a lot of patience dealing with an old bat like me, and the gentlemen at Vapor Authority truly shined.

Thank you for the juice, and thank you for the service. You will be seeing my name quite often in your orders.
from NY on
I was a pack 1/2 a day smoker for over 30 years. I could never find an e-liquid that satisfied me enough to not crave cigarettes. This Menthol X has done it!! I'm so happy I found this. It's perfect! And I'm also so glad I found Vapor Authority. This was my first purchase, and I couldn't be happier. You have (rightfully) earned yourselves a new loyal customer!