Tribeca [Nic Salt Version] - Halo E-Liquid

By Halo

4 reviews
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Tribeca [Nic Salt Version] - Halo E-Liquid

Halo is undeniably one of the most respected and esteemed crafters of fine e-juices within the vaping industry today. For years, vapers worldwide have turned to this celebrated company for their e-liquid needs. With an impressive array of award-winning flavors baring the Halo name, their high-quality, 100% USA-made offerings are truly second-to-none. In an effort to meet the needs of all vapers, Halo has recently launched the nicotine salt versions of their most popular flavors, with Tribeca as their flagship tobacco concoction.

Tribeca Salt E-Juice by Halo is their prized tobacco flavor. One of the shining stars within the Halo line-up, Tribeca Salt represents a smooth, rich, and exceptionally flavorful tobacco blend. The authentic-tasting tobacco is complemented with subtle hints of sweet top-notes. Similar to an RY4 blend, Tribeca Salt is genuinely flawless from inhale to exhale, which explains why this world-class flavor is so incredibly popular.

If you use a low-output device and are searching for the very best in tobacco e-juices, Tribeca Salt by Halo is the perfect selection for you.


CAUTION: VERY HIGH NICOTINE.  Using nicotine salt liquids with a high-output devices, such as sub-ohm tanks and coils, can result in nicotine overdose and poisoning. ONLY USE WITH LOW-OUTPUT DEVICES.

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Tribeca Salt E-Juice Specifications:

PG: 50%

VG: 50%

Available Nicotine Strengths: 35mg, 50mg

Available Sizes: 30ml

Flavor Category:  Tobacco

Primary Flavors: Premium Tobacco, Subtle Sweet Notes

Steep Time: Pre-Steeped

Manufactured in: USA

NOTE: Must be Used with High-Resistance Coils

Reviews for Tribeca [Nic Salt Version] - Halo E-Liquid
4.5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
from New Jersey, USA on
I always liked HALO, but TRIBECA is a perfect blend. I stoped using Sub-ohms therefor I use the Salt version (it’s great they offer it in both Nic Salt and regular) I do get the 35mg not the 50mg Nic Salt. I believe 50mg is way too much for anyone and I was a two pack a day smoker. The 35mg is a perfect “hit of Nicotine”... and the flavor is just sublime....... the JUULs use 50mg with cheaper produced juice. This is better and buy a mod on here (they have the best prices: I looked!) you could use the salts and stop buying JUUL!! And a nod to VAPOR AUTHORITY best web site for anything Vape!
from South Carolina on
great liquid and flavor
from Tennessee on
I stopped smoking Jan 11th of 2019. Haven't had an analog cigarette since, knock on wood. I started out vaping a Bo Vape pen. I eventually had to switch to something else because paying $4 for a little 2ml pod was beginning to get OLD. I only liked two flavors of the Bo pods: Gold Tobacco and Icy Mint. The rest of the flavors, imo, were terrible, tasting like burnt cough-syrup. But, of the two flavors I liked, the Gold Tobacco was best. Over the intervening time of giving up the Bo vape-pens and switching to another device, an Orion Lost Vape DNA Go, I've tried to find a tobacco flavor close to the taste and feel of the Gold Tobacco. I tried Mr. Salt-E's 'Tobacco', the I ❤ Salts 'Tobacco' flavors, Witch Doctor by Hometown Hero, a salt-nic called Sapphire that a local vape-shop mixes, another called The Prince by Salty Frog... and a whole lot of others. Each one has either been too harsh or just plain awful tasting.

So I received my shipment of Tribeca today. Loaded some into a fresh Orion pod (.5 ohm), let it sit about 15 minutes to prime the coil in the pod... and finally took a hit. I must say that it tastes a hundred percent better than the other 'Tobacco' flavors I've tried thus far. And I'll likely stick with it, at least until I can find something a bit closer to the taste of the Bo Vape Gold Tobacco pods. The Tribeca is good, though, I'm not saying it isn't. It's the closest thing, so far, that I've found to Gold Tobacco. It is pretty smooth, like others have said. And it has this vanilla/caramel taste you really get more of on the exhale, the inhale giving you more of the tobacco feel. But it has a pretty lingering aftertaste, like a lot of these tobacco flavors do, a taste like "diet" something or other. And as for the vanilla/caramel taste, I understand the difficulty e-juice manufacturers have in trying to "fit" the natural sweetness of the VG into a tobacco flavor. Even the Gold Tobacco I liked so much by Bo Vape has this hint of vanilla/caramel and nuts. It's probably the best option if you have to mask the sweetness of the VG to incorporate those particular flavors. But they can be a bit "thick". The Gold Tobacco by Bo, though, isn't so thick. Even the juice is thinner, physically. The Tribeca is pretty syrupy. Pretty thick... like Mr. Salt-E's 'Tobacco'. But the taste and throat-hit of Tribeca is miles above the Mr. Salt-E stuff. It is quality e-juice, that's for sure. But the aftertaste... uggh.

Like I said, I'll likely reorder Tribeca. But the hunt, sadly, continues for a better tobacco flavor.
from Schenectady, NY on
Nice smooth tobacco taste. I went with 35mg. 7-10 watts, 1.2 to 1.6 ohms, great choice for a smoker trying to quit.