The All-New Kanger eVod 2 Clearomizer
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The All-New Kanger eVod 2 Clearomizer

The All-New Kanger eVod 2 Clearomizer

Once again, Kanger has released another addition to their ever-growing list of quality electronic cigarette products. In this rapidly-growing and highly-competitive industry, it's no wonder that every manufacturer is racing to release the next latest and greatest product.

Kanger Evod 2 Clearomizer

In line with the new direction of the company, Kanger has made their new eVod Clearomizer Bottom-Dual-Coil (BDC). This is a modification that they have been included in all of their latest clearomizers and glassomizers, from the ProTank 3 and AeroTank, to the T3D and eVod 2. Vapers are demanding innovation, which in large part includes larger vapor clouds. Kanger has answered this demand with their new dual-coil system.

One of the benefits of dual-coil atomizers is that they provide much larger and thicker vapor clouds, as well as a more flavorful vape altogether. Many vapers who have tried BDC tank systems claim that they could never go back to standard single-coil systems, as their experience is much better with BDC tanks.

However, there are certain drawbacks to all dual-coil clearomizers and glassomizers. The primary one is that they generally cannot be used with constant voltage batteries, such as the Kanger eVod and the Joyetech eGo series batteries.  This is due to the fact that the dual coils require higher levels of power than the 3.7V offered by most constant voltage batteries.  In order to experience all that a BDC tank, such as the eVod 2 Clearomizer can offer, it is essential to use a variable voltage battery, such as the Joyetech eGo-C Twist, the Kanger eVod VV Twist, or the Innokin iTaste VV Battery.  By doing so, you will be able to provide enough juice to the clearomizer/glasomizer to perform optimally and provide thick, robust hits. With a compatible battery, the all-new Kanger eVod 2 will work brilliantly, and you will certainly experience the difference.

Genuine Kangertech Products

In addition to its dual-coil atomizer, the new eVod 2 Clearomizer differs from the original Kanger eVod clearomizer in other ways as well.  The eVod 2 is noticably heavier than the original eVod.  You will feel the difference in weight the moment you hold it in your hand.  It feels like a more substantial piece than does the eVod. You will also notice a different look to the Kanger eVod 2 when compared to the original eVod.  Although the colors are identical, the mouthpiece, or drip tip, is chrome rather than the transparent plastic tip of the original eVod.  Additionally, the drip tip on the Kanger eVod 2 is removable, as opposed to the static mouthpiece of the original eVod.  This makes it much easier to clean the device--a problem that many eVod users complained about.

All-in-all, Kanger deserves a standing ovation for their remarkable new eVod 2 Clearomizer. Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, you are sure to love the all-new Kanger eVod 2. There are a lot of knockoffs and over-priced products out there, so make sure you purchase your new eVod 2 Clearomizers from a reputable company that sells them at competitive prices. 

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    I just bought mine – can’t wait to try it!!

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